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Whenever there is a natural disaster my initial inclination is to give to The Salvation Army.  They’re fast, they have low overhead, and they get it done.  So to help them build up a war chest for the next – inevitable – natural disaster, I encourage you do to so as well.

I am also fond of the Shriner’s Hospitals;, they do such great work and often completely gratis to the patients.


(Don't remember where I got this one!)

CTHPuzzle Pieces – Former Asst. Sec of State Robert Charles Discusses the ‘FISA Review Court’ – May Explain Judge Ruben Contreras Recusal…
** This makes Watergate look like a minor case of shoplifting.  This is a must read.

[SHOCKING: George Soros admits Nazi collaboration with no regrets]
(HT Theospark)
** Just look at the utter lack of conscience in this man who bankrolls so much of what the Left does.  I can understand wanting to live, but to pass it off as “Meh”?  If I’d had to do a fraction of that to stay alive I’d be wracked by guilt until I died.

** As Frontpagemag’s headline says, “Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”  Related:
PJ MediaI Should Know: Dems' Intel Abuse Is Reminiscent of My Work for Ceausescu
** Quote: “The Democratic Party’s open Marxism is a national emergency.”
>> They’re after power, and they mean to get it.

** There is no curse in Entish, Elvish, or the tongues of men for this treachery.  And not unrelated to Barackus’ treachery:
PowerlineblogOmri Ceren: Israel Strikes in Syria
** Quote from an embedded tweet: “The Israelis say the military drone used by Iran in last night's attack was highly sophisticated and emulated Western technology. Somehow in the last few years the Iranians got the breathing room, resources, and knowledge to build and deploy these things.”
>> Gee, how might the Iranians have gotten advanced Western drone technology?  Oh, wait, might that be the drone Barackus let them keep?
The Right ScoopDick Cheney: Obama should have destroyed captured drone in Iran
** If Barackus was an Iranian agent determined to help Iran, what would he have done differently, in any significant way?  Nothing.

(HT Theospark)



** So you work in an organization that routinely deals with classified information… your given task is to look for emails marked classified… and you don’t see the classified “(C)” anywhere?  Incompetence is not the word I’d use.

** When anyone in government wants to avoid a paper trail… especially when it’s a Democrat attempting to collude with the Russians.  Funny how they keep complaining about Russia yet seem so eager to work with the Russians.  Why, it’s almost like they have double standards.

** Quote: “Strzok and the FBI said nothing about this.  They knew about this crime at the time and did nothing.”
>> The FBI is faced with a felony – destroying subpoenaed evidence – and does nothing?  NOTHING?  We’re gonna need a f*ckton more rope.

** Precisely.  This time the media are on the side of the people raping the Rule of Law.


[The Left Uses "Racism" To Control Black Voters]

[Is America Racist?]


** Quote: “As recently as November, Nancy Pelosi made it clear she was cutting all the impeachment talk.”
>> What’s that quip?  Liberals want Conservatives to shut up, while Conservatives want Liberals to keep talking.

** Open rebellion.

** My take?  They know they’re about to get eviscerated where they are, so they’re bailing… to the enemedia where they can continue the war on Trump (specifically) and Conservatives (in general) through disinformation.


** I have had people argue that ALL money belongs to the government, and that what is in your pocket is only there because of the government’s good graces.  One of these was a sh*tbird who claims to have been in the Army.  More:
American ThinkerDebunking Democrat talking points on the Trump tax cuts

** Make something more expensive, get less of it.  It’s so obvious only a Leftist can’t see it.

** Who is in charge of the Fed?  Is it a liberal?  This sudden bear market, leading headlines, seems awfully…. convenient to knock the FBI crime syndicate off the front page.  Related:
Rush LimbaughAn Explanation for Market Volatility You’ll Hear No Place Else
** Quote: “I don’t know. But I know people who think they know. I have been getting emails all night and all morning from people who make their living one way or another in the market. And they are all suspicious. And many of them think that some of the volatility is also due to the never-ending assaults on Trump making people nervous in terms of preventing any stability from setting in.”
>> And it wouldn’t surprise me if there were even other puppeteers behind this.


** Don’t I wish.  The problem is that too many people want something for nothing.

BabylonBeeLocal Man Takes Advantage Of 3-Hour DMV Wait To Pen Blog Post Arguing For Government-Run Healthcare
** First up, a vasectomy because of a lack of critical thinking and ability to observe.


** You have to understand, the Clinton Machine has been active placing people for a very, very long time.  And planning too:

** Plans within plans within plans.  Machiavelli had nothing on these people.

The HillUranium One informant makes Clinton allegations to Congress
** This guy needs to put out a statement that he’s neither depressed nor suicidal.  And get his car’s brakes checked regularly, etc.


[The Fight of Our Lives | Trailer]

Blazing Cat FurGermany’s AfD to open its own newsroom in preparation for mainstream media offensive
** I am not going to pretend that I am unconcerned about the risk of a resurgent anti-Semitism; at the same time, that risk needs to be balanced against the certainty that Europe will turn Islamic if nothing is done to stop it.

** I know… why don’t we bring these people into America by the metric f*ckton.  Related:

** I predicted for years that we could have them screaming “Allahu Ackhbar!” as they killed people, and the Leftists would deny-deny-deny it had any connection to Islam.  There are two kinds of Leftists:

1. The scared ones.  They’re scared of Islam, but rather than consciously admit it, they Displace their fear onto something – i.e., “Whites” or “America” or “cis-normal patriarchy” or whatever because there’s a perception of the ability to actually affect their fear.

2. Those who are truly “in bed” with the Jihadists to overthrow the West – they think they’ll get to create their Socialist Utopia.  What they’ll get is killed, just killed last.  Unless they’re female, then they get enslaved.

** No wonder they’re pouring in.  The peoples of Europe are, quite literally, paying the invaders to inundate them.

Voice of Europe – Two-part interview of a German woman journalist.
** Related:
** This brings up a very interesting observation from this hour-plus interview of Katie Hopkins on The Rubin Report – it’s all excellent but one point was Hopkins’ observation that, paraphrased, a piece here, a piece there, and a picture is emerging of a frightening conspiracy to replace Europeans and destroy Europe:

[Katie Hopkins and Dave Rubin: Identity Politics, Islam, and Hate Speech (Full Interview)]

** You read this and, as in the above, you see the absolute desperation to hide an outright assault on sovereignty and national culture, and IMHO you cannot not think there’s a prime mover, a driver, behind this happening in so many places at the same time.  And not unrelated:
** How does a “woke” woman take the side of a misogynistic culture?  There’s something truly pathological here.


** Pegging out the YICK-O-METER so hard the needle bends.  But, doubtless, the “edge” has now been moved and there are others who will think this is a good idea too – and should be legalized.  I’ve said it for years: first gay marriage, then group marriages and polygamy, then it will be incest and then pedophilia.  Then “interspecies love.”

** They infest everything.  They co-opt everything.  They’re missionaries.


** My wife is a legal immigrant; we spent thousands doing it the “right way.”  One of my co-workers is trying to get their green card; a skilled engineer with a newly-minted Ph.D., they are struggling to get their green card.  But… not likely to vote “D” so nobody is helping them.

** What’s being criticized is the fact that it’s telling the truth.

** And this is a problem how?  Somewhat related:
** Save a life if injured.  Yes.  This?  No.  If you are here illegally you get the minimum required treatment to stabilize you, and then you get deported back to the country of your origin.

** Quote: “A new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reveals that annually, foreign refugees are being given about $867 million in welfare benefits that U.S. taxpayers pay for.”
>> To the Left, this is an investment… in future Democrats.


** Quote: “To avoid the fate of Great Britain, Europe and the rest of Judaeo-Christian world the American people must remain vigilant, protect the Constitution, fight the deep state and never, ever surrender their inalienable right to keep and bear arms.”
>> And what utterly floors me is how hostile to gun ownership most American Jews are.

** The Left lies.  Period.

** Say, what are the gun laws in Sweden?  Wait, you mean criminals don’t pay attention to laws?  Say it ain’t so, Joe!  Related:
** In a place which is under 24/7 surveillance by some of the best intelligence operatives / organizations, gun factories still get set up.  So tell me, again, Lefties, how you’ll eliminate guns in America?


** And utter radio silence about this latest collapse of Socialism from the enemedia.  And the academics who hawk this crap.


Real Climate ScienceSave Our Snow!
** Quote: “Nine years ago this week, the UK government’s top scientist announced the end of Scottish skiing…”
>> And how is that prediction working out?  Here:

** I have seen “green energy” work – but in local, small scale projects.  E.g., there’s a brewery that ferments its own waste stream to create heat for the plant's hot water, and the methane that comes off goes through a fuel cell to create the electricity that powers the facility.  Fantastic!


[Tommy Robinson and Lutz Bachmann: Historic PEGIDA March]
** Something strikes me here.  Several things:
1. Notice the relative sizes of the crowds between the protestors and the Antifa people.

2. Notice how the protestors-against-migrants are absolutely willing to talk, while the Antifa people won’t even frame an argument.
(HT VladTepes)

** Baby steps.  But still, even baby steps are an improvement.


** All part of the Left’s LONG GAME in infiltrating institutions. 

(From an email sent to me)

** Quote: “Rest assured: If a Republican administration had used unverifiable hearsay from a patently suspect agent of the Republican presidential candidate to gull the FISA court into granting a warrant to spy on an associate of the Democratic nominee’s campaign, it would be covered as the greatest political scandal in a half-century.”


** Good points, but don’t get cocky, kid!  Related:


** But then there’d be no more Democrats. 

** They pepper their memo with classified information, then fake outrage when Trump properly refuses to release it.  More:
** Remember, this is how the Left operates.  Plans within plans within plans.

[Democrats DID NOT Switch Sides - Bill Whittle]


** And:
** I think one of the prime reasons, beyond those listed in the two above pieces, is that people – at least, the common man/woman – don’t see a future.


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