Socialism's Gateway Drug

Please bear with me.  This may seem a little disjointed and rambling but there is a method to my madness.


We all know that the Mueller investigation has nothing to do with Russia except in name.  Rather, it has everything to do with – in Beria “Show me the man, I’ll find the crime” style – finding something, anything*, to hang on Trump to remove him from office.  There are so many articles and videos about this Ahab-level obsession now that I think it’s safe to say it’s a given to anyone right-of-center.  One particular quote both highlighting and condemning this get-Trump-at-any-cost zeal is this one from Alan Dershowitz, no hard-core righty (bolding added):
It is understandable in our hyper-partisan age that many Democrats, liberals, and leftists are so outraged at Trump that they are willing to ignore violations of his civil liberties, even if these violations establish a precedent for future use against all Americans. It is inexcusable that the ACLU should ignore these potentially blatant violations of the right of privacy under the Fourth Amendment, the right to counsel and confidentiality under the Sixth Amendment. But for the ACLU, getting Trump trumps civil liberties.

Upon reading that I recalled this clip from a movie version of the play A Man for All Seasons:

[A Man For All Seasons - Giving the Devil the Benefit of Law / 0:49]
The Left has such a white-hot hatred for Trump that they will cut down every law in America to get him, heedless of the long-term consequences.  At least, that was my thought for some time... but then I remembered something from an article on the fall of the Roman Empire.  And one of the key points from both that article and Bill Whittle’s videos on the cycles of civilizations was that the average Roman was ready to fight and die to protect Rome while the “silk robed sons of bitches” plotted to open the gates for the barbarians to come through.

Even then, however, had Rome maintained its full moral strength and commitment from its people from its heyday, I suspect Rome could have driven them back.  But by that time not only had the leaders given up, but the average Roman had become so disillusioned with the corruption – ethical, moral, spiritual, and financial – riddling it from top down, they shrugged and said WHY BOTHER?  And so Rome dissolved into fighting factions, and chaos reigned.
Today we see the corruption – ethical, moral, spiritual, and financial – in the fetid swamp of Washington, DC (the irony of that city being named after one of the absolute best of us is physically painful to me), but also in most state capitals (and even further down – I was just listening to a local talk show discussing the state police milking the public)… and it feels like a lot of people are starting to think WHY BOTHER?  Another case is this one; on a purely local level, but so utterly incompetent that it boggles the mind: ILLEGAL ALIEN UBER DRIVER RAPED HIS PASSENGER, FLED BACK TO AFRICA.  Ask yourself if the just-above example doesn’t represent a huge attack on the credibility of the entire court system; whether deliberate or just stupid, would you really trust this judge again?  On anything?  And if nothing happens to this judge, just how high and wide would that distrust propagate?

There’s open talk of a divorce between individualists and collectivists; i.e., a separation of the US into at least two separate countries.  Can chaos be far behind when so many see the corruption from top to bottom, and are giving up belief in The Great Experiment?

Again, I think I need only mention-in-passing the current situation with the Islamic invasion of Europe.  Europe will either submit meekly, or it will dissolve in chaos.  As I wrote in The Islamic Invasion and the Spanish Solution, I do not see a good way out.  So Europe falls, or Europe goes full-out internal conflict for there is no way – as was foreseen – for multiculturalism to result in a stable society; one culture dominates, and unless the flow is stopped and reversed, it’s going to be Islam, e.g., Belgium: First Islamic State in Europe?.  And while many governments seem hell-bent determined to commit cultural and national suicide, I doubt that every populace is going to go along.  My bet is on chaos.  Which is why I’m hoping / planning to get to Italy this year; as an admirer of the myriad accomplishments of the Roman Empire, I want to see Rome and other places (e.g., Greece) before it becomes impossible to go.

Somehow I got to thinking… if this is planned, and I don’t have any doubt it is planned and deliberate, then what’s the end goal?  Mere self-hatred of one’s own race/culture is definitely a motivating force, but there has to be more.
More and more Europeans are arming themselves, whether legally or not.  Rapefugee centers are attacked and burned.  The notion that civil war is coming has been bandied about.  The native Europeans whose culture and demographics are being erased, even as they – and their children – are being attacked, are getting very angry.

[Europeans Are Waking Up! | How Even Ordinary People Are Beginning to Take Action Against Immigration / 4:47]
I said, in my above-cited essay (bolding and links in original):

And I ask myself when the peoples of Europe (in particular) and Western Civilization (in general) will say “It’s time to light it up!”  I feel that it’s close, very closeAustria has a “populist” leader; Italy has one rising, and Finland has a candidate that wants out of the EU entirely. Norway is showing signs of waking up, as is Belgium and Croatia.  The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland are already saying “NO!”

When that happens, what will happen?  Civil society falls; cities, regions, whole nations, and perhaps even the entire continent – with possible spillover beyond that – will dissolve into violence and chaos.

I strongly suspect that most readers, certainly those on the right-hand side of the spectrum, have at least a passing familiarity with the Cloward-Piven Strategy (links in original – side note, this is a great website in general to understand the Left’s tactics, policies, goals, and players):

First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven (both longtime members of the Democratic Socialists of America, where Piven today is an honorary chair), the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. 
Crisis and economic collapse, leading to chaos.


Before I do the Big Reveal, watch this video about the Frankfurt School and how – with missionary zeal (and I mean that; they’re zealots) – they want to impose Socialism worldwide.  Blood-pressure alert:

[The Architects of Western Decline A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism / 28:29]
Destroying the Rule of Law and the social fabric / respect for institutions.  Unchecked immigration leading to unrest if not outright conflict.  Financially burdening the system to the point where the economy collapses. 
All ways of leading to chaos… and from that chaos will come the *cough cough* inevitable rise of world Socialism. 

Remember this critical thing from the video: Their faith – and have no doubt it is a faith, because only zealots could be willing to see and knowingly work towards scenarios where untold millions will perish to create a utopia – calls for chaos on a global scale as a necessary prelude to the achievement of heaven on earth.
Chaos is the gateway drug for Socialism.  Chaos from social, financial, and cultural destabilization.

Just look at the commitment: this has been a project at least a century in the making.  Infiltrate the schools.  Metastasize through the courts.  Take over the Democrats and co-opt weak Republicans.  Indoctrinate generation after generation into brownshirt wanna-bes.  Fracture society through identity politics.  Through immigration, through encouraging corruption, through financial ruin set the stage for social chaos.  Using the dissolution of morality, shunning of religion, encouragement of sexual promiscuity & deviancy and wiping out of the nuclear family, the denigration and erasure of history, and critical theory attacks against everything to destroy the fabric of America.
(HT Irish)
Click to embiggen.

The corruption in government is not just for enrichment or power.  It’s to sow the seeds of WHY BOTHER? among the population.  The better to accelerate chaos in America (specifically) and the West (generally).

The flood of third-world immigrants is not just for “diversity”.  It’s to sow the seeds of violent civil unrest as the natives of America and Europe finally resist at the 11th hour.  The better to accelerate chaos in America (specifically) and the West (generally).
The deficit spending of every Western government is not just to buy votes. It’s second-level intent is to sow the seeds of an inevitable financial collapse, leading to societal chaos.  The better to accelerate chaos is America (specifically) and the West (generally).

Look around you at what’s happening.  Look at everything – every single thing – the Left does, in the context of trying to precipitate chaos.  It may take more than one step of asking WHY? but keep digging by asking WHY? … you will find it leads to creating chaos.  Always.
The Left is not harmless.  The Left is not the “loyal opposition”.  The Left is the enemy of the greatest civilization the world has ever known.  See this video by Bill Whittle and, within, his wide-ranging discussion of Western Civilization (long but captivating; I keep watching it and learn something new each time – nb, the above Bill Whittle excerpt comes from here):

[Bill Whittle The Assault On Civilizational Structures / 1:44:40]
The Left desires the murder of what is, the entire social order of the West, in the quasi-religious belief that their planned utopia will arise from the ashes of destruction.  Their gateway drug to Socialism is chaos, and every action they take leads, ultimately, to the creation of that chaos.  Understand that, the better to fight them.  For they know what they do… and believe it to not just be good and necessary but inevitable.  They are creating “Heaven on earth”; how dare anyone – anyone! – stand in their way, Unified Field Theory of Socialist Actions:

If they can advance better by propaganda and deceit they will, but don't be fooled to think that they will not resort to naked force if that is perceived as suddenly more advantageous. There is no hypocrisy, lie, temporary alliance**, or small ratcheting step that is in the end justifiable to the socialist as long as it serves their ends.
These are people who will torment and even kill you with the approval of their own consciences, a la C.S. Lewis.  They will never relent.  And if you stand in their way you will be pure evil in their eyes – “othered” and ripe for justified killing.

Be afraid of this.  Be very afraid.  And invest in heavy metals… like lead and brass assemblies... we’re gonna need them.  (And if / when it comes down to it, cities run on food, water, and power.)


I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies.



* On the drive home I heard that now the feds are investigating the cab company Trump’s lawyer, Cohen, apparently owns.  What this has to do with “Russia” is precisely nothing; what is clear is that they’re trying to find leverage on Cohen to threaten him, anything to make him sing to get Trump.  This is, without a doubt, banana-republic territory.  Remember the adage, the average person commits three felonies a day.  No adult, let alone someone who lives with as large a footprint as Trump, could withstand an infinite investigation staffed by fanatical Inquisitors, with nigh-limitless resources, subpoena powers, and a charter to get him on anything they can.  Nobody.  I don’t care if you don’t like Trump – if you have a shred of honor, decency, and a respect for the Rule of Law this should terrify you.
** This is why they’ve made common cause with Islam, for they believe that Marxist science will overcome Islamic jihad.  That jihad is coming from a 1400-year-old manual for conquest, where Islam has seen all sorts of useful idiots and ultimately prevailed, is irrelevant to the Leftist.  Marxism is “science” to them, inexorable, inevitable, and that they could be Islam’s tools doesn’t occur to them.


  1. You speak truth my freind.. I really don't see a way out of this death spiral of the west.
    In a million years could we have imagined what's happened to America. All we can do now is pray and take some solice in the hopes that when China or Islam takes over the USA, these leftist bastards will be lined against the wall first.

    1. Respectfully our founders didn't think things would even last this long, but they felt that it was quite possible for us to improve as we rebuilt from the wreckage.

      Invest your wisdom and moral fiber in your children and grandchildren. Don't turn them over to those you don't trust, but attempt to raise at least morally one eye'd men in the land of the morally blind. The time will come when an archive of such can be a new beacon of hope.

    2. Working on the kids' characters and morals. The older one is definitely "on track" - the younger one whines enough I'm sure they'll be a Democrat. *sigh*

  2. Thanks for the run-down. Isn't it possible that the majority of America (not the coastal elites) who elected and supports Trump will prevail in the Supreme Court and Trump 2020? They're hoping to get enough of the black vote (not much is needed) to destroy the Dem. party. Problem is how many illegal immigrants are voting? We came horribly close to losing the country via Hillary. I'm hoping that 8 yrs of Trump and a Conserv. Supreme Court will be able to hold the line. After Trump, hopefully in 2024? I don't know. The level of indoctrination is of great concern. How to take back the schools and universities? How to reverse the Leftist brainwash? The long, but very informative youtube video "Grinding America Down" details the 150 year agenda of the Left to, as Marx said, "dethrone Gd and destroy capitalism." Hoping and praying that the values of Western Civ, America, Bible etc will hold forth along with essential support for Israel (that is, a conservative, not leftist Israel gov't).

  3. Stay away from Socialism, lest it explode and blow us all to bits...



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