Another mass shooting at a school... how CONVENIENT!!!

Just as people are understanding that Herr Fuhrer Hogg has jumped the shark and is fading into obscurity, along comes another mass shooting at a school.

At least 10 dead in Texas high school shooting

How... convenient to keep gun control in front of the American public.

And explosives reportedly being found.  Wait, explosives?  Aren't they illegal to make, let along plant?

I know this sounds all foil-hat nutball and all, but it sure feels like the Elites are really pulling out all the stops on disarming us, and wanting it done now-now-now.

I have a bad feeling about what they're planning.  Because if the foil-hat contingent is right, they're planning something soon.

For a reminder - why I oppose gun control:

A Very Personal Opposition to Gun Control

"I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies."


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