G-d Damn You Barbara Spectre!

Unless you’re pretty deep in the so-called “Alt-Right” movement, or at least actively monitoring it, you’re probably scratching your head and saying “WHO?”  Let me introduce you to someone who, IMHO, rises to the level of Benedict Arnold.  On two fronts.

Barbara Spectre is a Jewish woman living in Europe, who – based on the evidence I’ve been able to gather – is on the Left-side of the political spectrum.  Given that the spectrum in Europe is shifted significantly leftward from that in the US, that’s certainly putting her on the far-Left in terms of the US scale.  Now let me be clear: she is entitled to believe this, even if I would vehemently disagree with her Leftism as contrary to the Judaism I learned.  Quoting a great essay, Why Jews Support the Democratic Party, by Evan Sayet (bolding added):
Put simply, the more Jewish is the person, the more they reject the policies of the Democrat Party.  This should not be the least bit surprising as Modern Liberalism – the dominant ideology of today’s Democrat Party – is the very antithesis of Judaism.
But no, her Leftism – much as I disagree with it as being in contradiction to Judaism – is not why I condemn her.  (Side note: too many American Jews identify more as liberals than as Jews, as Evan Sayet noted, which – alas – leads to a conflating of the two.)  I condemn her for two specific reasons.  Here’s the first.

In a video that is infamous in “Alt-Right” circles she said this:
"Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive."[5] Barbara Lerner Spectre, IBA-News, 2010.
This woman is describing a deliberate, intentional effort to facilitate Islamic Hijra in order to transform Europe both culturally and demographically… and is saying that Jews need to take a leadership role in it.  And not just saying it but playing an active role in it, and certainly inferring that there are multiple persons of Jewish heritage also working on this.
Now, if you have three brain cells capable of firing at once, you know George Soros is on that list.  Soros, who rises to the role of a James Bond-level villain, is also – nominally – Jewish though, again, I would argue that his overt attempts to destroy America and Western Civilization are the very antithesis of the Judaism I learned.  But he’s not the topic; she is.
Please note that in writing this and doing research I came across some other purported quotes by her.  And also found that at least some of these are of, shall we say, dubious provenance.  Thus I am limiting my opinions in this piece to being about the verifiable statement by her on video.

I’ve written about the effects of the Islamic Invasion on Europe.  For example, in The Islamic Invasion and the Spanish Solution I started my conclusion with this (bolding in original):
We are faced with a simple binary choice.  Either Western Civilization falls to the invasion, or the invasion is repelled.  There is no third choice - we cannot coexist intermingled with a culture that is not just hostile to us, but actively intent on conquering us.  And it is an absolute certainty that the path we’re on leads to the end of the greatest civilization that has ever existed on earth.  If we do nothing, Western Civilization falls.
My essay, An Open Letter to My Fellow American Jews, is a scream from my heart to my fellow American Jews who advocate for more Islamic refugees to be admitted.  That essay is edging in on 9000 views (being surpassed only by my essay outlining my opposition to gun control, A Very Personal Opposition to Gun Control).
From my Open Letter’s conclusion:
By word and deed, in America and Europe, [Islamic leaders] say they want to kill [and enslave Jews and non-Jews alike].  I have the moral courage to believe them.
Why don't you?
These Islamists are so open about their desire to conquer for Islam, so naked in their desire to subjugate, with the history of Islam as the greatest murder machine in human history so clear to anyone who looks into it, that it is impossible to believe that anyone aiding them is not intentionally helping this.  So I believe that Barbara Spectre is knowingly complicit in this civilizational treason; complicit up to her neck which, as Jew, will get slit once the Islamists take over.

I remember first seeing that video where she said the above, and wrote about my reaction in The Islamic Invasion: Not Judaism - Leftism (bolding in original):
My reaction was instantaneous:  I. Blew. Up.  I haven’t been that white-hot livid in a long time.  G-d bless my blood pressure.  Thankfully I was alone at the time; I was screaming at the computer “Don’t you understand this will make them hate us?”
And I was right.  I hate being right all the time.  This woman’s statement is not minor.  Sorry for the shouting but it’s necessary: 

Her name came up again recently on a Frontpagemag article’s comments; someone clearly anti-Semitic, in railing against Jews, brought her name up specifically.  The in-passing reference clearly indicated this poster expected everyone to understand the reference.  (Though I do find it ironic that a Jew-hater was posting that “all Jews are liberals” on a politically-Conservative website founded by a Jew, on an article that I’m pretty sure was written by a Jew, and where one of the site’s most notable politically-Conservative authors, Daniel Greenfield, is also Jewish.)
Let me repeat: This one statement by one JINO* is repeated time and time and time and time and time and time and time again on Jew-hating websites and blogs (I know, I read them; know your enemy).  The damage done by this one woman to the perception of Jews in general is incalculable and catastrophic. 
Spectre’s statement is a gift of a flamethrower with near-infinite fuel to Jew haters.

I remember reading Charlton Heston’s autobiography (I proudly have his picture, personally autographed to me, in my home office).  In it he related filming the Statue of Liberty scene in Planet of the Apes and some of the pre-filming discussions about the scene.  Apparently he shaped some of the lines his character said during the movie; in this instance he definitely did, insisting this would be the genuine reaction of someone in this situation.  So as you read my statements, below, please imagine the same anger, the same anguish and warp-powered hatred… but as a warm-up, watch the scene:
[PLANET OF THE APES (1968) - Lady Liberty Destroyed / 2:00]
  • For actions that will, if you are successful, destroy Western Civilization, the greatest civilization to have ever existed on earth… G-d damn you Barbara Spectre!
  • For enabling the incalculable robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders the Islamists commit on Western citizens, in effect being an accessory to each and every incident that would not have been had you not helped import the invaders… G-d damn you Barbara Spectre!
  • For setting the stage for a bloody, continent-wide civil war that is coming as Europe awakens to the invaders for whom you intentionally opened the gate… G-d damn you Barbara Spectre!
  • For corrupting Judaism and perverting Tikkun Olam to give you the cover of conscience in the murder of Western Civilization… G-d damn you Barbara Spectre!
  • For giving Jew haters a fusion reactor to power their hatred of us and a tool to spread that hatred… G-d damn you Barbara Spectre!
G-d damn you, Barbara Spectre!  G-d damn you to Hell!

May your name be cursed and remembered only as a traitor – a traitor to G-d, a traitor to your country and civilization, and a traitor to your people.  May your bleached bones be prominently displayed next to Soros and other civilizational traitors as a lesson to the next ten generations of Jews and Gentiles alike of the fate that befalls betrayers.
[Babylon 5 Vir answers Mr Morden / 0:22]
"I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies."

* I am excerpting from a comment (by a blogger on my blogroll, Minds of a Feather) on one of my recent posts, Copied from VLAD TEPES: Dear American People (bolding added):
There are few real American Jews.
They pray "Next Year in Jerusalem!" and then condemn Israel for applauding the US embassy's move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. They mourn the destruction of the Second Temple, and then condemn those who object to Muslim restrictions on Jewish open prayer at the Wailing Wall. They talk about the Pogroms in Russia and the horrors of the Holocaust, and then refuse to arm themselves in self-defense while condemning those who do - in a country where the 2nd Amendment guarantees them the right to "keep and bear arms".
They vote in lockstep with a Democrat party that has publicly condemned Israel at its political conventions. They support Democrat candidates and the entire Democrat platform (which includes enthusiastic support for lawbreakers, support for sexual deviance and deviants in schools, and support for a socialist state) and then complain about hypocrisy in politics. They speak of the 5th Commandment, "Thou shalt not murder" (that's the *literal* translation), but then support abortion and Planned Parenthood.
These are not Jews. These are hypocrites who do not have the strength of their own convictions. These are people whose actions give strength to anti-Semites. These are people who give cause to laugh whenever someone references anyone who is Jewish.


  1. Perhaps this is why I told my Rabbi I would be more comfortable on the roof of the synagogue with a rifle next to me than inside with the rest of the congregation.

    I learned something from a friend yesterday that this echoes. Socialism, at its heart is at best godless, or demonic. Without a belief in God, one can rationalize taking rights away from people in order for the state to prosper. It is then a small step, taken too often, to rationalize taking lives to further improve the state.

    God damn them all to hell.

    1. He hardwired us for faith. Remove Hashem, something else will fill the void.

    2. This is something CS Lewis talked about. Paraphrasing him: if you believe only in the material, then states and institutions are what matters as they last for hundreds and hundreds of years after a single mortal's life. BUT if you believe we have a soul, the states are the temporary thing, a blink in our immortal eyes.

  2. How about a rss feed? There are still quite a few of us who use it to know when a blogger posts.

  3. my sentiments exactly. the words and actions of this b_____ will likely get people killed - maybe in the thousands.

    and who gave her authority to speak for the rest of us?

    btw: I've read that her sister is Lois Lerner, who infamously helped Obama to weaponize the IRS against conservatives.

    1. Millions, not thousands.

      EITHER Europe bestirs itself, and goes from Zero to Jackboot to throw them out... causing a continent-wide civil war not only against the invaders but also against the Quislings - OR Europe submits to an ever-harsher sharia law; remember that Islam under Sharia is utterly ruthless in its subjugation. Both will create millions of casualties.

      The Blood Guilt of this woman, and all the others who have done this whether Jew or Gentile (and there are plenty of both), cannot be washed away. They, collectively, have set in motion things that cannot be undone and which will wash Europe with rivers of blood regardless of which path is chosen.

  4. Hey, NITZAKHON. As a non--Jew, but redpilled European I salute to people who want world without all this bullshit that is placed upon us. I have a question though. How will you adress the fact that many Jews are in top positions of the media that indoctrinate people with idea of multiculturalism and Islam being religion of peace? It looks for many that Jews are behind this because of that. Not all of them of course, and of course there are many lefties with non-Jew background who believe in this nonsense, but it seems that the one strongest tool that shapes minds of many is in the hands of them. Can you address that?

    1. @digitaloc:

      First, welcome to my blog. I presume you are a new reader? Thank you for taking the time to not only read, but comment.

      As I've occasionally mentioned I work in a STEM field; this is a confounding of variables.

      In the West, particularly in America but not exclusively so, Jews tend to lean Left. Sometimes, in the case of *hawk spit* Soros or Barbara Spectre, it's waaaaaay Left.

      When you factor in the fact that we tend to be very successful (I won't go into IQ here because I think that's an imperfect measure at best) you get a lot of Jews who, mostly, lean Left rising to the tops of organizations. Thus, the appearance of Jews "taking over" and driving things Leftward does, in fact, have a basis. So I hope that explains, at least in part, your observation.

      (As I've pointed out to others, Dennis Prager is a politically-conservative Jew. So is Pamela Geller, as are Daniel Greenfield and David Horowitz (frontpagemag.com). And many others. But they don't get nearly as much press/publicity. If perception defines belief, then the perception that Jews are only on the Left and driving this Islamic invasion naturally comes from the fact that JEWISH OPPONENTS OF THIS do not get nearly as much publicity. Imagine being handed, daily, a bowl of M&Ms that are only green - because they've been selected; you might well come to believe that M&Ms ARE only green.)

      Another thing... Jews believe in Tikkun Olam (literally, "healing the world"). TOO MANY have taken that to mean that it's required to do so through government - which means forced taxation to create / fund social programs whose pernicious effect is to push politics Leftward.

      Interestingly (at least for me) was this Yom Kippur, where a passage from Isaiah was read discussing the need to help others. But in order to square that against THOU SHALT NOT STEAL, the only way to reconcile that is to heal the world from one's own resources, not force others to do so in order for you to feel virtuous.

      There's also a historical element here. In the Inquisition, and other places in European history, Christians were not nice to Jews (being diplomatic here). There is a mythology built up about the "Andalusian paradise" of Muslim rule where Jews were - allegedly - treated well. In reality, they were cruelly oppressed, but less so than under Christiandom. Hardship and oppression are relative terms. And many Jews, having bought this myth of Jewish / Muslim peaceful co-existence (and many are shocked when I point them to the Pact of Umar which highlights the rules Jews and Christians needed to follow) are fooled to think that Muslim rule might be better than Christian rule.

      One other thing and then I'll await your reply. In Leviticus it discusses treating the stranger as yourself, for we also were strangers in Egypt. So many Jews look at the plight of ACTUAL (not economic) refugees and want to help. But again, there needs to be a reconciliation. One can have pity on a starving dog, but one wouldn't necessarily bring it into the house. The same applies: one can want to help, and can help, but NOT AT THE COST OF ONE'S OWN. (I don't remember which column I used it, but there's a passage from the Talmud where the ruling opinion (Rabbi Akiva?) said that the meaning behind the meaning was that YOUR LIFE takes precedence over those you help; you CANNOT sacrifice yourself or those you love to help others. Too many Jews just see people in need, and don't think about the longer-term consequences.

    2. And you might find this interesting.



      Thanks for the reply.

      First, I just want to say that my previous post was not to attack you or Jews, or anything like that. I was just curious how you see things.

      You are right about that conservative Jews in Western countries don't get that much media attention. The same goes for everyone who leans Right. It's understandable, considering that mass media is controlled by the Leftist ideology.

      I also think that for people that want to save the West it's easier to blame everything, or most of it, on particular group. When you look at the situation we are in, it's very easy to get confused. Who is the enemy? Who is an ally? It seems that the answer is not as easy as it was centuries ago when you clearly knew who enemy was, especially when you and your countrymen were invaded (I would love to see a reaction of people before Battle of Vienna when they are told that diversity is our strength, lol)
      Now it's easier to say 'It's Jews fault!' or 'It's Left's fault!', or 'It's KGB!', or 'It's Masonery and NWO!' etc. I guess that the answer is very complex and consists of more than one component. Bad people are found everywhere.

    4. @NITZAKHON:

      Also, have you watched "EUROPA: The Last Battle"? It's a documentary that is 10 hours long. It shows the other side of the story, mainly of World War II, but not only. It's way diffrent than what they teach us in schools, but the more you dig into the information that is presented there, the more it makes sense. I won't lie that premises that come from this are very anti-zionist and pro German (I know the latter part sounds ridiculus when you first hear it). At the beginning it may seem to be anti-semitc, but in reality it's about Globalist Zionism. The facts presented there make sense. Especially when you look a bit further than Wikipedia. I highly recommend watching, all of it. It makes you trully red pilled, but it doesn't make you hate Jews or anything like that, it makes you despise Globalists.


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