Videos and thoughts about Tommy Robinson's arrest

Please forgive that this is not quite as organized as I attempt to make most posts; I’m trying to bang this out to get it out ASAP.  But some thoughts before I list the videos.

I have communicated with a few people I know in the UK; Tommy is perceived as a virulent racist – definitely he is portrayed as such on the Wikipedia page about him (and yet, I keep in mind that these pages can be edited, and multiple figures on the Right have commented over the years about how their entries have been relentlessly twisted by SJW editors to put them in a bad light).  Now, having watched a number of his videos, I have not personally seen an indication of that racism… but in fairness I am only a novice when it comes to my knowledge of the man. 
Here’s a lengthy and substantial interview of Robinson; with the caveat that anyone can appear reasonable in an interview with a little effort, I don’t think the man comes across like a raving racist:

[Tommy Robinson and Dave Rubin: Islam, Immigration, and Pegida (Full Interview) / 1:03:38]

And another interview with him as the interviewee:

[BREAKING : Tommy Robinson Interview With RT – 2018 / 32:40]
And here’s a speech he gave to the Oxford Union (caveat: I have not watched the whole thing… so I’m going on faith that there is nothing horrible there in the portion I did not watch):

[Tommy Robinson - Main Speech / 1:08:16]
I also know, from widespread reading on sites like Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller, Frontpagemag, Voice of Europe, Save my Sweden, the Gatestone Institute, PJ Media, American Thinker, LegalInsurrection, and myriad others that anyone who is even remotely critical of the flood of poor refugees Islamic invaders into Europe (and America) is immediately smeared with the Frankfurt School smear RAAAAAACIST!  This is done to place the person outside the lines of “polite and civilized discourse” rather than address the actual points raised.

But let’s assume that the perception is correct, and he’s a virulent racist (again, based on his own videos and his interviews I am dubious of that allegation but let’s assume the worst-case).  Certainly I give no love to such a person (seeing as I’m married to a non-white, and my children are bi-racial).  But in protecting his right to speak, and protecting his right to hold his government to account, I am protecting my own rights as well. 
There are many, many quotes about Freedom of Speech, all good, but this one by Alan Dershowitz applies in particular:

Freedom of speech means freedom for those who you despise, and freedom to express the most despicable views. It also means that the government cannot pick and choose which expressions to authorize and which to prevent.
Otherwise, citing one other quote – by Ben Shapiro – we step into Orwellian territory.  His novel, 1984, was meant to be a warning; how ironic then that the land of his birth seems intent on using it as a manual:

Freedom of speech and thought matters, especially when it is speech and thought with which we disagree. The moment the majority decides to destroy people for engaging in thought it dislikes, thought crime becomes a reality.
This is a horrible precedent: imprisonment and – possibly – death, for the “crime” of attempting to hold government accountable for its actions… or, in this case, its inactions even as the nation’s daughters are press-ganged into whoredom.

Three articles that I thought worthy of note, all by the same author who is clearly outraged:
Swift Injustice: The Case of Tommy Robinson

UK: You're Not Allowed to Talk about It. About What? Don't Ask.

Another by a long-time opponent of Jihad, Robert Spencer, The Death of Britain:
Britain is finished, and its death as a free society is by its own hand. These videos ought to shock the world and lead to an international denunciation of Britain’s slide into totalitarianism, and to calls for it to respect the human rights of all its citizens, not just Muslims. But they won’t, because Amy and Tommy are just “Islamophobes,” and so am I, and such people have no rights that the political and media elites feel bound to respect.
And another with multiple quotes from multiple journalists, Tommy Robinson’s arrest shocks the world: “It’s Tommy today, but it’s you tomorrow”.

Update 1: This, if true, looks bad; beyond bad.  This Tommy Robinson story just keeps getting worse.  This looks Stasi-esque… this, from the land of the Magna Carta.

Update 2: According to Lauren Southern, the judge was told that Robinson likely would be murdered in jail - to which the judge replied (from memory) "Well, he knew what he was doing".

I observed to one particular UK contact, repeating my contention that Europe is ripe to explode, that there are commenters saying that if Robinson is killed in jail – as he may very well be – it could be the match that ends up igniting the country, if not all of Europe, e.g., Tommy Robinson will be the UK’s tipping point:
We blocked the roads, stopped the traffic, and we chanted for about four hours. A thousand and more of us with less than 24 hours’ notice. Imagine what we will accomplish with a week’s notice and an action plan. It’s time for the authorities to take note. If Tommy Robinson isn’t released from prison and allowed to go about his business and enjoy the same protection and human rights and dignity as Anjem Choudary was afforded, then the authorities need to realise that Tommy represents We the People, and We the People have had enough.
Please do recall my essay The Islamic Invasion and the Spanish Solution where I said this about Europe as a powderkeg (bolding and links in the original):

And I ask myself when the peoples of Europe (in particular) and Western Civilization (in general) will say It’s time to light it up!”  I feel that it’s close, very closeAustria has a “populist” leader; Italy has one rising, and Finland has a candidate that wants out of the EU entirely. Norway is showing signs of waking up, as is Belgium and Croatia.  The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland are already saying “NO!”  A columnist in Canada speaks that we must name the enemy and understands the threat level, MALCOLM: Fight against radical Islamism is about saving our civilization

It’s not like England alone is seeing grooming gangs.  Here’s a report about them in the Netherlands.  And a great cartoon, about the UK:
The woman in the image below was raped to death.  Let me repeat this: RAPED TO DEATH!  Her Muslim rapist was still f*cking the corpse when he was nabbed by police.  If someone did this to a woman I loved and the authorities did nothing… time to go hunting.  For invaders and for authorities.  And honestly, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

But people are talking about civil war, openly, e.g.,The migrant crisis will end in civil war, because demographics are against us – Austrian Expert (embedded video in the article – wow!):
“We are being deliberately manipulated. The Western public is being manipulated into supporting the migration of fighting-age Muslim men into Europe.”
And countries are preparing - Sweden just issued a pamphlet about a potential war to its citizens; ostensibly about an invasion from outside, but as the article states:

The real threat of war they face is from within, from the massive number of Muslim migrants they have admitted. And everyone in Sweden knows that is why they distributed this leaflet. They know what they’ve done to their country, and what is coming.
As I observed to one UK person, and have said in comments… if I had a relative in the military or police forces in any European country, I’d be dropping hints to them that they’d better truly consider where their loyalties are: their paycheck, or their people.  From my essay Civilizational Collapse and the Brain (links in the original):

[Muslim immigrants] rape our women and the gates are still wide open.  They slaughter our children, and the gates are still wide open.  They plan to poison our food and water, and the gates are still wide open.  Countries that don’t want this invasion are taken to court to be bent to the will of these SRSOBs and excoriated in the public arena.  They’re creating apps to help them come.  Hell, they’re flying the invaders in to make sure they get safely to the NO-GO zones of already-conquered territory (e.g., Holland, France, Germany, Norway, Britain, Sweden, and Belgium. Even in the US: in Dearborn, women walk around in burkhas and signs are in Arabic; I was there in 2008, it looked like a piece of the Middle East had been transplanted!  In Minnesota, check out the Mall of America!) and then politicians and the enemedia deny these zones exist and actively hold the gates wide open.  Judges overturn clear precedent supporting President Trump’s travel ban, which then permits the flood of Islamic Hijra to continue.
And now, without further commentary, multiple videos on the topic – not just of Tommy specifically but the trend of making any criticism of Islam and immigration of Islamic believers into the west into Orwellian thought crime… and Islam-related in general:

[UK: Descent into POLICE STATE / 6:26]

[Tommy Robinson Arrested and Imprisoned, Media Silenced | True News / 8:36]

[Geert Wilders: The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam. / 3:52]

[Stomping on Tommy / 4:05]

[Douglas Murray on Tommy Robinson (and the Establishment) / 8:11]

[Gavin Boby: The Horrifying World of Muslim Rape Gangs. / 4:00]

[Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner / 44:49]

[Brigitte Gabriel and Dave Rubin: Terrorism, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Linda Sarsour / 1:08:53]

Let me take a principled stand on two things:

First, on Islam; there are, in fact, Muslims who are not jihadists.  I know some personally; a few, very well.  But then, even if they themselves say they are Muslims, I know full well that an ISIS member would call them a legitimate target, being apostates.  We cannot blanket all Muslims with the jihadist label.  But we must - must - be cautious.

Second, even if the man is a virulent racist, and from what I’ve seen the magic eight-ball would say “no”… this is thoughtcrime prosecution.  It cannot be permitted to stand while England claims to still be made of free people; someday the worm could turn, and the very suppressive power that the Left seeks could be used on them - and they would have no right to complain, having cheered the state on in this instance.  

Here’s how you can help.
Sign a petition to Prime Minister Theresa May to release him

Spread this article around.


"I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies."



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