While we're applauding "progress" in North Korea, might I propose caution?

Look, I hope the progress seen vis a vis North Korea is genuine.  But might I reprise an essay I wrote while guest blogging before I launched my own?

Missiles in a Magician's Hat

While we're looking at North Korea, what's going on elsewhere?  Is this misdirection?


  1. Magicians Hat, or as we ranchers call it, "the rodeo clown."

    EMP is a great equalizer; I expect it to be used some fall, right before the cold hits hard. It is the most logical way to take down a large superpower. It will likely be Russia, with 'credit' given to North Korea so that the retaliation goes there. The only reason our enemies would think twice would be the Fukushima type melt down of some 104 or so nuclear reactors; the radioactive garbage spewing out of those would eventually ruin even Asian and Eurasian communist utopias with the toxic radioactivity., unless they nuked each nuclear power plant for a quick, clean burn. EMP in the fall and wait 6 months; the 10 percent of Americans that survive would be begging to go into slave labor camps (present company excluded).

    1. And when I talk to people, repeatedly... intelligent, knowledgeable, worldly people, almost to a person they say "Oh that can't happen!"


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