Linkfest: Quick hits July 23, 2018

[The Problem With Hormonal Birth Control / 13:24]
** And three links discussing sex and the pill:
How to Rebuild a Dating Culture
The Pill Makes Women Pick Bad Mates
Birth Control and Homosexuality: Unintended Consequences
>> Side note: My wife, as I often joke, has a nose like a bloodhound.  Seriously; incredibly sensitive and discerning (e.g.,she can tell the difference between water straight from the tap and water that's been standing a while!).  She told me she knew I was THE ONE based on my smell, and strongly implied that that was the deciding factor.

Breaking: DOJ Releases Carter Page FISA Applications, Shows FBI DID Rely On Fake Dossier
** Quote:
Yep, in other words, they did use false and unreliable information. And still, they found nothing.
>> More:
On the Carter Page FISA warrant
Misleading: FISA application structured to emphasize Steele as ‘intel’ source
The Associated Press Lies About the FISA Application
** Just think of the enemedia as the propaganda department of the Left; you won't be wrong.

Is that a catheter bag under Hillary Clinton's loose clothing?
** Bookmark for 2020.

The Coming Crash of the European Union
** Not if... WHEN.  And HOW BAD will it get, and HOW LONG will it last, and WHO will win?

SHUT IT DOWN=> Manhattan Madam Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller
** Nobody - NOBODY - can survive an infinite investigation with a person with unlimited power like this.  Nobody.  This is about digging until something, anything, comes out that they can then use to hang Trump.  Related:
A Playboy model payoff? Is that all Mueller has?
** Quote:
In other words, why does Special Counsel Robert Mueller, charged with investigating how President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, care about this tape? Wouldn't a private conversation between Trump and his attorney be privileged and private?
>> Why?  To find a pretext, no matter how flimsy, to impeach Trump.

TED Speaker: ‘Pedophilia is an Unchangeable Sexual Orientation, Just Like… Heterosexuality’ (VIDEO)
** This is now a FULL COURT PRESS to normalize this.  Why?  Why now?  Related video:

[The Mainstreaming of Pedophilia / 5:06]

USA Today Severs Ties With Columnist Cheri Jacobus Over Rape Fantasy Tweet Attacking Trump Campaign Staffer’s Daughters
** Quote:
Jacobus remained defiant on Friday and told her Twitter followers now is not the time for civility.
>> These people are, quite literally, unhinged, increasingly violent, and getting very, very dangerous.  More:
Young, dumb teenage girls form doomsday cult to fight 'global warming'
** Quote:
She may seem young, but never forget that many of the Red Guards in Mao's China who committed unspeakable atrocities were young, too.
>> And consider.  Let's suppose you TRULY BELIEVE that humanity's CO2 emissions are going to end all life on the planet, as some Warmists have openly claimed.  What would you NOT do to prevent this?  Remember this video, below?  This is actually their mentality - KILL all those who disagree:

[No Pressure 10:10 film or how a film maker got it very very wrong / 3:58]
** And FYI, they're openly PROUD of this video.  Openly proud of creating a meme that "deniers" must be killed.  Killed!

Portland 'Abolish ICE' Activists Decapitate President Trump Effigy
** IMHO these people are gripped in dopamine addiction.  And like any addict, one keeps needing larger and larger doses - which does explain why the rhetoric and incitement are being dialed to "11"... and they seem to be adding numbers.

PETA Can't Condemn Hamas' Flaming Terror Falcon Without Blasting Israel, U.S.
** Quote:
If the U.S. or Israel had carried out this heinous attack, PETA would not hesitate to condemn them by name, and would not mention Hamas if Hamas were not directly involved.

Socialism in the botanical garden: Why Venezuela can't have nice things
** But... but... but that's not REAL SOCIALISM.  Denmark!  Sweden!  Related:
Democratic Socialism Rising
** Generations of Frankfurt School indoctrination bearing seditious, treasonous fruit.  More:
Candace Owens: We need to stop calling them liberals and begin referring to them as exactly what they are …’
** Yes.  Let's be accurate.  It's war:
Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum -- Again

["I walked out of one closet, into another one" #WalkAway / 5:25]
** Just listen to the anguish in this woman's voice at the fear she'll be ostracized by being a Conservative. 

Elysium Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor will use existing technology for rapid approval
** Faster please!  Related:
Plasma powered rocket could send first humans to Mars

Dem. Candidate Bankrolled Effort to Curb 'Irresponsible Breeding' and Tax Families With 2+ Kids
** With them, of course, in charge of who gets licenses.

British Medical Journal article: ban pointy knives
** Um, there are these things called "grinding wheels".

[The Truth About Migrants (2018) / 12:02]

Gun Group: Only 3% of Californians With Assault Weapons Registered Them After Latest Gun Law
** And read this really excellent piece:
Belling the Cat

America Is Headed For Fiscal Catastrophe – And No One Seems To Care
** What can't go on forever, won't.  People think I'm nuts for selling my late parents' house because of its prime location.  I want the liquidity, thanks, because after the crash I'll need it.  Assuming the Democratic Socialists don't confiscate it.  I'll actually have a stash of cash on hand and will tell her "If it's heading south, take the kids and go to your relatives."

Conservatives Reject Unilateral Disarmament In The Face Of Liberal Social Fascism
** Quote:
We didn’t ask for this cultural war. We don’t want it. But we are done taking a ration of garbage from these creeps.

WOW: What Kirsten Gillibrand said Dems should do first if they regain control is an ‘in-kind contribution’ to the GOP [video]
** If the GOP had brains they'd run this 24/7 as a campaign ad.

Dear Feminuts: You Asked for This!
** "Clitler"?  "Muff Mafia"?  ROFL!  Not totally unrelated:
‘LAME!’ Cosplay Resistance to be out in force during VP Mike Pence’s visit to Philly
** Channeling one of the comments on twitter: "Now do this in Tehran!"

The Clinton State Department’s Major Security Breach That Everyone Is Ignoring
** Quote:
In other words, the FBI’s main counterintelligence director doesn’t remember being told that the secretary of state (his preferred candidate for president) had a breach in her computer system that forwarded all of her internal communications—including emails containing classified information—to a foreign entity.
>> Hypothetically (since I'll never actually cheat on my wife)... would she accept "I don't remember" to evidence that I'd had a threesome with two women while on a business trip?  Same scenario.  How do you NOT remember something like this?


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