Linkfest: Quick hits July 26, 2018

Exclusive: Obama Administration Knowingly Funded a Designated al-Qaeda Affiliate
** @(#*$(@)$@#@@(#*&$*!@&(*!(*@#()%_(*$#

The FBI DELIBERATELY IGNORED ‘Golden Emails,’ Crucial Abedin Messages And More
** We need a f*ckton more rope.  Related:Did Obama, Brennan And Clinton Illegally Collude To Take Trump Down?
** Quote:
Such collusion, if only in the political sphere, wouldn't be a crime. However, using federal assets and personnel and misrepresenting what you're doing to a FISA court to influence an election are crimes. Felonies, in fact.
>> Did they?  Yes.

#SHUTITDOWN: Proven Lies to the ?FISA Court Should Immediately End Mueller's Investigation
** Damning.  But that won't stop the Left.  Related:
Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing
** This is a "gaff" - accidentally telling the truth.  No wonder the enemedia hasn't shown it.

[A simple case of GOOD and EVIL / 14:18]

Occupy ICE trash shuts down food cart that fed the needy
** Quote:
Typical ham handed Leftist idiocy and hatred. Because the food cart would not announce solidarity with radical leftists, they were hounded, intimidated out of business. the Left is evil!
>> You can't feed the homeless unless you join the Borgleft.

Waiter’s photo & story about customer’s ‘racist note’ went viral with MSM help (and GUESS what happened next)
** Surprise, surprise.  Not.  There's a reason I call them the enemedia after Pamela Geller.

Manafort trial could backfire on libs, may reveal explosive info on top Democratic political consultants
** Please please please please please!

LGBTQ Totalitarianism in Boston: The Destruction of the St. Patrick's Day Parade
** Their goal is complete compliance and obedience.  They are the Borgleft.

Pennsylvania: Muslim migrant recruited Muslims for jihad massacres in Europe
** How about being removed from the world of the living?  Quietly, of course.

Swedish student’s dramatic plane protest stops man’s deportation ‘to hell’
** Call me vicious but it'd serve her right if she were gang-raped by that man and five of his buddies.

“To do evil, a human being must first believe that what he’s doing is good, or else that it’s a well-considered act in conformity with natural law. Fortunately, it is in the nature of the human being to seek ‘justification’ for his actions.
-- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
(HT AmmoLand)  
** Two things:
1. Just look at the Left's rhetoric these days - anyone to the Right of Stalin is being set up / portrayed as irredeemably evil - and thus, over time, it will become necessary to do "good" in this world by eliminating us.
2. I disargee with the advice.  If asked if you have guns in your home, lie.  "No."

You get more jail time for serving a straw in California than you do for raping a 13 year old girl in Sweden
** Priorities.

Doctor in Netherlands ‘asked family to hold down euthanasia patient’
** The logical progression.  And then it will be the "duty to die" to make way for the next generation.  And then mandated a la "Logan's Run".

Your Kids Aren’t Your Own
** They belong to the State.  For their own good.  Marx said so.

Seven 'Great' Marxist Leaders Young Socialists Need to Know
** Why is Communism / Socialism forgiven indeed.

[Who Should Have TOP SECRET Clearance? / 14:40]

What Do I Say After a Shooting?
** Quote:
After you do that, SHUT UP!  The officer will continue asking questions.  That’s his job.  You don’t have to answer.  Not incriminating yourself is your job.
>> Excellent advice; plan ahead.

On Point: Turkey Should Nix Russian S-400 Missiles
** Quote:
The U.S. State Department regard the S-400 purchase as a unique threat to NATO aircraft. Not that Turkey would fire on NATO aircraft, but that Russia might gain information on NATO air defense and aircraft (like the F-35) via Turkish deployment of the S-400. The S-400 deployment could allow Moscow to gain intelligence about every NATO nation's stealth fighter aircraft.
>> The danger is very clear.  If Turkey has BOTH F-35s AND S-400 SAMs, Turkey could sell Russia access to real-world testing of the S-400 systems against our most advanced fighter.  Hell, Turkey could put the aircraft in a hangar and then let Russian techs crawl all over the plane itself.

Cal Thomas: San Francisco makes it clear what immigration debate is all about -- votes for Democrats
** Precisely.  And it's why the Left stopped Vietnamese refugees from getting to America, and why there are no calls for Venezuelan refugees to be admitted - because both have direct, first-hand knowledge of Socialism / Communism, so they won't vote "D".

#AbolishICE Builds Fortified Camp With Borders to Protest Borders
** People who protest walls and rules... build walls and have rules.  You can't make this stuff up!

[Control the Words, Control the Culture / 4:46]


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