Linkfest: Quick hits July 29, 2018

Muslim Father Doused Three-Year-Old Son with ACID in ‘Deliberate Attack’ to Punish Wife Who Left Violent Marriage
** Castrate the bastard; no, wait... feed through an industrial shredder feet-first.  What kind of sick, twisted culture could justify this?

Trey Gowdy And Tucker Carlson Are Too Nice To Adam Schiff
** Quote:
Gowdy led by pointing out the obvious – Democrats are trying to squeeze every last drop out of this ridiculous witch hunt in an attempt to sway the midterm elections.>> This is a Cold Civil War.  And the GOP better start understanding that the Democrats are not the "loyal opposition".  TREASON: IT'S WHAT DEMOCRATS DO.

Obama's cybersecurity coordinator confirms Susan Rice ordered him to 'stand down' on Russian meddling
** ^^&#@#$*&!@@)(*%$#$($#@(*&#@$#$#.  But it's consistent.  Treason to gain political advantage; it's what the Democrats do.
San Francisco Looks to Ban Workplace Cafeterias to Boost Restaurants
** Paved with good intentions.  These people never learn.

Hollywood Left and Never-Trumpers Unite to Hound President
** Quote:
They do this because they don’t like Trump personally.
>> They'd rather lose than have a President they don't like who is doing what Conservatives want.

ICE arrests immigrant sex offender released by Orange County Sheriff’s Office
** Illegal alien rapes an 11-year old girl and they let him go.  Because they'd rather protect illegals than citizens.

Central Park Rapists: Trump Was Right
** Quote:
The SJW's verdict: Award the criminals $41 million. Trump's idea: Punish them. And you still can't figure out how he became president.

BLOG: My Terrifying Story as a Teenager in Evin Prison
** Powerful testimony.  #freepersia

Hillary Lost Six Billion Dollars When She Ran The State Department.
** Quote:

>> More like "intentionally disappeared".  And the enemedia couldn't care less.

Indicted Senate Staffer James Wolfe Leaked a 2017 Copy of Full FISA Warrant Against Carter Page to Reporter Ali Watkins…
** Why aren't these MFers behind bars already?  Better: why aren't they swinging from nooses yet?  More on leaks:
LIKE A SIEVE: Here is the Exhaustive List of Illegal Leaks by Robert Mueller’s "Very Special" Counsel

The Polls Are Crazy
** Quote:
Which raises the question: how could anyone think that socialism is a system that empowers the individual, as many young people do? The answer, I suspect, is not encouraging. When young people (or, most likely, people of any age) say that socialism gives the individual power, I think they mean the power to hang out, smoke dope, and not worry about working, while the state provides. That isn’t my idea of individual autonomy, but it is a lifestyle to which a growing number of Americans apparently aspire.
>> Humans are flawed being and fundamentally lazy.  That's why it appeals: you live, someone else works.

[Stephen Hicks: How Failed Marxist Predictions Led to the Postmodern Left / 20:47]

Donkey herds are dwindling as hungry Venezuelans slaughter them for food
** Say, where are all the Leftists screaming in concern for the starving Venezuelans?  Oh, wait, that would mean admitting Socialism is a failure.  They'd rather have mass death than admit that.  Monsters.

Confirmed: DOJ Used Materially False Information To Secure Wiretaps On Trump Associate – Mollie Hemingway
** The more I watch what's unfolding, the more I can only conclude that this applies:

[A Man for All Seasons - The Devil Speech / 0:52]

Blacks Are Being Lied To
** To the Left black people are good for only two things: votes, and potential footsoldiers.

More Mueller madness
** Mueller has two missions:
1. At best, "best" to the Left, find something that can be useful to GET TRUMP.
2. At worst, same definition, to keep a miasmic fog of scandal - even if only perceived and enemedia-hyped - over Trump so that if nothing else it's a useful weapon, and a way to smear Trump as history is being written in the future.

New York Times Targets Kavanaugh’s Wife
** Quote:
But this is what I want to know: When Stephen Breyer, Ruth Ginsburg, Sonia Sotamayor and Elena Kagan were appointed to the Court, did the Times, or the Associated Press, try to investigate documents sent or received by their family members?
>> Answer: No.  Because there's a reason I call them the New York Times-Traitor.

My Great-Grandfather, the Nigerian Slave-Trader
** So blacks sold other blacks into slavery, and did since forever before the white man showed up.  Whodathunkit?

Prime Minister Theresa May keeps reminding us about the “cultural enrichment” that Muslim immigrants have contributed to Britain
** British pols openly taking the side of the invaders.  Time to go hunting, Brits, and not just for the invaders IMHO.

Greece: Muslim migrant arrested for trying to set a fire near a military camp
** Remember, war is not just military, it's ECONOMIC.  By lighting fires (or damaging tourism) Jihadists weaken the economy, which then weakens the ability of the government in the target country to fund resistance.

Muhammad’s Other Battle Cries: It’s Time for Killing!
** The next time someone says "Islam is a religion of peace" ask "So what kind of leader of a religion of peace has 'Kill! Kill!' as his battle cry?" and, when they respond, send them this link.  Another question as you send them the link: "Can you envision Jesus himself doing this?"

Hugh Fitzgerald: Latinos Converting to Islam (Part 1)
** A worrisome trend, and doubly-so because to "fit in" with their new Umma community they'll have to become more extreme... to PROVE they're worthy of being accepted.

Civil War, then and now
** I very regretfully concur; the conflagration is inevitable.  It's not IF it happens, it's WHEN it starts, HOW BAD it gets, and HOW LONG does it last.  Related:
Ridding Yourself of “Normalcy Bias:” Why We Should Take the Warning Signs Seriously
** It's coming.  Prepare.

(HT Irish)


"I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies."


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