Linkfest: Quick hits July 31, 2018

Pakistan: Muslim raped this Christian baby girl after her father refused to convert to Islam
** Muslim raped a TWO YEAR OLD GIRL because her father wouldn't convert to Islam. This is a sick, sick, sick culture.

Gazans Who Support the Occupiers
** It's a religious war.  Land is only the excuse, and it dates back to when that pedophile psychopath said "Hey Jews, I'm the next prophet!" and the Jews said "Nuh-huh.  600 years ago some guy named Jesus said that too.  We didn't buy it then, we don't believe you now".  And Mohammed lost his egomaniacal mind.

Meanwhile, the Chinese think Trump is a genius
** When your enemy respects you...

The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades
** We need more rope.  A metric f*ckton more rope.

Defining Modern Liberalism
** Quote:
It now has become far too common for the leftist media to advance a false narrative rather than to seek the truth or report on the news fairly. Most liberals in the media have now unabashedly deemed themselves the all-knowing arbiters of truth and the unbiased administrators of justice. The leftist media is currently ushering in a new court/justice system within the United States, a trial-by-media system. A system which now has the media acting as judge, jury and executioner. A heavily biased leftist media which thrives upon indicting the innocent and exonerating the guilty. Selective justice now reigns supreme.
>> Rule Two: If you control the information flow you control what people believe.  On that:
Misreporting the rise in homicides
** With almost 50% of the homicides in this country being blacks killing other blacks, the cynical use of this horrific trend is NOT to try and save blacks, but exploit it to curtail liberty.

Teaching your kids: Drag Queen Story Hour teaches children about gender fluidity
** There's a reason 1/3 of my take-home salary goes to private school.  Speaking of, please help me out in this quest:
Help me pay for my kids' private school...
** Still baffled why my Tyrant Vaccine bumper sticker hasn't taken off...

Order from here

Dems’ worst nightmare: Black, gay vet leaves party to become a Republican and tells the world why
** Back in the day when I was an atheist (but Conservative), I had no issues with Conservatives who learned I was an atheist... I had a LOT of issues with atheists who learned I was a Conservative.

Why California Is Becoming A Third World Country
** Wall it off and let it collapse.

CNN: Trump deserves some credit for this booming economy
** It must have been uber-butthurt for them to admit this.

Former Trump Adviser Michael Anton: Constitution Does Not Require Birthright Citizenship
** This would be YUUUUUGE if it could be done.  Expect the Left to choose this hill to fight on, though... tooth and nail.

Journalist Who Smeared Terror Victim Proud to be "Enemy of the People"
** I'd say this "journalist" is scum... but that'd be unfair to scum.  And then the enemedia wonder why we hate them.  Related:
CNN's Alysin Camerota is from Mars, Rudy Giuliani is from Earth
** Quote:
The leftist media are the enemy of the people.

China Rips Off America
** I remember at one company where I worked... we opened several new production facilities in China and closed the sole remaining US plant.  When I asked what they'd do if China nationalized our plants, they said "We'll file suit".  The naivete was stunning.

Hackers demonstrate ability to break into any voting machine at Las Vegas convention
** Quote:
The solution is very simple.  Paper ballots now!  And since we're worried about election fraud, voter ID, too.
>> The fact that the Left is opposed to physical ballots, and voter ID, is very revealing.  Related:
Here’s What President Trump Is Doing To Secure Our Elections

Iranian economy collapsing
** America needs to be ready for when this happens - with aid, with money, with food.  The window between being viewed as a savior who got the Mullahs out and the demon for causing people to starve is not large.

The FBI, Hillary's computers, and the Russians
** Inconvenient questions.

Oregon Congressional Candidate Takes Tasteless Twitter Shot At Melania Trump, Likens Her To A Prostitute
** Vile.  Not only does he say it, he doubles-down.  What worries me - and I've said this before - is not JUST the mere fact that he says this, but that he's willing to say such things openly.  Somewhat related:
The Left Is Working Overtime to Normalize Fascism

MUST READ: Stephen Gutowski DISMANTLES 3-D-printed gun paranoia in FANTASTIC thread
** Key point: it is ILLEGAL to actually make a functioning gun unless one has a license to do so.  More:
Wow, that IS scary! NY Post just busted this 3-D-printed gun thing WIDE OPEN [pic]

Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Claim Strike on Abu Dhabi Airport by New Long-Range Drone
** Can't we just get the Sunnis and Shiites to slug it out without drawing anyone else in?  (And then go in and annihilate the winner?)


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