An open reply to digitaloc - hope you see it!

digitaloc made a comment on one of my essays, and shame on me for not checking earlier.  If anyone knows who this is, please let them know as, for some reason, I'm not able to reply (on my own blog, dammit!) so here's my reply to him as a post:

Shame on me for not looking at my comments earlier!  My life's gotten suddenly very complicated.

I didn't take it as a total attack on Jews, but yes, I'm sensitive to that.  I've met - internet-wise - people who acknowledge every single point I make about politically-conservative Jews siding with the West, with America, opposing jihad and the Left (e.g., this column, and prior ones) but then still say I'm an alien in America and should get out or convert to Christianity.

I agree that there are bad people everywhere, on all sides.  What I see as a critical difference between Left and Right is that on the Right, we doubt.  If you're like me you're constantly examining yourself: do I live up to my ideals?  Have I followed the Golden Rule?  Am I true to G-d, whose name is TRUTH?  And so on.  I attempt, to the best of my ability, to be true to the idea of judging each as an individual.  And despite all this, I know full well I am a flawed individual from birth, caught between the superego (divine soul) and id (animal), and that without constant monitoring and self-control, the animal will win.  (It did last night, dammit, and while I won't go into details, let me simply say I did not live up to my best self.  It's a constant war between the two to pick RIGHTLY, a war that will last my entire life.)

But I do see patterns.  One of them is the Left's absolute surety in their twin beliefs they are correct and that they are good people.

David Horowitz of once observed that Leftists are MISSIONARIES.  And that's resonated with me.  Think it through from their perspective.  They believe, truly Believe, they can create an eternal heaven-on-earth by creating world Socialism.  No more poverty, no more disease, no more wars, no more hatred, no more privation or hardship, and on and on and on.

If you Believed, with the same level of faith I have in G-d (and, presumably, you have in Jesus), in this, then anyone who stood in your way is - MUST BE - evil, and knowingly so as surely your opponents have the same information you do.  Just look at their escalating violence: the evil must be opposed, it must be defeated, it must be ELIMINATED.

Examined through these lenses, everything - EVERYTHING - they do makes sense.

And that's where we're heading.


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