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Happy Birthday Jarheads!

Semper fi.

Knowing the Leftist Enemy

I read this in the wee hours:

Election Update: Democrats Stealing Arizona, In Process of Manufacturing Votes to Steal both Governor and Senate Seats in Florida

So, is there anyone actually surprised?  And more on both: Florida and Florida and Arizona.  And doubtless there is even newer news...

The Left in this country has no honor, no decency, no morality, no conscience.  They are driven by one thing, and one thing only: a desire for total power to rule because they believe themselves to be better, more noble people.  More enlightened, more entitled, wiser, smarter, more educated - and therefore they have a manifest destiny to achieve.  Superior ability - and have no doubt at all they believe themselves to be superior - breeds superior lust for power to achieve superior ends.  For the ends of that power is justified by the end goal of a Socialist Utopia.  Consider this image:

(HT AHerdofTurtles)
All of the above are true, so what could possible justify voting this way?  Marxianic Zeal*.  T…

Very brief - a gun control conversation and my prediction

This morning a friend texted me something to the effect of "Oh, look, how convenient... another massive and horrible gun massacre right after the Dems took the House".

I called, we chatted.

Yes, awfully convenient for the enemedia and Left to have a massive talking point as they roll into power in one House.

Also awfully convenient that, figuring very prominently, were mentions of the guns being legally owned.

Today, while food shopping, every newspaper's lead story was about this, and the "gun culture" and so on.

Awfully convenient... and my prediction: before the new House opens, we'll see another such shooting, with the weapons being legally owned - giving 24/7 grist for the Left and the enemedia to hammer on...

Then propose legislation...

Then excoriate the GOP for holding against "reasonable, common sense" gun control...

Bet on it.

“There is no safety for Conservatives but to assume every evil of Liberals.”

Reply to digitaloc

I am still having trouble with replying to comments on my own blog.So, this is in reply to his comment.
No, I have not heard of that documentary (Europa: The Last Battle).It sounds interesting and I’ll look it up… I can’t guarantee when I’ll get to it but let me state two things.
First, I am a Zionist.I believe that Israel has the right to exist, and exist securely.But let me be very clear: Zionism is, or at least should be, about Israel.The rest of the world, meh.Israel is for the Jews, and any Arabs that are willing to peacefully co-exist – genuinely co-exist, not “co-exist spewing Taqiyya and Tawriya”. In parallel with this…
Second, I already despise the Globalists.I’ve excoriated Barbara Spectre, George Soros, and have recently become aware of the Kalergi Plan - which is beyond belief (but sadly also believable given the evidence).More broadly, without citing numerous sources, I’ve learned that the Elites in Europe saw the devastation of WWI and WWII, and came to the conclusion that …

Just voted - straight RED

Unfortunately, I suspect my House district is within the "margin of cheat".

From the CLARION PROJECT: Farrakhan Leads ‘Death to America’ Chant in Iran

Farrakhan Leads ‘Death to America’ Chant in Iran

And this is the man with whom the Democrats ally themselves, whose ring they kiss, whose support they seek.


This election, #JEXIT should happen too

Roger Simon, of PJ Media, has proposed that Jews should exit the Democrat Party, i.e., #JEXIT (bolding added):

A litany of Trump's pro-Jewish actions creates cognitive dissonance for them. They can't even look at it, even though, besides moving the embassy to Jerusalem — something promised by several presidents before him who reneged — his administration is filled with more Jews at high levels than any before. To name just a few:Steve Mnuchin, senior advisor Stephen Miller, special assistant to the president Paul Teller, Jason Greenblatt (lead negotiator for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement), Ambassador David Friedman, son-in-law Jared Kushner, daughter Ivanka and several Jewish grandchildren who, at least for now, are not involved in government. There are many more, obviously. All these victories that should normally warm the hearts of Jews enrage these Jewish demonstrators. The question arises: what's wrong with these people? Why are they so angry? A lot, of course, stems…