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Never Again? Why are most American Jews ignoring history and today's reality?

Preliminaries – my first two essays on gun control:
A Very Personal Opposition to Gun Control (approaching 13K views!)
Gun Control as Psycho-Pathology (annoyingly languishing at < 1000 views)

Earlier this year was the holiday of Purim in which we Jews celebrate our triumph and survival in ancient Persia.It’s mainly a kids’ holiday; like many Synagogues ours had a carnival with games, tickets, prizes, face painting, food (a local shop made falafel and it was amazing – even my normally-finicky progeny liked it!)… it’s a fun day.A lot of preparation and work for the adults, but the kids always have a blast – so it’s worth it.
Naturally, I carried concealed.Which I do every time when I’ve got the kids at a Jewish-themed event.One person noticed – side note to myself: have to get an IWB holster and a longer vest – and asked if I was crazy bringing a gun into the Synagogue.My reply?
“Open doors and oodles of Jewish kids.This is a target rich environment if someone wanted to do …

Quick hits: Linkfest November 26, 2018

More than 10,000 elderly Swedes are homeless – while migrants get everything free
** The globalists, showing who is important.  Rope.  Tree.  Globalist.  Assembly required.  Not unrelated:
Honduran Migrant: 20,000 Plan to ‘March’ Across Border
** More:
Germany's Angela Merkel: "Nations Must Be Ready To Give Up Sovereignty"
** Now, marry the above - including censorship of criticism of this, to:
In Sweden, cash is almost extinct and people implant microchips in their hands to pay for things
** Slavery in exchange for "convenience".  And below, Paul Joseph Watson outlines China's terrifying social credit system.
[China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System / 8:32] ** I'm not Christian, but can we say "Mark of the Beast"?

Let's Allow Jihadis to Speak for Themselves
** One guy screams "Kill Jews!" in Pittsburgh and all whites are suspect.  Time after time after time after time the Jihadists scream their clear intentions and motivation and the…

A CW2 thought on Black Friday...

Well, OK, a couple of thoughts.
The internet is full (every year) of swarms of shoppers streaming into malls and shopping centers - and fighting, even coming to blows, over TVs, clothing, appliances, etc.As someone pointed out in a great image a few years ago, "If they'll come to blows over a TV, what will they do when the food supply runs out?"Take a look at what cities do when the power goes out for just a few days.And the liberal masses think we'll just fold up and turn them in when they demand our guns?
The 2nd Amendment is Obsolete, Says Congressman Who Wants To Nuke Omaha
Belling the Cat
There is no safety for Conservatives but to assume every evil of Liberals.

Quick hits: November 21, 2018 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

How five pals turned ‘Sex Island’ into a raunchy tourism empire for the rich
** Let me be clear: it's their money, they can do with it as they please.  But why, in looking at this, do I feel like it's the last days of the Roman empire with its open debauchery?  More:
Couple hoping to swap girl embryo for boy may have found a trading partner
** Gag.  Retch.  This is not a commodity, this is your genetic child.  But this, IMHO, is a natural if obscure consequence of abortion-on-demand: children have become a commodity to swap, or discard.

Canadian Hospital Waiting Room Promotes Euthanasia
** I can understand how, in the grips of pain and/or a fatal disease, some might want to end it.  (I think back to my dementia-ridden late mother; once she grasped she was truly NEVER going to go home from the nursing home, she did end it herself - no proof, but I am convinced she did it in a moment of lucidity.)  But this encouraging of it is monstrous.  And then it will be pushed as the "mer…

Orange County results; fraud and new voters

Living proof of my contention, voiced in Big Conspiracy: Electing a New Population, of the effectiveness of bringing in new voters to shift electoral outcomes:
Orange County’s Booming Foreign-Born Population Coincides with Democrat Electoral Sweep
Let alone, of course, what’s looking more and more like outright vote fraud:
Electoral Three-Card Monte: How The Democrats Stole Orange County
VOTER FRAUD? Orange County Numbers DON’T ADD UP – GOP Candidate for Governor Wins District But EVERY SINGLE HOUSE SEAT Is Swept?
There is no safety for Conservatives but to assume every evil of Liberals.


Quick hits: Linkfest November 14, 2018

It’s Official: Google Is a Democratic Party Front
** I could only stomach about 10 minutes of the video.

EU PARLIAMENT votes to sanction Hungary for refusing to be forced to take in thousands of Muslim invaders posing as refugees
** LOCKED on cultural suicide.  Only someone in the grips of Marxianic Zeal* could stay on this course when the effects on the country are so obvious.

Democrats Jump the Shark: Two Mistakes Cost Them the Mid-Terms

** I wanted to believe this guy would be right.  But after the 2012 election when I was SURE Obama's on-video collaboration with the Russian President would cost him the election, and then he won regardless, I grasped that the US' moral character was tainted beyond easy redemption.

Antifa groups are using Twitter and Facebook to advocate for the assassination of President Trump
** When you see your opponents as irredeemably evil, it becomes a moral duty to eliminate them.  And have no doubt: the Left sees us as evil.  Better stock up on Tyrant Vacc…

Happy Birthday Jarheads!

Semper fi.

Knowing the Leftist Enemy

I read this in the wee hours:

Election Update: Democrats Stealing Arizona, In Process of Manufacturing Votes to Steal both Governor and Senate Seats in Florida

So, is there anyone actually surprised?  And more on both: Florida and Florida and Arizona.  And doubtless there is even newer news...

The Left in this country has no honor, no decency, no morality, no conscience.  They are driven by one thing, and one thing only: a desire for total power to rule because they believe themselves to be better, more noble people.  More enlightened, more entitled, wiser, smarter, more educated - and therefore they have a manifest destiny to achieve.  Superior ability - and have no doubt at all they believe themselves to be superior - breeds superior lust for power to achieve superior ends.  For the ends of that power is justified by the end goal of a Socialist Utopia.  Consider this image:

(HT AHerdofTurtles)
All of the above are true, so what could possible justify voting this way?  Marxianic Zeal*.  T…