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I am still having trouble with replying to comments on my own blog.  So, this is in reply to his comment.

No, I have not heard of that documentary (Europa: The Last Battle).  It sounds interesting and I’ll look it up… I can’t guarantee when I’ll get to it but let me state two things.

First, I am a Zionist.  I believe that Israel has the right to exist, and exist securely.  But let me be very clear: Zionism is, or at least should be, about Israel.  The rest of the world, meh.  Israel is for the Jews, and any Arabs that are willing to peacefully co-exist – genuinely co-exist, not “co-exist spewing Taqiyya and Tawriya”.  In parallel with this…

Second, I already despise the Globalists.  I’ve excoriated Barbara Spectre, George Soros, and have recently become aware of the Kalergi Plan - which is beyond belief (but sadly also believable given the evidence).  More broadly, without citing numerous sources, I’ve learned that the Elites in Europe saw the devastation of WWI and WWII, and came to the conclusion that if nations fighting nations in devastating wars is bad (and it is), then the only solution is to eliminate nations.  And since – citing caustic but IMHO very often right talk show host Michael Savage – what defines a nation is “borders, language, and culture” to eliminate nations one must eliminate these.

And what’s the “best” way to do that?  Democide of the native population through massive population migration, interbreeding, and just demographic swamping by a more fecund new population.

Borders: Free migration of peoples.  Just look at this; UN Migration Compact expected to say migration is a “human right”:

That would mean there would no longer be various migrant categories like refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants and certainly no more illegal aliens.  If the UN-supported planners have their way, anyone can move anywhere effectively, of course, wiping out borders.

The last is what they have been after for eons.  No borders.

Language: Just to cite America, we have no official language.  In Europe, Arabic – the language of the invaders – is being taught.  Just one example; Arabic language is the second most spoken language in Sweden:

The reason for this may lie in the large number of refugees increasingly settling in Sweden in recent years. Some prominent linguists who closely follow all of the trends of languages ​​in Sweden, have a logical explanation about this, that maybe someone deliberately wants to tear down the primacy of Finnish as a second language in use in Sweden and for the Arabic language to come in its place.

I remember, many years ago, getting lost in Miami – this being in the days before GPS.  I went into a 7-11 just to ask for directions.  Nobody knew, or admitted to knowing, English.  Fortunately they did have maps for sale and I managed to dope my way back to the highway.  But despite being, nominally, the USA it was, in functional fact, not the USA.

Culture: Citing Bill Whittle, Western Civilization is built on Judeo-Christian morality, Greco-Roman philosophy, and Anglo-Saxon law (and I side with him though I’ve seen only the first two discussed as well).  So; Progressives Are Using Mass Immigration To Destroy America (bolding added):

The incompatibility and the declared refusal of some immigrants to integrate along with their continual demands that the host nations give up their long established Judeo-Christian heritage and cultural practices to accept alien and often barbaric ones has had the effect of degrading the very fabric of the developed nation states.

And not just by demographics, but with an encirclement-style attack on every aspect of traditional Western culture: abortion on demand, the corruption and diminishing of religion, the denigration of marriage, societal acceptance of homosexuality (not tolerance, which I favor, but societal sanction), political correctness, taking over the schools, infesting the courts… it’s an assault with so many simultaneous thrust axes my mind boggles when I step back trying to see that “big picture”.


Yes, WWI and WWII were monstrous horrors.  But the conclusion on how to avoid world wars is completely wrong, and not just wrong, but immoral.  Their plan is demographic and cultural murder – knowingly and intentionally.

France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other western European countries are cracking under the strain.  More to the point, their native populations are cracking as well; civil conflict across Europe is inevitable (links in the original):

If the goal was to eliminate wars, this is not the way.  But then, perhaps the goal is different:

When that happens, what will happen?  Civil society falls; cities, regions, whole nations, and perhaps even the entire continent – with possible spillover beyond that – will dissolve into violence and chaos.

And out of the chaos will come the “great Socialist Utopia”.  Never mind that untold millions will die; the end of paradise on earth will justify the means.  These people are, literally, insane.  They seek the destruction of the greatest civilization the world has ever known in pursuit of what has never been, and can never actually be.

The parts of the snake must join, or die, against these mortal enemies of all I – and I assume you – hold dear.


“There is no safety for Conservatives but to assume every evil of Liberals.”



  1. 'Left' Organizes "Response Events" In 900 Cities To Protest Firing Of Jeff Sessions
    -from Zerohedge

    Now, somebody tell me there isn't a Big Conspiracy

  2. Wow! I even got my own response post. I feel honored ;-) Thank you for replying in such extensive manner.
    I already know that you are a Zionist and I too think that Jews should have a home of their own. I can't say I am agreeing with methods of how Izrael was established, but I do agree everyone should have his own place.
    After watching this documentary I mentioned I came to different conclusions. I don't think they want to avoid wars (but it may be result in the end) and that's why they do this insane things to people. I think that, from their globalist point of view, their goal is to enslave and introduce communism. The goal is to reduce people IQ of people with european ancestry by race mixing, to destroy their affiliation to their own kind by race mixing, to produce little Marxists without love for their family and traditions , and to create mindless sheeps, which will act more like robots, not like humans. Kind of 1984, if yo uknow what I mean.

    This documentary is long, but it is complementary itself. It talks about Globallist mostly (it focuses on Jews, and there are a lot of them, but other got scorned too), who are doing that crazy and inhumane stuff, Kalergi Plan, WWI, a lot about WW II and Hitler, Churchill and other. But in the end it's about why, exactly why, this population replacement is taking place. It's a great documentary and I checked myself most controversial facts stated there, and, to my disbelief, they are all true. I am sure that, if you decide to watch it, it won't be an easy ride for you, as it focuses mainly Jews. It doesn't state in the end that it's about all Jews, but only about evil ones, which would even sacrifice their own for their goals.
    Anyway, the facts you can get from it are of most bitter taste you can imagine. Not sure if it's still a red pill, or a black one though..

    1. Globalists, whether Jewish or not, are sacrificing not only their own people and fellow citizens, but Western Civilization.

      They must be stopped.

      The problem is they've been listening to John Lennon's "Imagine" on autoplay for so long they truly believe it.

  3. By the way, looking the picture of Reagan makes me remember his jokes about Soviets. That's pure gold:


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