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For some reason I am unable to reply to comments on my own blog, so I must reply with a new post.

My reply:  “Tyle the lodge”?  That’s a strange term, certainly not local to where I am; did you pick it up while traveling somewhere?

My reply: I don’t think there’s any doubt GS, who apparently has hated his Jewishness from very early on, is helping to present Jews in the worst possible light.  He is on record as hating Israel (let alone America); and while I have no specific proof I harbor zero doubt his works include trying to get Jews into trouble in the Diaspora, and trying to undermine Israel.


  1. I'm not giving away secrets to say that if you were to go up to a Freemason's lodge while it was meeting you would see a member outside the door to the actual lodge room with a drawn sword across his lap. That individual is a Tyler.

    This is ceremonial nowadays, once upon a time it was far less so. I've been heartened to see Christians and Jews starting to embrace such pragmatism, but it is still something that is fighting for acceptance.


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