Very brief - a gun control conversation and my prediction

This morning a friend texted me something to the effect of "Oh, look, how convenient... another massive and horrible gun massacre right after the Dems took the House".

I called, we chatted.

Yes, awfully convenient for the enemedia and Left to have a massive talking point as they roll into power in one House.

Also awfully convenient that, figuring very prominently, were mentions of the guns being legally owned.

Today, while food shopping, every newspaper's lead story was about this, and the "gun culture" and so on.

Awfully convenient... and my prediction: before the new House opens, we'll see another such shooting, with the weapons being legally owned - giving 24/7 grist for the Left and the enemedia to hammer on...

Then propose legislation...

Then excoriate the GOP for holding against "reasonable, common sense" gun control...

Bet on it.


“There is no safety for Conservatives but to assume every evil of Liberals.”



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