A flash of... paranoia? Or insight?

I was just thinking - always dangerous - about the anti-Russia narrative spewed endlessly by the Left.  What if... what if... what if this is intended to make sure Trump and Putin, both of whom recognize the threat of the Islamists, can never truly have a meeting of the minds on how to drive Islam back lest Putin be seen as cozying up to Trump and vice versa?  What if this Russia-Russia-Russia-is-the-enemy narrative was created to not just provide a convenient foil to attack (unseat!) Trump, but to deliberately undermine a potential US-Russia military alliance against Islam, which the Left has embraced enthusiastically?

I can't say this is true, of course, but... paranoia, or insight?  Because it does fit a lot of the available data - at least on a surface examination.

Now, I'm not saying that Russia is immediately buddy-buddy.  But we do have a mutual enemy... how... "convenient" that the Left's actions are undermining that common interest.


If I had a dollar for every Democrat who loved America and revered the Constitution... I'd be broke.


  1. In the coming war Russia will be our ally. At least after we geld the elite who are doing everything that they can to make us their slaves. If you read www.generationaldynamics.com this has been preached as a natural alliance for a number of years. The first part of this war will be a shooter with China and its allies. As Russia shares a long and essentially open border with China along with a wide disparity in population ( 160 million vs 1 billion plus), they have much to be wary about with their expansionist neighbor. The start of the Second World War was in many ways about the desire for more land and then resources. The second part will be our civil war with the remainders of our country into a divide between the traditionalists ( with G-d) and the remainder of the urbanite elite with their sycophants and parasites. It will reflect the same kind of population disparity that the first war showed but in this case industrial might will not be in the hands of the north and the war will be fought on their ground not ours.

    So, in a word yes, the elite will do everything in their power to keep us from our ally.



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