A viable meme?

If I had a dollar for every Democrat who loved America and revered the Constitution... I'd be broke.



  1. I have remarked at several points in the past how I've never EVER heard a progressive utter the word "Constitution." My brother was a very highly educated and intelligent liberal and so it was with him. Would it make sense for people who abandoned a sinking ship to say Let's get ourselves into the lifeboat before we argue about homosexual marriage? Progressives and even mere liberals just assume that a functioning constitution will always be there like gravity.

    1. Col. - The only time I've heard "Constitution" from a leftie is preceded by "living" - as in flexible, and to be bent, folded, twisted, mutilated, and tortured to rationalize whatever they want to achieve.

      They assume, too, that a functioning society in general will be there.


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