Quickie on NY's new abortion law

More abortions in NY state than live births.  Here:

Even under the old legal regime, abortions outnumbered live births in the Empire State. Between 2012 and 2014, according to the state's health department, there were 285,127 abortions and only 237,499 live births. 

My mind reels.  My soul screams.

What's next?  Retroactive abortions up to one year old?  (I know some "ethicists" have discussed this.)


  1. I used to be anti abortion but now believe it is a Darwin form of selection. What happened is 287,127 less to feed, provide medical, educate (not) and other wise provide cradle to grave service with out any return to society. This whole mess is the reward all of us get for joining in for a progressive society. Without regard to race, class or other determinations it simply removes parasites.

    I also feel that we should completely withdraw from all other countries both a physical presence and monetarily. Africa is first on the list. Use the money to build the wall and find and remove all persons who entered or stayed illegally. To be citizen by birth you need a citizen parent. End all immigration and wait 50 years to clean up the mess. No one likes the solution but it is the only way.


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