Cartoons on the pro-infanticide Left (and some pure capitalism!)

PLEASE NOTE: These are my cartoons; if you use them - and you are free to do so without alteration of the image and/or caption, or removal / editing of the copyright notice... PLUS a linkback to my blog.

Also, please see below for my attempts to use whatever creativity I have to fund my efforts with bumper stickers, T-shirts, etc.  It'd be nice if one of my T-shirts or bumper stickers went viral and sold, oh, a million or two. :D  Again, I own all these images and bumper sticker quips (even if they don't all have a disclaimer on them)...

I apologize for the crass capitalism but it'd be nice if I could get some remuneration back from my blogging efforts...

Please consider using my AMAZON affiliate link for your purchases.

Please buy stuff from the Judaica Web Store - I'm addicted to these falafel flavor snack-sticks especially.  The wines are great, and if there's a special lady in your life (or if you are a lady, a treat for yourself) these scarves are wonderful gifts.  Most of the jewelry has a Jewish theme but the Roman Glass jewelry is universal.

And... a selection of my bumper stickers, T-shirts, and mugs.  Again, it'd be really nice if they "went viral" and a few million sold.  (Hint hint.)

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Probably my all-time fave T-shirt design:

On to others:

I've got more designs but I don't want this whole post to be nothing but... more later.


There is no safety for Conservatives than to assume every evil of Liberals.



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