Coining a term (perhaps): VEGANGELIZING

Riddle me this, Batman: How do you know someone is a vegan?

Simple, Riddler.  They'll tell you in the first sixty seconds of conversation.

I just had someone in my "real life" do this to me.  Literally met the person and within a minute went off on how wonderful and suuuuuperhealthy it was to be vegan, and how I should eat that way too, and yada yada yada yada yada.

Oy vey.  With a shock I'd realized someone had been vegangenlizing to me.  Didn't take of course.

So, hopefully coining a new term (and associated terms).  If yes, and you use it, please do give me credit.

Update: I don't remember where I saw it post facto, but it was that term dated before this post... so no, I'm not the "true" originator.


  1. The ratio of vegans to people who have ever done actual agriculture approaches zero in my experience.

    1. Home farming, yes. Actual farm-farming, I concur.


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