The immigration bill. Et tu, RINOs?

From a piece on TheoSpark (bolding added):

[T]hey passed the Bill with veto-proof majorities in House & Senate AND TRUP (sic) HAD TO SIGN IT like it or not.
The RINO's of the 'surrender party' and Mitch McConnell as their 'leader' ALL deserve to be tossed-out of office at the least, but I'm leaning towards reviving the practice of tar & feathers before riding them out of town on a rail.
Quite frankly I’d vote for Vir Kotto’s methodology:

[Babylon 5: Vir at his best Part 1 / 1:58]

The Uniparty is unmasking and baring their fangs because it gets worse; National emergency (bolding added):
The legislative text sent to Pres. Trump and he agreed to sign did not have the language rewarding child trafficking, granting immunity to large % of illegal aliens, and increasing H-2Bs. That was added on later and then rammed through the Senate. Bait and Switch!
Who added that language?  Who helped push it through?  Who coordinated a veto-proof majority that boxed Trump in?  (Though, IMHO, Trump should have vetoed it and forced them to go on record overriding his veto...)

America-loving patriots want to know.
And a final thought: For years the RINOs have sided with the Dems thinking they’d share in the spoils – thus rising to Lenin’s definition of useful idiots.  If the Socialists win, those useful idiots will meet their end after their usefulness is over.  Like has happened every time in the past.  Why is this easily seen lesson in history so readily forgotten?


Updated with an ultra-paranoid sequence of thoughts as I tried to take a quick nap:

  • During Trump's first two years, with Republicans controlling the House, Senate, and White House, the GOPe's did nothing towards border security; one could even argue that they intentionally stymied it - having arguably sat on their hands about undoing ObamaCare
  • They wink-wink-disregarded and possibly even coordinated with the Democrats on the vote fraud that, very likely, gave the Left the House (I was astonished at the flip - as were other bloggers on the Right who predicted the House would remain "R" - we already know what the ballot harvesting in California did with nary a significant protest from the GOPe)
  • The 2018 taking of the House by the Democrats, then, ensured Trump could never get The Wall unless he did something drastic, like a National Emergency - and a Wall, or at least progress in one, is an absolute must for Trump to have a chance in 2020... thus necessitating the National Emergency Declaration
  • With this bastard bill being veto-proof, and IIRC McConnell reportedly (opinions vary) sending signals both overt and covert that the Senate would convict Trump given this *cough cough* "unConstitutional overreach" and "abuse of authority" if the House impeached Trump
  • The Democrats have already filed to do so in the House; they'll follow through now that they have a concrete rationale (since the Russian fraud is visibly falling apart)
  • More than a few places have I seen signs and portents that the Dems knew Trump would likely not make it through his first term (e.g., John "F*cking POS traitor" Kerry counseling Iran and the Fakestinians to have patience with assurances Trump would be gone soon) - hinting at a broad conspiracy
  • Pence will be swept up in this too as a *cough cough* co-conspirator in all this "unConstitutional action" - as though the Left ever cared about the Constitution before except as smoke-screen
  • So who's next in the chain?  San Fran Nan... which suddenly puts all the talk about President Pelosi into much sharper focus; expect her to appoint Hillary as VP and then, having gotten Felonia von Pantsuit into position, resign from it for "health reasons" (thus preventing an Arkancide)
  • They also needed Trump to set the precedent for them to declare similar emergencies on guns, on "climate change", immediate blanket amnesty not only for the illegals here, but by default for any illegal that gets in and requests it... not to mention all the other Leftist wet-dream goals
So.  Are things about to "get messy" a lot faster than any of us feared, or planned for?  Where are the weak links in the chain above?  The two that I see - and hope for - are that McConnell will stop an impeachment in the Senate, and that Pence could survive.


There is no safety for Conservatives but to assume every evil of Liberals.



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