The Shunning

One of my mother’s side’s cousins has a young daughter just scant years younger than my own children.  This woman, whom I’ve known and been close to for most of my life, will not return emails, calls, or texts since President Trump’s election.  

Another cousin on the same side passed away last year.  We weren’t close-close, but we talked from time to time… he and his wife loved-loved-loved the pictures of my kids that I would send and each time we talked he’d ask about them: how are they, what are they doing, do they like school, what subjects do they like, and so on.  I know, in talking to his son, that there was to be a memorial this past summer/fall – and he assured me that I would be invited.  Haven’t heard a peep.  In fact, I never hear from him unless I proactively reach out, and the emails or conversations always seem strained and artificial.  I don’t hear from his sister at all despite multiple attempts to email over the last year-plus.  

Another maternal-side cousin had a child a couple of years ago; not even a “thank you” for my congratulations or any reply to my occasional attempt to communicate including asking where I could send a gift.  Her brother, who is looking for work, is curt and spurns my attempts to help him network.

So I am, aside from two relatives of my mother’s generation, apparently dead to every single relative on my mother’s side.  You guessed it: Democrats all.

That cousin I first mentioned came up from New York to visit her mother’s summer home with her husband (whom I’ve never met), and her young daughter – that mother being one of the older two with whom I still talk.  The other cousins whose father had died also came up from afar with their children.  A grand reunion of multiple people I’ve known my whole life not three hours from me, and whose children and mine are of similar ages and thus a natural play group. They’ve never met my wife, nor our children.

Not invited, not even for a day trip visit.
Now I admit that nobody’s explicitly said that I and my family were not invited because of politics; but given what’s happening since Trump’s election, that’s the logical conclusion based on the evidence.  And I’m not alone.


People on the Left have completely abandoned relationships with people they know.  Friends and family have been cut off.  Heck, even coworkers and former coworkers have fallen by the wayside.
As one example of that was a former coworker – a transgender “woman” – with whom I had many, many conversations both work-related and not.  We got along very well, I thought.  Now, despite having many ongoing mutual professional interests, and my repeatedly attempting to reach out and forwarding articles and links that I know are pertinent and informative, I don’t even get a “thank you”.

Another coworker, a fellow member of The Tribe albeit also a loony leftie, has dropped off the face of the earth.  Despite the fact that we disagreed politically, we seemed to have a great rapport and thought similarly on the application of a discipline where his expertise and knowledge far outstripped mine, and from whom I learned a lot.


["When I started to #WalkAway... EVERYONE came at me" / 5:11]

The #walkaway movement is wonderful (haven’t heard a lot about it lately though).  But what’s interesting is that as I watched this video, and so many others, I’m noticing two key points.
  1. The fear – the utter fear – of people deciding to break with the Left of being outright expelled by the community in which they were
  2. The gaslighting* begins; the deliberate twisting of facts to crush a person into returning to the Borgleft collective
Just listen to this gay woman discussing her #walkaway decision; towards the end she gets visibly choked up in fear of being expelled by the gay community for being a Conservative.

["I walked out of one closet, into another one" #WalkAway / 5:25]

It’s heartbreaking listening to this woman tear up by the ostracism by people who had, clearly, been significant in her life.

Liberals openly state that Trump votes strain relationships (and I think the percentage is understated) Pew: 35% of Democrats say a friend’s vote for Trump would “strain” their relationship:

Many polls involving partisan politics produce mirror-image effects where left and right oppose each other in roughly equal shares. Not this time. The segment of Republicans who say that a friend’s vote for Hillary would strain their relationship is a measly 13 percent, a little more than a third the number of Democrats who say that a friend’s vote for Trump would do the same.
Three times as many Liberals as Conservatives will break bonds over politics.  That’s not a small differential.  And politics is getting into dating; OkCupid Says That People Are Prioritizing Politics Over Sex:

This trend has doubled in women all over the country since 2016. “Without a doubt, the recent presidential election and current administration have driven young women in particular, but millennials of both genders, to say, ‘Swipe left if you support Trump,’ or ‘I don’t even want to see you as a match if you don’t vote,” says Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer of OkCupid.
Liberal-only and Conservative-only dating sites have sprung up too.  And while I certainly agree that shared values – of which politics is a part – is important in building a life together, this disturbs me.  There are other things that factor into a successful relationship too, e.g., that mysterious “chemistry”.  For example, smell is, apparently, strongly linked to seeking people with different immunity sets – a critical part of making healthy children.  The Pill has been shown to interfere with women’s sense of smell, causing them to choose mates with similar immunities which results in unhealthier children.

Another example of a years-long friendship with a person with whom the author shared many things in common being broken over disagreement on gay marriage:

Our relationship lasted many years.  We met often when he visited our shores, enjoyed many pleasant, conversation-rich dinners, shared the same circle of friends, continued to read one another's works with admiration, exchanged emails several times a week, and even wrote for the same magazines.  I introduced him to my wife, with whom he developed a friendship and appreciation for her own contributions to the conservative movement.  We were like an extended family.
Our relationship foundered over the vexed issue of redefining marriage, for my friend was gay and expected us to affirm the legalization of gay marriage in the United States and his forthcoming betrothal, as he referred to it, to his longtime partner.  This we could not do.  He objected to a rather obscure Facebook comment in which my wife deplored how the gay lobby's justifiable plea for tolerance, with which she was fully on board, had morphed into the triumphalist demand for the unconditional celebration of all things gay, from gay politicking to Gay Pride to so-called gay marriage.
Compare and contrast: one of my best friends is a Creationist; a real, literally-seven-days-of-Creation a few thousand years ago Bible-thumping fundie.  We poke each other about it on occasion and always end up disagreeing and laughing about it.  But throw away a friendship because of a disagreement on one thing?  Yet… a vegan couple refused to invite family members to their wedding because they are “murderers” – i.e., they eat meat.  Not that they’re bringing in Whoppers or Big Macs to the wedding; the mere fact they aren’t vegans themselves is enough for banishment.  And note that part of the reason for rejection is the fact that these relatives refused to be vegangelized (embedded quote from the original source article, bolding added):

The sulky bride-to-be further defended her choice. “I have tried to educate these people for more than 2 years with no result so I’m not putting up with it at my wedding.” The rant concluded with, “I’m sorry if that makes me ‘rude’ or a ‘b**ch’ because I’m not compromising the ethics that I share with everyone here.”
There is no engagement.  There is no debate.  One kowtows to the Left in toto or one is shunned.  And attacked.  Because Leftism is a faith – and reprising other Inquisitions against heretics, the Left cannot tolerate heretics; Civility Is Heresy When Leftism is a Religion (link in original):

The root of the Left’s dalliance with political violence stems from the fact that politics occupies a different place in their mental and spiritual landscape. For the Left, it holds the same place that religion does for most people.
What is religion? For most, it’s a grand unifying scheme that ties the present to the past and the future, including the afterlife. It defines a person and his earthly life in light of the transcendent; it provides moral rules and ideals; it imposes deeper meaning on what would otherwise be mundane; it provides structure and spiritual sustenance during difficult times.
[T]he Left, rather, is a religious movement, and all those who are not of the Left, are, in their eyes, the heretics.
I keep saying this, because it needs to be hammered home: people on the Left truly believe – can I get a “Hallelujah Karl!”? – that they can create paradise on earth.  Anyone standing in their way is thus standing in the way of ending poverty, hunger, bigotry, disease, war, etc.  And realistically, if you truly believed you could actually achieve this (noble but impossible) goal, wouldn’t you view someone trying to stop you, after you clearly explained and showed them what they were opposing, as evil?

Because that’s how they view us.  Evil.  Unclean.  To be shunned and expelled lest The Collective be disturbed.  To be the subject of unremitting, unrelenting hatred.

By pure coincidence I stumbled on this DailyKos article (I’m not giving the link as I don’t want them seeing traffic from me – if you really want to, you can search for it); Zero Tolerance, dated June 20, 2018 – do you seriously believe there can be any common ground with such a person.

Donald Trash is Nazi filth. Every single person associated with him and still working for him and still remaining a member of the Republican Nazi party is automatically a Nazi pig. The republican party MUST NOT BE RECOGNIZED as a legitimate political party when it has proven itself to be a moral equivalent of Nazi filth! Democrats in Congress MUST NOT any longer work with these Nazis! They cannot refer to them as “my honorable colleagues across the aisle”.  They must refer to them as “you filthy Nazi pigs” !
Utter dehumanization.  Remember this quote I cited in Teflon Intellects: Impenetrability leading to war:

They must be eliminated through, frankly, disenfranchisement. … That is no guarantee - I wince when I see the phrase "College Educated Republicans"
And when we refuse to be shunted to the side?  We’re evil, remember – so those on the side of good will be convinced this evil must be expunged from the planet.  Just like every genocide, the groundwork must be laid – drip by drop:

This hurricane of socially sanctioned racial fury did not arise spontaneously, but was the result of deliberate cultivation over the past few decades by the political Left, academia, the mainstream media, and the Hollywood entertainment elite. Entire books could be written laying out the many already familiar examples of the Left encouraging racial animosity against whites, but that is not my goal in writing this piece.
I am instead observing that before every notorious genocide, the same pattern of marginalizing and demonizing a designated scapegoat population has occurred. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the national mainstream media signaled that it was now acceptable to vent seething racial hatred against white males, even teenage boys. This was further telegraphed when notable verified Twitter blue-check accounts were not suspended after doxing the boys and posting explicit calls for violence against them.
And at least one commenter brought up Kurt Schlichter’s recent piece; What Will It Take To Make You Understand And Accept That They Hate You? (links in the original):

That’s the position of our enemies, and we know it because they told us – openly, proudly, in the garbage public forum that is Twitter and elsewhere. Oh, they backtracked a little when the extent of their killing fantasies got exposed, scampering like their insect analogy, the roach, when someone flips on the kitchen light. But that kid in DC with the Frigidaireborne reefer ranger banging that drum in his baffled mug? They wanted that kid to die for having a Wrong Smile.
Accept that that kid was you, and me. If they’ll ice a kid for not having the right grin, they’ll waste you or me in a heartbeat. Murder is, after all, how leftists roll. The USSR, Red China, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba – that cadaver-strewn litany teaches what’s lurking at the bottom of the slope we’re sliding down. The Dems are spooning with socialism, and the goal of socialism is written in blood on the pages of history. The unapproved must be liquidated, and they are making no secret that you are unapproved.

A local talk show host commented that we on the Right should take the high road as he talked with a caller who had been verbally assailed because of a MAGA hat.  Citing Martin Luther King Jr., he said we must rise above our opponents to shame them into softening and wanting to find common ground.  His comment brought to mind my late father’s statement to me after we watched the movie Gandhi; to wit and from memory, “The non-violent tactics Gandhi used worked against the British because the British could be shamed.  They were, at their base, a moral people whose consciences could be appealed to.”
Go read the above quote from DailyKos; you think there’s even an attometer of common ground with someone like that?  Read the bile the Left spews, e.g., as documented by  These people hate us with every fiber of their being; they openly declare their loathing and desire to kill us.  Watch the video below; do you seriously believe these people can be shamed, or reasoned with, or common ground with them found?

[Leftist Believes Emotions Trump Facts / 3:15]

Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, has a great lesson that applies here: When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.

Leftists openly says they want to kill us.  I believe them.  I have the moral courage to take them at their word that they want us dead.  One cannot shame someone who openly calls for your death.  One cannot find common ground with someone whose ideology brooks zero dissent from the Borgleft collective.
Although Reagan was talking about the Communists in the USSR in this video, which I watch at least once weekly, there are three lines that ring true about our domestic enemies as well:

[We Must Fight - President Reagan (TyDale's Version) / 3:35]

If we continue to accommodate, if we continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand, the ultimatum…

You and I have the courage to tell our enemies there is a price we will not pay; there is a point beyond which they must not advance.

You and I will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.
Lenin said:
You probe with bayonets: if you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw.
The Left has probed, and in the RINOs found appeasing mush for decades – this has encouraged them to continuing to push.  Attempting to shame them by taking the high road achieves the same result in their eyes – it is just showing weakness.  I don’t want to fire the first shot; indeed, I still pray – even if futilely – that there is an alternative.  But we need to stand firm, to show steel, and to declare: The line has been drawn – this far, no farther, and to establish with no misunderstanding that they now face steel.

Prepare.  Stockpile.  Train.  Seek out like-minded people in your area.  Read The Art of War and other sources for tactical inspiration.  For it is with local, self-directed, independent groups that we will take America back when IT starts.

"I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies."


* Go read this link; don’t the tactics the Left use fit this to a “T”?


  1. Sadly I've seen this with friendships my wife and I have. One of the breakpoints I suspect is was our decision to send our children to a Christian school.

  2. This article absolutely hits the nail on the head about the Left - they want power over all of us, and will do literally anything to achieve it. There ARE no rules for them, except to win. They have patience - they've been tearing at the moral, legal, intellectual and economic fabric of this nation for 100 years or more, and their takeover of various institutions (education, the media, the judicial system) has made their presence so insidious that it cannot be rooted out in any less than a century (and that is if we have the intellect to recognize what has happened, and the moral clarity and courage to fight for our liberties over several generations).

    I think that Khruschev was right, though his timing was off - it won't be the grandchildren of those alive in the late '50s who would be Communists, but the great-, or great, great-grandchildren...unless we normal Americans actually fight back. Fight back by first resisting their twisting of our language and the perversion of all that is right and good, and ultimately by physically resisting them when they make that final ploy for control - dragging us from our homes to imprison or kill those of us who refuse to kowtow to them and their "god," Leftism. In the final analysis, we will likely have to do what the Founding Generation did - fight to the death for our right to be free. God help us.

    1. This is the thing that I thing many on the Right ***STILL*** do not grasp - the patient, drip-drip-drip LONG GAME the Left is playing.

  3. I think you have summarized the essence of the problem : " people on the Left truly believe – can I get a “Hallelujah Karl!”? – that they can create paradise on earth."

    Who could be against creating a new paradise ? Only people that are irredeemably evil or Deplorables could be against the new world that is coming so any means necessary is OK to eliminate them. It is a kind of religion.

    1. Precisely.

      Might I suggest reading "The Scarlet 'R'"... ?

      Read, especially, the section WISDOM FROM THE EVIL EMPIRE’S VICTIMS

  4. I look at it like this. If the left is going to label me a Nazi simply because I support Trump, and I mean like that quote from KOS, and absolutely nothing I do or say is going to change their mind, well, I'll be the best NAZI I can be. Now, I don't mean that I'm suddenly going to start hating Jews or burning books. Nope, it just means that my support for Trump will be ratcheted up 100%, and that the leftist Antifa and their ilk will be the new untermensch, regardless of whatever their racial or ethnic makeup may be.

  5. Stop whining, pack heat, and be ready to become a Berserker when the time comes. It will be ugly and sad but short, glorious, and in our favor. A relief of pain and tension like popping a blood blister. And, it is inevitable.

  6. Thanks a LOT, Karl. I just spent two hours reading your article and the comments to the PJW video. Fascinating stuff. I have a ladyfriend who's perennially mystified by her kids' leftism and she just can't let loose of the fact that she can't sway them in the least.

    I had a sister whom I admired in may ways but she was a rabid pro-abortionist. She saw everything through that lens, so much so that it blinded her to her more important economic and liberty interests. The Constution, of course, supports no such thing as a federal right but if the Court hadn't "discovered" that right she'd have supported Gus Hall and co to have it affirmed.

    I think there's a monocular vision at work on the left. More like they look through the wrong end of a telescope at their ONE issue -- "social justice," "the unity of mankind," "equality," "redistribution," etc. Literally any law or constitutional provision must be swept aside if it hinders the pursuit of that objective. And there is NO danger to living a decent life if constitutional provisions and natural rights are abandoned. Moreover, NO fact undermining their precious objective or suggesting danger in their methods is allowed in. Solzhenitsyn's armor around men's minds in spades.

    The number of times I've been wrong about stuff is an embarrassingly high number, sorry to say, but I NEVER felt the need to start believing in fairy tales about my perfection. You back up, regroup, dust yourself off, learn your lessons and move to a better place. Always alert to new data and open to shifting your position as needed. I can live with mistakes but clinging to rigid positions is just embarrassing.

    1. I just finished Sowell's "The Vision of the Anointed" and it's a fascinating look at the Left's mentality. And a great deal of it is precisely what you alluded to - an unwillingness to adjust the THEORY of what they believe to the observable REALITY of the effects of what they believe.

  7. Spot on brilliant. Hit it right outta the park.

    - ktchnsnk

  8. Why, oh why are we not sitting a massed Shiva for the poor senseless who've relegated themselves to a Medieval mentality and Dogma self-imprisonment? As Jews, we survived that horrid period, but as individuals it looks as though there are those of us who strangely choose self-excision from life before political dogma recanting? No, no recanting required, just living with those of different views. If we could have 26 different sects in 30CE Jerusalem without physical strife, how come we cannot tolerate political diversity in the 21st century? Blind indoctrinated much?

  9. It matters not who fires the first shot. We will be blamed for it.


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