Cultural Ion Thrusters 2 - Part B

Continued from Part A

This pressure is maintained in colleges, where it has been observed that whole departments have nary a single political Conservative; Here’s How Few Republicans Are On College Faculties (bolding added):
Langbert examines the political affiliation of Ph.D.-holding faculty members at 51 of the 66 top-ranked liberal arts colleges according to U.S. News & World Report. He finds that 39 percent of the colleges in his sample are Republican-free—with zero registered Republicans on their faculties.
As for Republicans within academic departments, 78 percent of those departments have no Republican members or so few as to make no difference.
Sex in every form is feted on college campuses (link in original):
Sex Week refers to an annual week of events in which schools across the country “educate” students about topics ranging from BDSM to abortion, under the guise of conventional sex education.
And… why?  Here (bolding added, link in original)
Robin of Berkeley describes a group called “Gender Spectrum,” which has the ostensible goal of allowing “transgender, gender bending, [and] gender nonconforming” children and teens to hang with each other and share their experiences. She rightly sees this not as an effort to promote tolerance, but as a way to make it “cool to dabble in polyamory and gender nonconformism,” thereby “destroy[ing] the West by degrading traditional values.”…
What the statists understand — and have always understood — is that our bodies are the first line in the battle between statism and individualism. If a person is allowed to develop a sense that his body is his own to control, he will never willingly yield to the demands of the state. Only by convincing its citizens that they have no personal autonomy, beginning with control over their own bodies, can a state completely subsume the individual to the bureaucracy.
Abortion, the killing of an innocent life as a sacrifice to the god of spread legs is lauded.

An example, Emory University Hosts Lecture on ‘Abortion as a Moral Good’.  Killing an innocent life is a moral good?  Pardon me while I go retch.  And everyone remembers the celebrations at New York’s new infanticide law.  Killing innocents (and other perversions) is promoted even to teens; Girl Scouts Partner with Abortion Industry, ‘Anal Sex Tutorial’ Promoter Teen Vogue (link in original):

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), however, is an organization that advocates globally for abortion rights.
Volanski explained while some media outlets are emphasizing that Girl Scouts does not send funds specifically from cookie sales directly to Planned Parenthood, “the fact that Girl Scouts exposes girls to Planned Parenthood through their organization is much more insidious than a financial relationship.”
“Many Girl Scout critics focus primarily on the relationship between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood, but the concerns are so much broader than this one concerning connection,” Volanski asserted. “The Girl Scout organization features many progressive pro-abortion organizations, activists, politicians and events to its girl members.”
As observed in Part A, history is being expunged:

...the purpose of history classes is to erase our history. This is important work for progressives, because once they have erased our history, they have erased Americans as a nation.
Not only history is attacked, but the bigotry against whites, and Christians – you know, the ones primarily responsible for America and Western Civilization – like Thomas Jeffersonis ubiquitous.  So successful has this “great erasing” effort been that the National Guard is changing its logo away from the minute man (bolding added):

On March 25th, the National Guard Bureau officially announced new branding for recruiting. The traditional “Minuteman” logo will no longer appear on recruiting materials. It was reported that the image did not “resonate” with 16-18-year-old high school students because of lack of knowledge of the historic symbol. Concerns were also expressed that iconic figure from American history wasn’t “inclusive.”

Quite literally, they are taught to hate the people, country, culture, economic system, and civilization that created the unprecedented-in-human-history plenty that is around them.  What’s the end goal of this indoctrination, pushing of perversion, and cultural erasure?  How Leftist Ideology Ruins College Students (bolding added):

As a result of leftist indoctrination, many college students graduate illiterate, innumerate, and resistant to understanding
A survey of employers showed that over 70 percent found college graduates were not well-prepared in skills such as written communication, working with numbers/statistics, critical/analytical thinking, and second-language proficiency.
Such ignorance might explain why these young people are the supporters of today’s presidential candidates calling for America to become a socialist nation.


As a STEM professional few things infuriate me more than the bastardizing for political purposes the study of earth’s climate history… so not only do I watch the brainwashing of children through the use of emotional appeals like “The polar bears are dying!” but when actual data emerge about the growth of the polar bear population, not only is this not used as a teachable moment about the scientific method and self-correction, that inconvenient fact get disappeared.  The level of understanding about science & the scientific method is appalling; the clear ignorance in the video below makes me shudder (the blonde, for example, is confronted with the fact of polar bear populations increasing – and flat out rejects it… doesn’t ask for a source, isn’t curious in the least, but just disbelieves; a true Teflon Intellect):

[Students Think Our Planet Is Doomed! / 3:33]
And just think of the utter denial of biological imperatives the whole no children because of climate change movement entails.

After my divorce I went out on a number of dates.  All disasters – and realistically I was not ready to date since I had been burned so badly I was not ready to trust again.  Still, not all the blame was assignable to me because regardless of my lack of readiness, I did want a family – a wife, children, a home life – and every woman I dated was all about career, career, career, career, and career.  The last date was the final nail; catastrophe – a true mercenary biyotch.  I’m not alone in finding this; There are Only NPC Women to Date (bolding added):

But did you ever wonder how women became so standardized, common, democrat, and (ultimately) boring?  Did you ever wonder why there's truly NO diversity in thought, life-goals, and life-philosophy among young women?  Did you ever wonder why ALL of them want a career, an education, a party-lifestyle, shoes, handbags, and none of them want a husband or children?  Well, allow me to ask you a question:
How many trillions did you spend training and programming women to be good wives and mothers?
The reason I ask this question is because while it seems absurd (why would you spend any resources programming women to be anything?), trillions have, in fact, been spent on programming, training, and ultimately indoctrinating women into becoming NPC leftists.
The K-College education industry alone has spent trillions of dollars over the past 50 years indoctrinating women to become men, putting their careers ahead of family, their educations ahead of individuals, and their politics ahead of love.  Certainly the lion's share of all education budgets since the 1960's has been dedicated towards actual education.  But if you look at the feminist indoctrination young girls received in K-College to put their careers above all else, you can in an accounting-like-sense attribute at least a couple trillion towards a clear and obvious intent to make women want to be wage-slaves, while belittling, even criminalizing being a wife and a mother.
So I went foreign; I remember starting to write a few women thinking “What?  It’s not like I’m going to end up marrying one of them”!  (And ok, ok, so a little advertising here… be nice to make some money back from this place.)

It hasn’t been easy; neither of us, for example, grasped how lonely she’d be in the first several years, especially as I don’t live in a bustling metropolitan area – and the fire-hose learning about each other, without a year or three of courting and seeing how the other behaved over time, plus her "Eastern European temper" were all hurdles as well.  But over a decade into the marriage I have what I sought: a wife who wanted children and has stayed home for the sake of those children… something I was unable to find even a scintilla of interest in from American women.  She is also supportive of their religious education (not as supportive as I’d like, but leagues more than most American women these days), and is even planning to convert to Judaism.

[How the Left Is Killing the Family / 10:43]

And this video also leads into...

As a preamble let me state a couple of things:

·         I am as whitebread as you can get, visually.  As I’ve observed before, absent my kippa I could easily attend a Klan rally without a second glance.  My wife is a first-generation, non-white immigrant from Kazakhstan.  I am not opposed to mixed-race marriages per se.
·         On the flip side of that, I have no problem with people who do choose to “keep it in the same race” – unlike some loony lefties who will, quite literally, lecture a person who doesn’t date outside their race to do so and “prove” they’re not racist.  (Ironically, now there is some indication blacks may be pressured to not date whites.)
·         Ultimately, I believe in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dictum to judge, not by the color of a person’s skin, but by the content of their character.
So it was a little disconcerting to have it pointed out to me just how many – and relatively suddenly – mixed-race couples are being presented in TV shows, ads, and movies.  And once I had it pointed out to me, yes, I saw it.  There was an article several months ago showing an official French pamphlet about marriage; all the women were white, all the men black, and all the babies brown.  For a nominally white and Christian country, I was deeply shocked that this was an official government publication.  This could not have been commissioned, conceived, funded, and published were this mixing not official policy - and again, I ask what could cause people to so hate their culture, nation, and native ethnicity so much they deliberately push this, and especially in light of the crimes these "new residents" are committing against their native children.

Once again, this apparent “pushing” of very visible mixed-race relationships is intentionally done to shift preferences when no such gradient might otherwise have existed; after all, most people do tend towards their own (were I back in time, say at college, with what I know now my family life would be very different; I would have married an Orthodox Jew).  Thus, the images we see in the popular culture are deliberately distorted to create cultural movement where it essentially didn’t exist before.


[Why is Modern Art so Bad? / 5:49]
Until my wife, a very cultured woman, pushed me to the local art museum it would never have entered my mind to go.  I remember boooooring school field trips and thinking art was a waste of time.  Maybe it’s because my wife loves art, or my just having matured (well, changed – matured is questionable!), or both, but I actually enjoy going now.  She and I get different value from the trips – but still, worth going.  She prefers the modern, and thanks to her I saw – twice – an exhibit of the incredible glass artwork by Chihuly.

(Image source)
Surreal, yes, but captivating and clearly taking an incredible imagination plus phenomenal technical talent, developed over years, to achieve.  But in general I tend towards the classics.  Renaissance art.  Colonial American.  Classical civilizations like Rome, Greece, multiple cultures in the Middle and Far East, and Egypt.  Again, art that took incredible skill to do, and where I can look in awe of the ability of the artist (there’s one Roman frieze I just stand and admire – a true 3D piece with figures standing proud of the flat plane – where the “reading” of the marble to not make a mistake and lop off an arm is… words fail me.  I can’t imagine the time and commitment it took to get to that level of mastery).  These are the exhibit halls where I prefer to hang out as long ago I came to the conclusion that modern art is, for the most part, crap.  In some cases, literally crap:

The point is clear though, and similar to the award show race to the bottom.  People now strive – not to uplift with beauty obviously developed through years of hard work – but to shock with the profane, perverse, and ugly.

To create a population that:

·         Can’t think critically, if at all.

·         Is ruled by emotions, not rationality, so they can be more easily twisted.

·         Is obsessed with sin, and again, being so are thus easily manipulated.

·         Who have no appreciation for the situation, advancements, accomplishments, and uniqueness of Western Civilization – and thus see no incentive or reason to fight to maintain it.

·         Who believe that plant food – CO2 – is a dire threat to the world and thus will voluntarily reduce their numbers.

·         Is excited by the shocking, the outrageous, the edgy… seeking and admiring the ugly and profane, not the beautiful and sublime.

All for one aim: For a cadre of a elitists to rule the globe, unquestioned by the peoples they control.
They must be stopped.  And the first step is to understand the almost imperceptible but relentless, remorseless pressure they’re exerting on us (and especially our children) on multiple fronts.  Knowing something is there is the first step to countering it.


I do not compromise with cancer.  I do not coexist with gangrene.  The Left must be fought and destroyed globally, or America and Western Civilization will die.



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