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** Yet another reason I call them the enemedia.  Related:
Media Blackout: CNN, MSNBC Ignore FEC Complaint Against Ocasio-Cortez

** I think it was IowaHawk who said something about covering stories.  With a pillow.  Until they stop moving.  Speaking of the enemedia, this is… curiouser and curiouser:
This Is An Interesting Thread On Twitter.....
** My only comment:
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** Quote (link in original, bolding added):
Democrats in the House of Representatives sent a furious letter to the president making all sorts of wild demands and claims. A group of a dozen or so Democrat senators even called the commission “dangerous.” “Climate change is widely acknowledged to be a global threat, and enabling climate skeptics to undermine the views of our nation’s scientific leaders on this critical issue is dangerously misguided for both our national and economic security,” they wrote, claiming that Happer's comments show he “denies” the “overwhelming body of scientific evidence on the topic.”
>> And a white-hot takedown of the above bolded sentence:
** Quote (link in original):
How dare YOU use those claims to justify your agenda – and your continued efforts to bludgeon and silence us into submission – without letting anyone examine, much less debate, your supposed evidence?
For years, you have loudly and incessantly asserted that the United States and world must end fossil fuel use, or we are “doomed.” Now you’re demanding that the United States completely upend its energy production, transportation and manufacturing sectors, housing and office buildings, and entire economy. You want the federal government to control and limit our lives, choices and living standards – and redistribute our wealth, even to those “unwilling to work,” according to confiscatory socialist principles.
You claim the answer is Yes. Again, where is your proof? If you have any actual evidence, lay it on the table. Show us exactly where the natural forces that have driven countless climate changes throughout history end – and where the human factors begin. Quantify them. Don’t give us computer models that simply reflect the assumptions that went into them. Present solid, Real World evidence. If you have any.
>> All on the say-so of the Priesthood.  Take a look at the scare-mongering in this (leftist) article – and then ask yourself, if you believed this, hook-line-and-sinker, what would you NOT do to prevent it from happening?  Example (links in original, bolding added):
There have been a few scary developments in climate research over the past year — more methane from Arctic lakes and permafrost than expected, which could accelerate warming; an unprecedented heat wave, arctic wildfires, and hurricanes rolling through both of the world’s major oceans this past summer.
At two degrees, the melting of ice sheets will pass a tipping point of collapse, flooding dozens of the world’s major cities this century. At that amount of warming, it is estimated, global GDP, per capita, will be cut by 13 percent. Four hundred million more people will suffer from water scarcity, and even in the northern latitudes heat waves will kill thousands each summer. It will be worse in the planet’s equatorial band. In India, where many cities now numbering in the many millions would become unliveably hot, there would be 32 times as many extreme heat waves, each lasting five times as long and exposing, in total, 93 times more people. This is two degrees — practically speaking, our absolute best-case climate scenario.
The comments are, for the most part, equally hysterical (and not ha-ha hysterical).  There are a few voices putting forth skeptical questions, but like I outlined in TEFLON INTELLECTS it bounces off the Left’s minds; the replies truly are cult-like repetitions of climate cant.  And, of course, what’s the solution?  More government, a one-world government, reduced energy use, massive reductions in the global population… related:
** And more:

(HT Borepatch)

** Quote (links in original):

Okay, let’s not panic. We have to act methodically. First, we will ban air travel and cows, as per the Green New Deal. Then, we limit automobile use to important government officials. Massive carbon taxes will be required, so high as to prevent people from heating their homes. We can spend the money rebuilding every single building in America so as to be more energy efficient. We must hurry; the clock is ticking. We have the children to think of! Then we will impose draconian…

Hold on, I just noticed this article is dated June 1989, before AOC had even been born. Never mind.

>> And this is the key chain of thought:

·         Prediction made: doom in a decade

·         Prediction unfilfilled

·         Prediction has not happened in THREE TIMES the cited interval

In a SCIENCE, that would mean re-evaluation of the theory.  But this isn’t a science, it’s a faith – rushing in to fill the voice that evicting G-d has created.  Peripherally related:

** The more I see things like this, and the more I read about the doooooomsday of “climate change” the more I am convinced that people need to believe in something.  Again, having removed G-d from ever-more areas of our lives, people substitute.

And one more thing:

** Quote (bolding added):

When asked if the birth strike movement was smart, one male student said it was “dumb,” while another called an idea like China’s one child policy more “reasonable.”

>> Admiring tyranny because of the noble cause; remember that Warmist scientists referred specifically to THE CAUSE.  Be afraid.  People who believe, truly believe – as above – that to save the planet humanity must be hemmed in, even with mass genocides and total governmental power, are capable of anything.
** My comment hasn’t appeared yet, but to repeat: My wife is culturally a Muslim, but an atheist; from a former Soviet republic where religion was suppressed.  When we went to Dearborn as a part of a Midwest vacation, meeting some of my former coworkers, she asked “Is this still America?” when she saw the women in burkas, signs in Arabic, and so on.  I can only imagine it’s gotten far, far worse now.  More:
** Quote (bolding in original; underlining is my emphasis):
,Jérôme Fourquet just revealed in his new study anticipated last week by the weekly Le Point. 20% of newborns in France are Islamic. In 1968 they were 2.5 percent.
“The phenomenon of de-Christianisation is very advanced”, Fourquet says. “The Catholic religion, which has deeply structured the collective unconscious and society for hundreds of years, is the shadow of what it was. A great change of civilization is under way”.
And they’re NOT harmless:
** Convert their children to Christianity or Judaism – in front of them – and then disappear them.  Sharks have to eat too.
I need to buy this.  And a thought: it’s not just Christianity that’s the target, but any religion that displaces The State.
** I am far, far past thinking the domestic enemy Left is unaware of this.  IMHO they believe that this chaos will kill off a lot of people – reducing climate change – and then out of the hungry masses will “naturally” arise the perfect utopia of Socialism.
** Quote:
"One perfect example, I think a perfect example of how special interests and the powerful have pitted white working-class Americans against brown and black working-class Americans in order to just screw over all working-class Americans, is Reaganism in the '80s when he started talking about welfare queens," Ocaiso-Cortez said. "So you think about this image of welfare queens and what he was really trying to talk about was … this like really resentful vision of essentially black women who were doing nothing that were ‘sucks' on our country."
>> Accuse your enemy of what you are doing.  What is the Left if NOT "divide and conquer"?
**A sales pitch but also useful.  I remember, from another blog, that it takes about three days for people to realize that the cavalry is not coming.  And for the two-legged predators to realize this as well.  And then things get... messy.

** What’s that quote from the first Mission: Impossible film?  From memory: You find where they’re weak and you squeeze.

** Of course she is.  She could be in a wheelchair, on a 24/7/365 IV, and she’ll still be trying to grab that brass ring.  Related to elections:

** Don’t laugh.  They’re pushing the illegal vote too.  Related to power:
** Dated, but still exceedingly relevant.  And from the same site:

** Quote (links in original):
House Republicans’ use of a century-old legislative procedure that helps the minority party alter or oppose measures advanced by the majority has exposed significant divisions among Democrats. 
Now some House Democrats want to do away with the procedure, called a motion to recommit. It allows a lawmaker in the minority to move that a bill be sent back to a committee for a particular reason. 
In a letter to Pelosi and three other Democrat leaders, 17 freshman Democrats ask them to “end abuse of the MTR,” referring to the motion to recommit.
>> Why does this quote from Star Wars (the original) come to mind: “The last vestiges of the old Republic are being swept away”.


Germany: Muslim Migrant Beheads Baby
** Quote:

Merkel is flirting with doing nothing less than plunging the world into a new Dark Ages. If she had even a modicum of regard for the German people she has sworn to protect and defend, she would acknowledge that her migrant program has been an appalling mistake, and resign. But that is not going to happen. Instead, what lies ahead for Germany is more incidents such as the one that happened in April on that train platform in Hamburg, along with increased civil strife, more jihad terror attacks, more bloodshed, more societal instability, and worse.

>> But this all makes sense if one’s goal is worldwide Socialism: Socialism’s Gateway Drug


** Gag.  Retch.


** As someone who makes a living in a STEM field, it truly nauseates me to see how this field has been taken over by ideologues, and touted by people who know nothing about science or the scientific method.  Related:
Climate Change Theory: What's Wrong with it?
** Hits many of my objections to the whole thing being valid.


** If they weren’t in the position of trying to come to the US because they knew it wouldn’t work, they likely wouldn’t have been raped.  Once again, this shows the Left cares nothing about women… and everything about demographic shifts and future votes.  Related:
WEST VIRGINIA is displacing low income American tenants and replacing them with brand new housing for Syrian Muslim invaders
** Showing who is more important.  Related:
#DearFellowJews: a hashtag to help a #Jexodus (or #Jexit)
** Quote (bolding added):

Democrats in Congress have been incapable of doing to Omar what the Republicans did to Rep. Stevens the moment he awkwardly said something even vaguely supportive of white supremacy — they slammed him against the wall, stripped him of committee assignments, and made it clear that the disavowed everything he said, might have said, might not have said but sounded as if he said, etc. But not the Dems. They stand with Ilhan. She’s still on a prestigious committee that can see her doing massive damage. Moreover, they’re compulsively watering down the language of their “we stand against anti-Semitism” statement so much that it’s a statement against nothing at all, except that Congressional Dems really disapprove of Islamophobia, especially when it intersects with people being castigated for anti-Semitism, or something….
I said the same thing a while back (though I did not originate the idea).  Also related:

** Rising to the very definition of Orwell’s “doublethink”.

** I really, really, really want to hope this is satire.  But taking it at face value, anyone who actually does this deserves what they get.  Every single thing.  Stupid has consequences.

[Cultural relativism .. 2 Scandinavian girls beheaded in Morocco / 6:56]


(HT TheoSpark)


NHS transgender clinic accused of covering up negative impacts of puberty blockers on children by Oxford professor
** Just like in America.  If it doesn’t meet The Narrative, it gets disappeared.  Related, at least in the infestation of everything:
Liberty U. students protest Jerry Falwell Jr., wife for saying their granddaughter will be raised 'as a girl'
** At LIBERTY UNIVERSITY?  They infest everything, and IMHO this was done deliberately by SJWs who have MARXIANIC ZEAL.
** Quote:
By “fake social security cars”, they mean ones linked to actual citizens, otherwise they wouldn’t pass any sort of backgrounds check, nor pass through to the IRS nor state departments of revenue. This is called “identity theft”, and can cause immense problems for the true owner of the SS#.

>> This can be a felony, depending on where you are.


** Quote:

Heh. A good shot, yes. But it makes me feel sadly nostalgic that anybody still thinks the Constitution matters a whit to Democrat-Socialists, or that it might apply to or restrain them in any conceivable way.
>> And this is why I think the GOP opponents to the National Emergency at the border are fools.  They still think – WHY???? – that the Left is still principled, and worthy of fighting in an honorable way.  No. No. A thousand times no.  Against a foe, an outright enemy, that has no honor one cannot fight honorably back.


Winning the Hearts and Minds of Middle America: Cory Booker Tells Meat Eaters Their Days Are Numbered
** Years and years ago, when I told people that sooner or later your ability to choose what you want to eat will be under open attack, people laughed.  Let me be clear: if people are happy with being a vegan or whatever, fine by me.  But they’re the Anointed, the enlightened Philisopher-Kings… thus, you must be “nudged” to eat rightly.  And then it won’t be a nudge, but a shove.



** This is why I almost never (!) give money to people on the street.  I do make a rare exception.  IIRC the last time was when I was in Portugal and saw a woman, sitting, with a basket in front of her… holding up the stump of her right hand.  I gave.  (In retrospect, a Sharia law victim?)


** Remember, the Left has one credo, just one.  POWER.  They have no honor, decency, ethics, or morality in its pursuit.


Order from here


** The resurgence of these diseases is not the fault of the “anti-vaxers” but the importation of people carrying these diseases.  Related:

** A “non-crisis”.


** Do not be surprised if, as the new power ascends, they start talking about some version of the FOUR OLDS.


** Just for the sake of imagination… imagine if he’d praised Trump.  No need to imagine:


** Ending on a happy note!  Welcome back to the fight, Dr. Sowell!


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