Quick Hits March 17, 2019 (with a fair amount about NZ, and the Left's hypocrisy about it)

Watch: Muslim Terrorists open fire against residents protesting                the life under Hamas terrorist regime in Gaza
** And from the SJWs and enemedia… crickets.  More violence and deaths that don’t matter to them:
Breaking: Muslim terrorist opens fire at Jews in Israel – Media is silent to avoid damaging Islam’s image
Suspected jihadists kill 13 in northern Mozambique
Media Gorges Itself on Hatred While Ignoring Atrocities
** Quote (links in original):

A search for “Nigeria” in the Times’ archives shows that no ink has been spilled in the columns of this, America’s “newspaper of record,” for the Christians facing extermination at the hands of Muslims in that country. This is odd, isn’t it?
Local reports from Nigeria state that 35 people were killed on March 10 during an attack on Anguwan Barde. The next day, authorities estimate that 46 people were murdered in the village of Anguwan Gamu. Around 100 homes were razed. The bodies of a minister and his wife were found mutilated, floating in a river. All in all, more than 130 people were killed during one week in February, which suggests a plan to “wipe out certain communities”; namely, Christians, a minority group.
>> Blacks being killed – but not only is it not politically convenient to bash Conservatives, because it can’t be blamed on them… but apparently black lives really don’t matter!  And related to NZ:
ChristChurch Mosque in New Zealand Previously Linked to Radical Islam
** Surprise, surprise.  Not unrelated:
Liberal Caught Publicly Doxxing Conservatives, Now Upset That People Know She Did It
** There are not a few people who are saying this was a false flag by the Left.  I, personally, think the guy’s just a lethal-level loon – at least at this point.  But… in light of the above essay, the Congressional shootings, the doxing and death threats aimed at anyone to the right of Stalin, etc., etc., etc., would anyone be truly shocked if it was found out to be so?  Another article about the same lib:
Liberal Feminist Vindictively Harasses Pro-Gunners Employers Until They’re Fired…Because “Tolerance”
** And just look at the tweets who think this kind of behavior is just peachy.  This is the same Borgleft Collective mentality that results in people getting marks forcibly sewn to their clothing.  And then sent to camps.


** These people would rather the US circle the drain and go Socialist rather than get behind someone not of the “right class”.


[Russian Military Females -"soldier Battalion" 2018 / 3:52]

** Bigger cojones in these women than most soyboys here.


** Culture wars.  And they’re relentless.  That’s what makes it so demoralizing to our side – they’re everywhere.  I am reminded of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Worf (the Klingon serving on the Enterprise) is skipping from quantum universe to quantum universe.  Towards the end they – somehow – gather all these enterprises together.  One is in a universe where the Borg are clearly ascendant; Riker’s haggard face is on the screen saying “We won’t go back!  The Borg are everywhere…”  It feels like that here.  The SJWs are everywhere.  Infesting everything.  Related to guns:
Vanderboegh: A Handgun Against An Army - Ten Years After
** Damn good.


** I keep saying it.  Gallows.  Now.


** Quote (bolding and link in original):

Devout Muslims murdered more than 30 Christians in Nigeria last week. This is just the latest account of systematic Islamic violence towards Christ-followers in that country.
>> Christians are slaughtered almost daily by Muslims worldwide.  Not a peep from the SJWs.  And when called out for their civilizational treason, they celebrate it.  Related:
‘Hardly Surprising’: Every Third Daesh Returnee Commits Crimes in Sweden
** They need to be disappeared in Iraq or whatever sh*thole they’re first found in.  Both sharks and land scavengers need to eat too.  More:
Exclusive: How a Jihadi Bride Gloated From Syria She’d Kill a Reporter’s Family and Would Only Return to Australia When it Was Part of the Islamic State — and Now She’s Begging to be Let Back in
** Unsalvagable.  Sharks have to eat too.  Related to the Islamic invasion generally:
Swedish parents keep their daughters home from school after migrants kick, beat and call them “whores”
** They harass and rape wives, sisters, daughters… but people are concerned with not being called raaaacist.

** Image from this link where the comment is - from the comments, quote:
Funny, large cities have been fairly safe, calm, stable places to live even with ‘diverse’ peoples living in them until pretty recently. Sure, there was some unrest with immigrant populations of Italian, Irish, German, peoples over the centuries. But never anything resembling the RAPE, THEFT, CARNAGE, MURDER, and RIOTING since we started allowing the uncivilized, barbaric, satanic, koran-believing mohammedans into the civilized Western cultures.

** Quote (link in original, bolding added):
While 56 dead in two years is 56 too many, this regrettable incident will dominate the headlines infinitely more than any comparable carnage involving Christians, notably the 2017 Palm Sunday church bombings in Alexandria; it killed 45 people, and was all but ignored by the Western media and politicians. The developing frenzy of compassion with the victims of Christchurch will result in a number of mathematically predictable consequences:
·                     The ruling elites and their media cohorts all over the Western world will have a field day equating “violent extremism” (which has nothing to do with “true Islam,” of course) with the neo-nazi, right-wing, white, Christian-inspired racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and all other traits of the deplorables; and yes, it will be Trump’s fault to boot.
·                     Various Islamic activist in the West, such as the sharia-promoting CAIR in the U.S. and its fellow-conspirators elsewhere, will clamor for ever more stringent laws criminalizing “Islamophobia,” effectively defined as any form of meaningful debate of Islam, its scriptural message, historical practice, and current ambitions.
·                     Such demands will be promptly translated into legislative proposals by the jihadophile liberal class which will proclaim zero tolerance of “Islamophobia” as defined by CAIR et al. And, of course, they will demand additional Soviet/Nazi style gun laws.
>> That’s because dead Christians (or, in parallel, Jews, or any other non-Muslim peoples) are not useful to those who want to destroy Western Civilization.  More:
ICYMI: 120 Christians Slaughtered By Muslim Herders In Nigeria – MEDIA SILENT
** And just feel the joys of diversity and cultural enrichment:
Underage Migrants Arrested After Livestreaming Torture and Murder


[Trans and Lowering the VOTING age to 16 / 8:01]

** More:


** Long, and I’m not sure I agree with all of it.  But one point stands out here and across a lot of what I’ve read: the globalists have contempt for The People, they view themselves as the Philosopher-Kings entitled to rule, and they mean to rule.  Related:
EU: Telling Europeans What to Think


** Bookmark this; start circulating it if he’s getting to the top. 
CNN Hammers Beto’s ‘White Maleness’ 52 Times in One Day
** They know he has feet of clay.  Another one to save:
** Related to the Left’s take-over of the Democrats:
The fear in Nancy Pelosi’s eyes is what I’ll always remember about the Ilhan Omar Affair
** Quote:

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t turn away from a fight, but turned away from a fight with Omar.
That tells you how serious the situation is.
>> They know who is holding power. 


** It’s a dire threat… to their Great Replacement voter base.  More:
BREAKING: Attorney General Bill Barr Defends President Trump in Oval Office “Your Declaration of Border Emergency is CLEARLY AUTHORIZED” (VIDEO)

BREAKING: McCain And Aide Worked With Steele To Spread Dossier All Around DC

** I voted for McCain… well, really against Obama… but the more I learn about the man the less I like him.


** Quote:

[W]hen it comes to the policies Trump ran on, Tucker is brilliantly effective - which is why his opponents want him off the air. As I've said on his show from time to time, the left doesn't want to win the debate, they want to cancel it. Because it's easier that way. They'll let you talk about immigration in partisan horse-race terms: the wall, the funding, the court ruling against the executive order... But to do it the way Tucker does - what's the purpose of mass immigration in an automated society with no jobs for the men who are already here? who does it benefit? why are formerly cohesive communities coming apart? - the left wants to shut down those questions, permanently.
So they've besieged his house, and called his daughter a whore at a country club, and organized an advertiser boycott. And the strain of all that is not easy. But he's still standing. So now the George Soros guys at Media Matters have combed through hours and hours - days; in fact, weeks - of moldering tape, and found the ten seconds here and twenty seconds there that they hope will end his career.

>> I’ve said it before: the Left intends to win, and they have no honor, no morality, and no ethics – power is their only deity, and they mean to get it BAMN.  Those on the Right who still cling to the illusion they can be shamed are delusional, and should read my quote (if you use this, please link back to me):

For a charge of hypocrisy to work to restrain someone or pull them back, they must be able to be shamed in front of people about whom they care and whose opinions they respect.  This is why the charge sticks to people on the Right… and why it doesn’t on the Left.  Because if you’re on the Left you only care about the opinions of your fellow Borgleft Collective members who are, universally, on the same page as you, want power as much as you do, and share your belief in your intellectual & moral superiority.  Leftists don’t care that you’ve got double-standards so long as you are advancing the cause of creating a Socialist paradise on earth, so you won’t care about charges of hypocrisy by anyone to the Right of Stalin – because Conservatives are the enemy anyway.
We can point out their hypocrisies and double-standards until we are hoarse; while it’s important to have “for the record” it won’t matter in shaming or deterring them.  They don’t care about our opinions in the slightest.
In parallel, that’s why trying to take the high road will fail.  At some point, as they push forward Lenin-style, we’re going to have to be steel, not mush.  Or they will keep pushing.
“Probe with bayonets. If you encounter mush, proceed; if you encounter steel, withdraw.”

-- Lenin


** VERY useful techniques; I’d forgotten about this essay but it works well if you read my essay, Gun Control as Psycho-Pathology, after reading this one (and I updated my essay to include a link to this one).  And also from the JPFO:
Why the Gun is Civilization.
** Quote:

Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that’s it.

>> And this is why the Elites want us disarmed.  They are the Anointed, the enlightened Philosopher-Kings who deserve to rule… whether or not The People want to be ruled by them.  Having failed to persuade us they are entitled to rule, they now seek to force us.  And two more:
Gun-Control the Courts Ignore
Science, Fantasy, and Superstition- Gun-Control Fails the Evidence Test
** They’re like the Terminator: they will never, ever stop:
Proposed Legislation In Pennsylvania Would Create State Gun Registry


** Swamp creature.


** Now, if this were a “D” President the enemedia would be reporting it.



** Males and females are different, and all the PC papers can’t change that.  A quote:

The amygdala, a region associated with appraising emotion, was larger in men, even when men’s larger overall brain size was taken into consideration.

>> The amygdala, and the atrophy thereof, is something I discussed in Civilizational Collapse and the Brain.  And this size difference would go a long, long way to understanding why the pro-refugee / pro-migration camp has a large (disproportionate?) number of women.  Related:
Former Transgender Teens Speak Out — Listen Here


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