Quick Hits March 28, 2019

1,200 Migrants Form New Caravan, & They Are Walking Directly to the Southern Border
** This cannot be spontaneous.  Find the funders, bring them to trial for treason.  And raffle off the chances to pull the gallows lever… I’ll buy $1000 in tickets to do Soros, but I imagine I’ll be small potatoes in the volume of tickets sold for him.  Related:
House fails to override Trump veto on emergency order

** Open fire.  Yes, horrific.  What’s the alternative?  Warning shots first.  Then… fire at will.

NATIONAL CRISIS– .5% of Guatemalan and .6% of Honduran Populations Arrested Crossing US Border in Last 5 Months – Enough Fentanyl to Kill Georgia

House Dems: Impeachment? No one was seriously considering it, Winston
** Quote (italics in original):

Not only are they not talking about impeachment from now on, they’re rewriting history to claim that they never were talking seriously about it.

>> Orwell’s Ministry of Truth was not meant to be a thing.  More gaslighting:
My New Favorite Thing: Watching NeverTrumpers Who Have Pushed the Collusion Narrative For Years Now Claiming to Have Always Been “Collusion Skeptics”

YouTuber Outwits Comedy Central, Exposes Leftist Host As Massive Hypocrite In Interview
** Never, ever, ever trust the enemedia.  Insist on recording any interview or discussion; even a man-on-the-street encounter.  If they refuse to let you get an independent record of the discussion, don’t talk with them.  Period.  More:
They shoot cats, don’t they?
** Quote (bolding added):

In fighting those media tactics, conservatives all too often forget the same lessons I forgot. They were the lessons of concision and clarity that Ronald Reagan always taught. They are lessons that conservatives will need if they want to get their message out and make it stick—because, when dealing with the establishment media, we aren’t necessarily dealing with gentlemen. 


** Quote:

Any politician that wants to “do something” about your assault rifle also wants to  “do something” about what you can and cannot read and say.
>> And then they want to do something about where you live  and how you live… and then whether you live.  More:
Has the European Union just destroyed alternative media, including blogs like this one?
** Silly person – you really think they’d let you continue to have a free internet once they realized just how effective it was against them? 

** And then t won’t be notices, but you will be forbidden to go past the limit.  More on the Left’s lust for power:

** Quote (link in original):

The Democrats’ attitudes toward the Electoral College have nothing to do with the merits of the system, but the merits of the results. If they lose, the system is rigged and undemocratic. If they win, the system has proven itself to work. Democrats have a history of wanting to change the rules for their benefit. Senate Democrats were more than happy to use the filibuster to block President Bush from nominating judges to the courts, but took that power away from Republicans when they used it to block Barack Obama from nominating judges, citing a “broken system.” Democrats don’t believe in the sanctity of rules or law and order, they believe in winning at all costs. They won’t be happy in a system that doesn’t allow them to win 100 percent of the time.

>> The Left has no honor, no decency, no ethics, no morality… only an insatiable lust for power.  Regardless of legality:
CRIMINAL: Obama Admin Pressured Ukraine Not to Investigate “Mega-Donor” George Soros


** You’ll see this more and more: deliberate, in-your-face attempts to undermine confidence in the remaining vestiges of the Rule of Law.  Others:
DOJ, FBI Stonewalled House GOP Request For McCabe Texts, Sources Say


** Gallows.  Now.  Related:
Judicial Watch Uncovers More Classified Emails in Hillary Clinton’s Unsecure Email System
** She declared under penalty of perjury… but she’s still walking free.  She destroyed materials under subpoena… but she’s still walking free.  And now Democrats have the chutzpah to talk about the Rule of Law.


** IMHO a candidate for a .45 caliber attitude adjustment.  Because they’re only going to get worse until they’re stopped.  Related:
We cannot coexist with these people
** I don’t agree with the time frame – call me naïve perhaps – but I do agree with the fundamental conclusion: CW2 WILL happen.  It’s not IF; the only pertinent questions are:

When will it start?

How bad will it get?

How widespread will it be?

How long will it last?

Of course, nobody knows the answers.  If you are to the Right of Stalin, it’s dangerous:
POLL: 37.5% of Republican Students Feel 'Unsafe' on Campus; 55% Hide Their Political Views from Friends

They want you dead
** And disarmed so you’re better targets:
Dianne Feinstein Still Itching to Disarm Americans
** More about the Left:
THE GREEN NEW DEAL VOTE: Democrat Presidential candidates bravely ran away. Bravely ran away away.
** They know it’s a turkey.  Don’t doubt that, if they got power, they’d vote YES in a heartbeat, however.  They’re TRUE BELIEVERS.  Related to that, and gaining power:
Here Are 4 Egregious Ways the Left Wants to Transform American Politics

** Precisely.  As my late mother would say, “That’s exactly right”.

[There's No "Voting Out" the next Civil War / 6:34]

** I fear she’s right.


** A cancer.  Needs chemotherapy.  And radiation therapy.

** Quote:

Seven years ago, Mohammed Merah pointed a gun at the head of 7-year-old Miriam Monsonego.
Before Miriam, Mohammed had murdered a Rabbi and his two little boys, six and three years old. The other children ran. He cornered Miriam, grabbed the little girl by her hair, and pulled the trigger.

A miracle happened and the gun jammed. But with the determination that made him a hero to many French Muslims, he didn’t give up. He switched guns and shot her.

As she lay bleeding, he lifted up her head and shot the dying little Jewish girl two more times.

>> Understand, this is not an errant missile or bomb, or a stray bullet.  This is a deliberate targeting of a girl in a playground.  Up close, personal, and deliberate.  Also note that this murderer held out as a hero:
When the New York Times ventured into a Muslim neighborhood in Toulouse later that year, it had no trouble finding locals who praised the Muslim terrorist as a “hero” and a “martyr of Islam”.

A Muslim family tried to name their child after him.
A man ruthlessly kills, including a seven year old girl, and he’s held out as a hero and someone to be emulated.

** Paging the 1930s.  Hitler clearly stated his goals; nobody believed him except Churchill.  This is not an Israel issue.  This is not a France issue.  This is a Western Civilization issue.

** Go Poland!

** Quote:

So there you have it folks – our future if we stay in the EU – a tsunami of migrants from backward, violent, basket-case Africa.
>> Related:
Population Must Be ‘Refreshed’ Through Immigration
** And more:
Why the West Is Responsible for the New Zealand Massacre
** Quote:

Attacks like this are merely the stepping stone Tarrant and other extremists perceive as necessary to spark an all-out war between Muslims and non-Muslims.
With a political process that they perceive as failed, they view violence as their only alternative. Although they understand that lives will be lost on “their” side, nothing will make them happier than a retaliatory attack by a jihadi group on non-Muslims in the West.
Rather than shut down the conversation, all issues that have to do with Muslim immigration to the West – rape gangs, honor violence, increased crime, demands of religious accommodation, women’s rights, Islamist ideology, lack of integration and terrorism – have to be put on the table and up for discussion.
>> I’ve been saying this for years.  As people critical of the Great Replacement are systematically silenced, systematically and at every turn shunned, kicked out of work, in some cases run out of town or even physically attacked… it will turn to violence as the only way of expressing their opposition to this.  And now it is turning to violence.

** Yes.  And in front of them feed their bits to pigs.  And these SOBs too:
Gang Rape in Azuqueca Covered up by the Mayor


** Blacks are 13% or so of the US population.  Young black men commit a vastly larger percentage of crimes than their population would suggest.

Viktor Orbán: Demography Is Against Us; Europe Must Act NOW Against Migration
** The flow must be stopped, and then reversed.  They’ve already gained territory for Islam that is, functionally, sovereign and free-and-clear of the nations in which they are:
Unassimilated Islamic Enclaves and 'No-Go' Zones: Ticking Time Bombs Proliferating in the West

** I’m not a fan per se of Voxday because of his hostility towards Jews (and others)… but in fairness I think he’s a sharp guy with some good insights; quote:
The proverbial Saxon has already begun to hate, but he hasn't begun to feel that he has nothing to lose yet. Once that point is reached, the global convulsions will begin.
>> As Peter of BayouRenaissanceMan once observed, nobody goes from zero to jackboot like the Europeans.  It’s coming as people realize they’ve been sold out by their leaders to deliberately aid in this, and they have nothing left to lose:
Palestinian Cleric: “France Will Become an Islamic Country Through Jihad”
** Related, their willing enablers in the West:
‘Easy Meat’ Freely Available in PDF Format


** Not done by Jews, not news.  Why, it’s almost like there’s a double standard or something.  But there’s a broader picture here.  Worldwide, there are horrors upon horrors daily… but they’re only published and publicized if they can be used against America, Israel, or Western Civilization.  More on third world rape in general:
"Most African women's first sexual experience is rape"

Under Sharia Law, Brunei to Start STONING Gay & Bisexual Men to Death Next Month
** And yet gays still, through “intersectionality”, take the side of Islam.  This certainly supports my conjecture in Civilizational Collapse and the Brain (link and bolding in original):

I know several gay people and two transgender people, and they’re all for more Muslim immigration.  I read articles like this and think “Do gay (and transgender) people not understand that under Sharia law the best possible outcome they could hope for is a quick death?”

“Where is your survival instinct?”


** It’s not a “social construct”.  It cannot be a social construct.  But anyone who says obvious truths like this, or is in favor of traditional male-female marriage, and fidelity, is shunned:
Black Christian Disinvited from Cornell Debate Because She Believes in Traditional Marriage
** And about being pro-life in general – looks to be a must-see movie… no wonder the Left is desperate to see it fail:
Unplanned’: Pro-Life Trailer Hits One Million Views Before Opening Day
** I discuss my move to being pro-life here.

The Leftist Media Is Screaming About the Upcoming Recession
** Since they can’t take Trump down with “collusion” or “obstruction of justice” they’re trying to talk down the economy with doom-and-gloom.  Related to 2020:
Poll: Majority Of Registered Voters Are Open To Re-Electing Trump
** Don’t get cocky.  Related:
TIP OF THE ICEBERG: Florida Voters Upset People in NY Voting in Their Name
** But no no no, there’s no vote fraud.

The Ballistic Missile Calculus Changes
** Remember, all the “people in the know” kept talking this down, dismissing it, etc.  I remember one book I had to read in a class about science and public policy had us read, and write about, the folly of “star wars”.


** Under fire?  A pity it’s not literally.  What a POS.


** Let me be very clear on this.  There are places where solar, wind, etc., are absolutely applicable and viable.  Mass generation for the grid in general is not it.  Related:
Why I don’t ‘believe’ in science’

** I really wish I’d saved it: an article quoting a NASA scientist saying that the data needed to be altered to match the models.  Related:
Joe Oliver: The climate alarmists are keeping poor people in the dark — literally
** That’s because, deep down, the Warmists hate humanity itself.


** They’d rather see the country circle the drain than sully their dainty hands.  This is, in many ways, appeasement… but even if it’s last, they’ll still get eaten.


** OOH, it IS a tragedy.  OTOH, if it rages through Africa but stays there… might not be such a bad thing (said cold-bloodedly I admit).  On the Gripping Hand… if it jumps to Europe, or worse America, we’ve got a massive problem.

News Release: 500+ Ministry children in “Gender Therapy” in Richmond, Delta and Surrey ALONE!
** Quote:

Dr. Wong also said his youngest ‘patient’ is only 2 3⁄4 years old.
>> Tar.  Feathers.  Now.       


** It’s my firm belief that one of the reasons the Left went so batsh*t crazy about Russia-Russia-Russia is that, at least as allies if not friends, the US and Russia have a good chance of defeating Islam.


** This, this is why the Left hates Trump so.  He, and we Deplorables, love America (and by extension, at least implicitly, Western Civilization).  We believe we have a manifest destiny.  We’re confident and have faith in ourselves.  And. They. Can’t. Stand. It.


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