Ethnic Food and Elections

My late mother was always very good at striking up conversations with almost anyone.  A real “social butterfly’s social butterfly” her ability to engage with total strangers approached preternatural.  (An aside: when we were in Iran, back before the revolution and I a wee lad, I remember she connected with some shopkeeper who had us over for dinner a day or two later.  Playing with his two daughters, both near my age, I remember being at the far end of the garden/yard with them after dinner when one of them asked very seriously – as they stood side by side – “Which one of us do you want to marry”?  My reply?  “Uhhhhhh….” and I ran for my life.  Looking back, I almost wonder if that was the real intent of the dinner invitation.)

After my father passed away I would go see my mother as often as I could.  She wasn’t well, had vision and mobility problems; she did manage, but it was dicey sometimes – and she needed the emotional support if nothing else.  We would talk extensively.  She was a scarily intelligent person, and keenly insightful even as I started to notice cognitive decline.  One time the conversation turned to food, and I suspect it was in the context of her wanting to know if I was eating well (typical Jewish mother).  She mentioned a local restaurant.  A Middle Eastern place, she’d gone multiple times and had gotten to know the owner – of course.  Once, on one of my regular visits, we went there for dinner.

It was OK.  Not great.  Just OK.
Afterwards she asked how I liked the food, and when I said it was passable, she asked me what was wrong with it.  Thinking how bland it had been compared to food she’d made, and the Middle Eastern food I’d gotten used to in the Midwest (having had a really good Lebanese café and restaurant barely ten minutes from my apartment after I graduated and found a job in Michigan – wonderful stuff!... and later, having to make overnight trips to the Detroit area I’d almost always eat at Middle Eastern food restaurants unless travel partners overruled me), I said “His ethnic food needs more ethnic”.
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The same with Chinese food.  Back in high school I worked at a local Chinese restaurant as a busboy and occasionally as a waiter when needed (another place where my mother and the family that owned it, developed a years-long friendship).  Their food was great and set the standard by which I judge Chinese restaurants even today: it was still Americanized, but definitely set the bar.  But working there was very different; towards the evening, perhaps at about 9:15 or so, the staff would rotate through the back room to eat dinner.  I became used to authentic Chinese food, not said Americanized stuff that’s typically served in restaurants here.  Thankfully it was not terribly spicy which, I suspect, was in deference to the mostly-Caucasian wait staff.

So now Bill Weld has tossed his hat into the Presidential ring to attempt to primary President Trump.  Mr. Milquetoast himself.  He reprises #nevertrumper Mitt Romney; more interested in being known for reaching across the aisle and getting puff pieces in the enemedia than in fighting for solid Conservative principles (he nailed Barackus in the first debate and could have put the nail in the coffin in the second - but he was too nice, too gentlemanly, and didn't go for the kill).  In this he was also like John McCain… and many other GOP politicians who are more concerned with their legacies and being invited to the “beautiful people” cocktail parties than advancing a Conservative agenda.  This is, as many have noted, why nothing happened on Obamacare in the first two years of the Trump Presidency.  It’s why they said “Give us the House” and we did; nothing happened… then “Gives us the Senate too” and we did; nothing happened… then “Give us the White House too” and we did; still nothing happened.  No, actually, something did happen: the GOP decided to resist the new Republican President and stymie his agenda, often working with the Democrats to do so.  I.e., when it comes to actually reversing, not just show-slowing, but actually slowing and pushing back the Progressives, they’re not interested.  What they are interested in is praise from the Left.

For example, we just had eight Republicans “bravely” voting to help pass the Equality Act which will end women’s sports and potentially jail people who don’t use the correct personal pronouns.  This is a calamitous bill… and some republicans voted for it to not seem harsh or too far right; Here’s a reminder as to what the Democrats are doing:
And I HAVE to point out – how many Republicans act, in the “spirit of bipartisanship” as Useful idiots by concentrating on the small ball in the moment and never realizing how they are advancing the long game of those that wish to Control.  How many refuse to change their view of “this is just politics” even as the Democrat play to “this is war by other means”?
But if Republicans, like those 8 in the US House that voted for the Equality Act (which will effectively eliminate womens’ rights and destroy religious freedom for the sake of a Progressive morality that further removes the notion of the Individual and substitutes only The State) today with all of the Democrats, continue to either save their seats or seek appeasement, well, they are the Useful Idiots.  We have them here in the State – every single one that for the sake of “fairness” actually advances the Progressive Agenda.

[Preferred Pronouns or Prison / 5:27]
It's been observed time and again that the Republicans attempt to be “liberal lite” – just a hair to the right of the Democrats in an attempt to capture the squishy middle… but in reality, and everyone with three brain cells knows this, people who want liberal policies will choose the real thing every time. 

We have politicians like GOP congresscritter Justin Amash now talking impeachment, though his hostility towards Trump is looking very self-serving given his family’s business ties to China (not to mention his CAIR endorsement!); we have Mittens Romney praising Amash’s courage even as he gives himself plausible deniability by waiving off – at least for now, of course – on impeachment.  Amash is the darling of the enemedia, getting lavish praise from the Left, as is Romney.  And many a NeverTrumper has been praised as well.
Honestly, this is obvious to everyone, so why do GOP pols keep falling for it?

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My first choice in the 2016 primary was Scott Walker.  When he bowed out I switched to Ted Cruz.  When Trump got the nod I reluctantly supported him… more out of opposition of the Chappaqua Crone than anything else.

He’s grown on me.  I may not agree with everything he does – and face it, we all have only one person with whom we agree 100%: ourselves (and that’s optional too 😀) – or some of his tactics (e.g., while I admire his tweeting to bypass the enemedia I think he could be a little more targeted; less being more IMHO).  And as a local afternoon talk show host caller pointed out on The Howie Carr Show, too many people who need to get real information aren’t on twitter.  I’m not on twitter, but as you can see from my Quick Hit compilations (last one here), I read an awful lot.  Certainly, far, far, far more than the average Libtard who - if it's anything past the New York Times-Traitor, Washington Post-Fabricator, National Progressive Radio, or the Communist News Network - thinks it is a... wait for it... raaaaacist hate site.
Conservatives need fighters, not milksops.  And this is why I stand by Trump.  HE FIGHTS (bolding added):
So, to my friends on the Left – and the #NeverTrumpers as well -- do I wish we lived in a time when our president could be “collegial” and “dignified” and “proper”?  Of course I do.   These aren’t those times.  This is war.  And it’s a war that the Left has been fighting  without opposition for the past 50 years.
We’ve been in a war with the Left for the country for decades, and the GOP has, overall, been content to lose – so long as they can tout they’re losing in a dignified and proper way, and still get invited to the social parties.


We need to define our values; what do we believe?  Pro-liberty.  Pro-growth.  Pro-faith.  Pro-life.  Pro-RKBA.*  Pro-America. Pro-limited government and pro-Constitutional “original intent”.  The supremacy of The People over The State and it's Elites.  And pro-Western Civilization.

From those values we then need to articulate policies that give voice to, and advance, those values and explain things simply and clearly: how will what we propose advance our values?  Connect what we advocate with why we advocate them, as well as state how we’ll know they’re working.  Actions tied to results, actions predicted to have results which are then demonstrated, is how we’ll win.
We also need to compare and contrast, simply, our values and policies (and history) with those of the Left:
[T]he Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.
In contrast, as one pundit wrote, the Republican Party is the party of the four F’s: faith, family, freedom and fairness.
From the inception of the Republican Party in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, Democrats have viscerally opposed the values of Republicans.
The Left’s values and beliefs are based on sins, like LUST and VANITY and ENVY.

We need to demonstrate that we aspire to be better than we were – better, more noble, more moral.  Nor can we play the Left’s Newspeak game any more.  Additionally, the Left operates in a shame culture; THE DEMOCRAT SHAME CULTURE (italics in the original, bolding added):

Thus the first and foremost rule: if no one knows about their shame, then it doesn't count and they can continue to pretend they are innocent. Just think of the likes of Charles Rangell; Chris Dodd or Barney Frank. Could a Republican politician ever recover from being responsible for the death of a young woman while he saved himself and didn't even report the accident to the police? Yet, someone like Ted Kennedy is now a revered senior statesman on the Democratic side of the aisle. No one talks of his crime. Do you imagine Larry Craig--whose indiscretion hurt no one-- could ever make a comeback like that? Not on your life.
No, because Democrats, on the whole, firmly believe that they are "better people"--i.e., more loving, more compassionate, more intelligent etc. etc. ad nauseum; they go to great lengths to avoid shame; and hence, to avoid responsibility for their behavior. For every corrupt Ted Stevens, there are at least three John Murthas, Charlie Rangells, and William Jeffersons.
They lie, they deceive, they distort. They take kickbacks and are self-righteous about how innocent they are. They vow to eliminate pork, but think all they have to do is take their name off the bill they support and they are in the clear. They wonder what the meaning of "is" is. They insist they" did not have intercourse with that woman" because rhetorical maneuvers are a key postmodern method to avoid having to deal with shame and oral sex isn't really sex anyway. They deny deny deny, and they pretend that they are innocent victims of vast rightwing conspiracies or, as in the case with ex-Governor Blagojevich, they emphasize what "champions" of the little guy they are. They ignore facts and when that doesn't work, they are prepared to ignore the whole of reality itself. Because the cost to their fragile self-esteem if they are discovered is far too catastrophic.
This thought process of SHAME rather than GUILT is critical – and is one reason, among many why the Left and Islam are allies against us (see SHAME, THE ARAB PSYCHE, AND ISLAM at the same site).  

They share the same culture in addition to their hatred of us.  Knowing this and how they think, e.g., The Leftist Sense of Self, are essential to knowing your enemy (links and italics in original, bolding added):

Leftists are herd-beasts (I started keeping track – all the good little Leftists would like-swarm each others’ comments). They move together. They think together. They studiously avoid thoughts that are not of The Collective. A former co-worker was, one day, ranting about eeeeeevil Conservative attacks on Planned Parenthood; he then commented “I don’t know anyone who is against abortion.” I raised my hand, and he sneered and dismissed me outright. That reprises the apocryphal quote “I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.”

Liberals are constantly checking their views against those of their fellows because, deep down, they’re not sure of their own. I think that it’s one reason they slide to further and further extremes. It also simply explains, as in Occam’s Razor, why they can turn on each other so readily when one strays off the reservation. But consider this essay, which makes me think that these people actually get a high off the rush of approvals by their fellow liberals. So what happens with drug addicts? They constantly have to increase the dose. So, liberals constantly go further and further in being SJWs to exceed the last person who got adulation.
Ultimately, for the Leftist, it’s not about what they think, it’s about what others think about them.
And then… and then… we need politicians like Trump, like Cruz, like Gohmert, and others who are pitbulls to go out there and FIGHT.  We need media personalities like Bill Whittle, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Larry Elder and many others to go out there and FIGHT.  We must, ourselves, as individuals go out and FIGHT (why do you think I blog; writing and collecting my Quick Hits compilations takes a lot of time!).  


Remember, the Left has no honor, no ethics, no decency or morality or constraints… we must remember, and act, like we are in a total war for America.

This is not a duel under gentlemanly rules, which is how the GOP has been fighting, but a cheaters-win bar brawl for all the marbles, which the Left understands – for if we lose in politics, the real war ignites.  In the streets.  

While it may yet come to that, and I fear it will, I’d rather win without it if possible.  But if CW2 kicks off, remember this line from Star Trek:

We do not talk to Kohms; they are only for killing.

* How my fellow Jews can be against guns given our history is beyond me:  

I do not coexist with cancer.  I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left, the globalists, and Islam must all be destroyed… or America, Israel, and Western Civilization itself will die.


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