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===== MEMORIAL DAY =====

(HT Gorges)

THANK YOU.  If I said these words continuously for the rest of my life, it would not rise to the level of gratitude I feel.

===== TOP OF THE FOLD =====
Ireland: African man jailed for sexual abuse of intellectually disabled girl – victim’s mother, who was in relationship with the accused, asked that he not be jailed
What? WHAT? WHAAAAAT???  Some POS sexually abuses your daughter and you protect HIM?  What is this madness?  What I suspect is that, in her social circles, she’s being praised as “brave” and “noble” and, thus, is triggering dopamine rushes in her brain.

<Video already pulled>
[Borderless (2019) | Official Documentary / 1:27:42]

IMHO this will get pulled pretty quick.  Anyone know a good downloading program?  UPDATE: Too late:
Google YouTube Removes Lauren Southern’s Movie “Borderless” on the European Border Crisis — It’s Too Hot for Globalists

Genocide, Islam and Weaponized Empathy
Dated, but very perceptive.  And it’s spot-on.  And it’s not just Islam, it’s every cause of the Left.  Welfare.  Climate change.  Illegal immigration.  All – ALL – use the twisting of empathy to advance their cause.

A side note, remembered just now as I am writing this.  I remember reading an article a while ago about Arab culture and how there was a lack of empathy for others.  A specific example given was of a family where one kid was being tormented by the grandmother.  This was, to everyone except the screaming toddler, great sport and the subject for laughter – which would go a long way towards explaining why the invaders have no empathy for the people they rob, assault, rape, and murder.

HAH! UN Human Rights so-called ‘experts’ demand that Italy re-open its ports to illegal alien Muslim invaders and put an end to the newly imposed strict immigration controls

Is it possible to arrange for these people to experience “diversity” up close and personal?

Germany spent record 23 billion euros on refugees in 2018, government document shows
Could this be part of a Cloward-Piven double-hit?  Not only destabilize the countries with the invasion, but cripple them financially?


Only someone brainwashed from birth could hate their country, and culture, so much as to take the side of openly-declared enemies colonizing their land.  The fact that it’s happening in so many countries at once indicates a very organized and broad effort with deep roots.

BELGIUM: Leading anti-Islamization activist and Vlaams Belang party leader, Filip Dewinter is gaining popularity in the polls

ITALY: Outraged by the closing of illegal mosques, Muslims occupy tourist attractions to scare away visitors

[Old Painless - Payback time / 0:33]

Never an 18 wheeler around when it’s needed.  It’d be “Nice” to have on-hand.  (You see what I did there?)  Payback time.
'Islam Wants to Rule the World': Archbishop Slammed for Opposing Mass Migration
Hopefully a trend in the Catholic Church, and generally too.

Conservative Boris Johnson Is Set to Be the Next U.K. Prime Minister and There Will Be Tears
And on cue the globalists are going batsh*t about it.


[Salvini accuses the Traitors of Europe / 0:45]

From the same site:
Justifying “Islamophobia”
That is precisely why the percentages of rape have gone from non-existent in Europe, to 5,000%.  Whether we like to accept it or not, reality is reality.  We will eventually come to terms with reality and accept that Muslims are pure savages. It is impossible to co-exist with this 7th century mentality.

Time for the SPANISH SOLUTION.  More:

This Young Man Would Be 35-Years-Old Today, But An Illegal Alien Took Him From Us
I don’t just want a wall.  I want a f*cking minefield.  I think the sight of a few illegals going ‘splodey will do wonders to discourage them.  And to those who say, as a local talk show host once did, “They just want a better life!” I say “Dustin Inman wanted a better life, but it was taken from him by someone who should not have been here”.

Open Letter to Gavin Newsom: Your Policies Are Tearing My Family Apart
No, Newsom doesn’t care.  All that matters is power – the power to create the great Socialist Utopia BAMN.

===== COUP & RELATED =====
Shot/chaser GOLD: Turns out Adam Schiff was for declassifying Russia investigation info before he was against it
Zero moral or ethical or intellectual consistency.  All that matters is taking down Trump.

(HT Gorges)

Evidence of Obama Administration Political Surveillance Beginning Mid-2012….
Long and not easy (full disclosure: I did not read the attachment).  But if this can be born out, it shows a level of corruption that should stagger anyone who has a shred of love for America.

Deep State Has Left 'Paper Trail As Wide As Interstate-95' Which Will 'Fall All Over DC Like Radioactive Ash'

The Intelligence Community Slings Cow Manure to Try to Cover Its Misdeeds in the Russia Hoax

I know I’m dreaming, but I don’t just want to see perp walks.  I want to see hangings.

(Image source)

Actually, if I’ll be 100% honest, I want beheadings with Barackus, the Chappaqua Crone, and others having their severed heads mounted on pikes at the entrance to the DNC.  I want that path to be the only entrance in so those who work there see it daily.  I want those skulls there, rotting and then gleaming in the sun, as a lesson to the next ten generations of Democrats of the price of treason.

It would not surprise me if, in addition to Trump, the Left had such efforts in the works against anyone in the GOP field.  And lo and behold:
He likely spied on Mitt too

===== TRUMP =====
The Dems’ impeachment demands are Heaven-sent manna for Trump
If we had a media that was even close to objective – just the facts ma’am – I’d agree.  The fear I have is that the Left will, in partnership with their enemedia propaganda arm, so relentlessly hammer on it that it will turn off the squishy middle who will vote “D” just to make it all go away.

Hating the president just for fun
They hate him because they are entitled to rule, and Trump represents people saying “No”.

===== HEALTHCARE =====
AARP Called Out for Opposing Trump Administration Drug Pricing Proposal Designed to Help Seniors

Two things:
1. AARP makes megamillions off the way things are now

2. They don’t want archenemy Trump to get any credit for anything
So people suffer for profit and ideology.  (Now let me be clear: I am not opposed to profit; I am opposed to exploitative profit, which IMHO this is.)


===== 2020 / ELECTIONS IN GENERAL =====
Democrat’s Dishonest Duplicity on The National Popular Vote
Democrats cannot be trusted.  Ever.  Ever.  Wait, there’s only one thing they can be trusted to do: lie to gain power.


[Why You Should Be a Nationalist / 5:37]

===== ENEMEDIA =====
No, President Trump Is NOT Delaying the Harry Tubman $20 Bill
Quote (bolding added):

Trump is not slow-walking the bill. The bill was always intended to take 10 years to design and introduce. It was part of how it was announced.
That last article is titled "Is it any wonder why no one trusts the media?"


All but openly fellating him.


Sex robot THREAT: AI girlfriends 'indistinguishable from humans' after major 5G upgrade
Robots that you do "things" with having vision & hearing and connecting to the internet.  Yeah, that's a good idea.  </sarcasm>

Local Power Company Wants to Control the Thermostat in Your Home
Yet another reason I don’t trust “smart” anything.  Related:
New Swiss Studies Claim 5G Increases Body Temperature of Insects. Old Research Claims 5G Causes the Same in Humans Along With Excessive Sweating.

Confirmation Drumbeat: GOP-Held Senate Approves Sixth Trump Nominee to Ninth Circuit, 41st Overall
Raw opposition to the Chappaqua Crone was one reason I voted for Trump; the courts, especially SCOTUS, was another.

Putting Things Right

Lots of detail and analysis here, all of it encouraging. The UMC has indeed been tugged far, far to the Left, horrifyingly so. I myself watched it happen; the UMC was my family’s church throughout my childhood, and its unwelcome loss of way was a topic of dismayed discussion at many a Sunday family lunch right after church. I’m still a member there, as are the remaining members of my dwindling family. But it’s been years since I attended for anything other than weddings, funerals, and such-like.
I grew up in the Conservative part of Judaism.  That’s the flavor we now attend, even though I’d prefer to go to Chabad (Orthodox) – which, alas, is juuuuust farther enough away that it makes it logistically difficult especially with my wife’s (theoretical) movement to Judaism, but still supportive of the kids being raised as Jews.  At my first synagogue growing up we’d read from the Torah and the Prophets, and then there’d be 10-15 minutes of… energized discussion (proverb: one subject, two Jews, you’ll get three opinions in four minutes).  And over time I came to realize that every time, the consensus conclusion was that the Jewish tradition needed to evolve.

If I were back in time, say, at the start of college, I’d join an Orthodox synagogue and would marry an Orthodox woman.  At least the kids are growing up more stringent than I did, and I’m trying to, drip-drip-drip, plant the idea that when they marry, marry someone stronger in the faith than they are.
Americans Are in Desperate Need of a Lesson on the History of Slavery
Quote (italics in original) – and the whole thing is a MUST READ:
Slavery and socialism, in other words, could be considered synonymous.  Liberty is something else entirely.  Our Founders should be continually celebrated for having recognized that there's a difference between the two things and for advocating liberty over slavery.
Driving the Herd
Trans is “trendy” – mix pre-mature brains of adolescents with the dopamine addition of “likes” and SJW praise (plus parents) and DUH, you get this trending.  Related:
Planned Parenthood Launches ‘No Judgment’ AI Sexual Health Chatbot Named Roo Aimed at Children to Indoctrinate Them Towards Abortion and Gender Confusion

Gag.  Retch.  And also related, in driving an attitude to eliminate marriage and the next generation:
The Guardian: Women are happier without children or a spouse, says happiness expert

Are Homeschoolers Overqualified?
Yes.  Which is why the educrats and globalists hate it so.  Educated people who can think, reason, and have an awareness of their culture & history are anathema to their goals.

Why Liberals Hate Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is unabashedly pro-American. I suspect that is the real reason for the animus that so many liberals bear against the company. There was a time when liberals were generally patriotic. George McGovern is a good example: he was wrong on just about every issue, but he was a veteran who loved his country. That is no longer true. 
Now, while no doubt there are honorable exceptions, liberals are usually anti-American. They have been taught a twisted, Zinnified version of American history, and they have internalized a Chomskyite view of the world in which all evils are traceable to American misdeeds. Liberals tend to be angry, unhappy people, and it is convenient for them to blame their problems on their country’s supposed failings. Organizations like Chick-fil-A that are pro-America, pro-religion (Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed on Sunday), and culturally upbeat are anathema.

===== PRO-LIFE =====
The abortion debate: Ultrasound technology changed everything
The first ultrasound, with my first child, I saw a few grains of static in this undecipherable shape beat-beat-beat – a sound captured on the speaker.  I wept, openly; I’m not prone to doing so, but tears of joy and amazement were streaming down my face.  This is why the pro-death people are so set against showing women the screen.

Doctor Pushes Campaign to Legalize Euthanizing Mentally Ill Patients
A very slippery slope here.

===== RKBA =====


Because they knew...

===== ECONOMY / TRADE =====
In Middle of Trade War, America’s Busiest Port Gets Ready for Robots
On one hand, companies do need to make a profit.  After all, Milton Friedman once said “The business of business is business”… which I’ll update (sorry, Dr. Friedman) to “The business of business is profit”.  OTOH, though, people without jobs don’t buy things.  And the changes of automation (and globalization) are coming so fast, with the wide scope of automation being so large and ensnaring so many, that there is no capacity for people to adapt and no capacity in the system itself to absorb these displaced people.  With 1/3 or more of jobs potentially being automated, globally, we risk creating an unemployable underclass of people who are desperate.

This speaks, IMHO, to multiple things – but, in general, two human truths:
First, that people need an outside purpose, in this case work.  People need to be busy; they will not fill time with art and poetry and making hand-crafted artisanal soaps.  They’ll fill their time with being angry.

And that’s the second thing: you cannot take away from people and offer nothing – i.e., unemployment – or a universal basic income – as a replacement for meaningful, productive work, and not expect an angry reaction.
A large, angry subpopulation who feel robbed of self-worth, and plenty of time to talk with each other, is not a good thing… especially when coupled with lectures about how this is “progress” and they just need to suck it up and take it.

No, The Rich Don't Get Rich At The Expense Of The Poor
The power of free trade is that it is voluntary.

===== ISRAEL / MIDDLE EAST =====

How to Evaluate the Deal of the Century?
The problem is – it’s not land.  It’s Koranic doctrine.  Between the hard-coded Jew hatred in the Koran and the principle of reconquest, no true-blue-believing-Muslim can accept even a square inch of the land not being ruled by Islam.


There are many versions of “birds of a feather flock together”.  I like the version from my wife’s homeland: Tell me who your friends are, I know who you are.  And in the case of Barackus Rex, I knew WHO and WHAT he was before he won in 2008.

Something making Michelle Obama's ex-chief of staff Tina Tchen nervous about that Smollett case?
People with something to hide often act like they have something to hide.


Moving Closer to Mob Rule: No Choice, No Voice
The Electoral system makes it difficult for any candidate to appeal only to their state’s or local interests. They must have wide appeal. They cannot campaign in twelve or thirteen of the largest states and expect to win.
Now the Democrat states have gotten together and said ‘enough.’ They plan on never losing another presidential election. They are determined to move in a radical direction never before seen in our history.

===== ISLAM IN GENERAL =====
Outrage over Germany's AfD Party Using Painting of Muslim Men Enslaving White Women in Ad Campaign
Horrors at history – Muslims enslaving women, particularly European women – being accurately depicted.

By the author of this article:

Just How Many Muslims Won Political Office in 2018?
Why, it’s almost as though there’s a deliberate movement to infiltrate and take over:
The Big Conspiracy: Conquest by Hijra
For example:
600,000 Migrants Enter Britain in One Year

An Open Letter to the Editor of The Times (UK)
Quote (bolding added):
Well, you clearly have not been paying attention. The United Nations, by its actions, makes it clear that there is no crisis. The international agreements that it has promoted impose no restrictions whatsoever on countries like China and India. Those countries are free to pump as much CO2 as they like into the atmosphere, and the rate at which they are doing so makes a mockery of any idea that Australia can have any effect by cutting its CO2 emissions. If there really was a crisis, then it would be vital for those other countries to cut their CO2 emissions too.
This is a TELL.  The fact that China is not only building more coal-fired plants, but is permitted to, means that “climate change” has nothing to do with the global climate, and everything to do with bringing down Western Civilization and free-market (i.e., capitalist) economies.


Supreme Court Asked To Hear Case Involving Leaked ‘Climategate’ Emails
The Climategate emails “revealed that Mann’s famous ‘hockey stick’ diagram employed a ‘trick’ ‘to hide the decline’ in global temperatures” and “that Mann and his allies sought to block inquiry into their research, data, and statistical methods,” CEI wrote in its petition.
This, for me, is the cup of sewage in the whole mix.  A scientist wants to know the truth.  Period.  Truth in science, insofar as it is knowable absent Divine Revelation, relies on the ability of others – even skeptics of the work – to be able to examine the data, data collection & analysis, and other methods of analysis that lead to the conclusions… and to be able to reproduce the results.  Absent that, and factoring a deliberate attempt to conceal such things, the entirety of their work is a fraud.

Side note: A couple of people I know are serious software coders.  Both have looked at the source code for the “hockey stick” and confirmed to me that it has – hard-coded – a bias to create the hockey stick.
Medicine Hat shuts down $13 million solar plant after it couldn’t produce enough energy
Bwaaa ha ha ha ha.  Look, I have no objections to localized solar, wind, etc.  I think they can be very effective.  It’s the massive projects that don’t make sense IMHO.  Remember, there’s always a cost – e.g., sunlight that hits panels or mirrors is not hitting the ground and the plants thereon.

UK Orthodox Jews mobilize for Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson is against the Islamic invasion; UK Jews get this.  Will American Jews learn from others?
Head Of The International Union Of Muslim Scholars: Questioning The Holocaust Is Not Just A Right But An Obligation
And you want more Muslims in America?  Are you insane?  Look, if you want to kill yourself… just do it.  Don’t take down America and Western Civilization.  But this is very typical of an actual drug addict; Understanding Pittsburgh through a Dopamine-Addict Lens (bolding added):

To the Jews whose actions are directly leading to the destruction of Western Civilization through mass migration and broadening the above proverb...  Your actions which are resulting in national destruction, done while holding up your Jewishness as driving them, are bringing us into contempt and – as we just saw – literally putting targets on us all.  While the murderer pulled the trigger, you helped provide the beliefs that created the motive. At least opioid addicts kill only themselves and risk ruining their families; you are putting whole countries on the path to destruction, putting Western Civilization at risk, and bringing not only dishonor to Jews but the risk of another pogrom.
SHOCKER: Soon to be Released Declassified Docs Show Samantha Power Was on “One-Woman Crusade” to Destroy Israel
And you still vote “D”?  More:
House Democrats Vote Down Republican Amendment Condemning Movement to Boycott the Jews

NYU President Apologizes After Speaker Delivers Far-Left, Anti-Israel Political Diatribe Instead of a Graduation Speech
Not accepted.  What happened was utterly predictable.  More:
Exposed! BDS Professor Stephen Thrasher’s Antisemitic Tweets

CNN digs up Republican congressman who hasn’t been in office for 25+ years to argue for impeachment of Donald Trump
Somebody’s looking to cash in on this somehow, I think.


Things the NeverTrumpers must believe (in no particular order)
Because it’s not about “conservatism” – it’s about GETTING TRUMP because he’s standing in their way.  The more I look, the more I am coming to think that a lot of the so-called conservatives in government / the media are closet liberals put there to create an impression of competition.

===== SOCIALISM =====

(HT Gorges)

7 Quotes That Prove Adolf Hitler Was A Proud Socialist
Wow.  Just wow.  Image from article:

And don’t forget the alliance of the “progressives” and the Nazis prior to WWII.

===== RACE =====
The “Racist” Left Is Selling The Pursuit of Success as White Supremacy to Keep Minorities Down

The Left’s plantation hell is expanding. Inclusive excellence, diversity, and equity, the three-headed social justice Cerberus, will now include labeling anyone who thinks they can do better for themselves outside the walls of their politically correct, economically bankrupt prison, as white supremacist – or just racist in the case of “minorities” who refuse to be held back by Democrat nostrums.
The Left is not the least bit interested in what success means to you. And now they’ve got a plan to make sure you are not just afraid of it; you run away from it. Remain forever in the arms of government dependency and a life of subsistence-living at the hands of politicians and bureaucrats.
They are preaching generational political slavery to minorities. What could be more racist than that?
Democrats returning to their slaver roots.

Don’t forget the students who missed out on Robert Smith’s graduation gift
I admire the generous spirit of this.  But the author makes a phenomenal point, quote (link in original):

Billionaire Robert F. Smith this week paid off the student debt of the graduating class of Morehouse College. Hooray for him! He made the 400 grads very happy.
Who probably wasn’t quite as happy? The Morehouse grads and their families who scrimped so they wouldn’t have to take out loans to attend college and instead paid out of pocket.
And the ambitious and financially wise students who took jobs to pay their tuition so they wouldn’t have debt. And, of course, any student who came up a few credits short of graduation and figured it could wait until September.
My wife has Ivy League ambitions for the progeny.  I’ve already started to push the idea of community college – and living at home – first.  Subtly.  And quite frankly, if push comes to shove, I am NOT going to go into lifelong debt so they can go to schools where they’ll be indoctrinated into hating everything I’ve attempted to teach them.




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