A Few Random Thoughts

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I self-identify as a billionaire.  Why won’t the bank let me spend like one?  Oh, wait, I’m not one.  Nevermind.


If President Trump started bringing the dead back to life, not only would Democrats complain he was hurting the mortuary business, but they’d shriek that he was cutting into their voter base.


The Left’s motive is not tolerance of sexual deviancy; it seeks societal sanction of it.


Most Conservatives I know are live-and-let-live, and really don’t care what consenting adults do in private.  It when gay people insist on teaching it to our kids where we have an issue.


I love to quote Dr. Thomas Sowell, Professor Walter Williams*, Larry Elder*, and Candace Owens – because they’re intelligent people saying things with which I believe.  Race has nothing to do with my agreement with them; they have points, I agree, that’s that.  For this, I’m called a racist and indulging in “tokenism” – which proves, beyond doubt IMHO, that the Left is insane, and the real racists to boot for not accepting that each individual has the right to make up their own minds.

* I have their autographed pictures on my wall at home; trying to get the other two but no luck.




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