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The moment will never come: A clip from "Bridge over the River Kwai"

Israel and the "Palestinians": Hard info, and a harder question (Part 2 of 2)

===== TOP OF THE FOLD =====
[New! Candace Owens just Destroyed Feminism in an Amazing Speech, Gets a Standing ovation / 16:54]


(HT Gorges)

Facebook Removed from S&P List of ‘Ethical’ Companies. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks
BWAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.  Next up, Google, who has clearly abandoned it’s “Don’t be evil” motto.


Why Does The Left Love Islam So Much?
I think there are two reasons:

1. They both hate America (and, more broadly, Western Civilization as it is founded on Christianity… which is a rival to both Allah and Marxianic Zeal).
2. Fueled by that faith in Marx and the Dialectic, the Left truly believe that even if Islam takes over, and it will be a violent take-over killing untold millions, that a Socialist Utopia would inevitably arise.

British Home Secretary under fire for stating that the majority of paedophile rape gangs in the UK are of Pakistani origin
I remember reading, many many moons ago, how they first became aware cigarettes caused cancer.  It was in a cancer ward and an observant oncologist – who knew average cancer rates from years of experience – started to notice how many lung cancer patients were smokers.  In a “That’s weird…” moment, he started to look at the percentage of people who smoked in the general population vs. the percentage of people with cancer who were smokers.  The same principle applies here.


Ship ‘em back.  Related:

UK Home Office: thousands of Muslim migrants to be resettled for years to come
You cannot tell me, in the face of the grooming gangs, record-breaking rapes, assaults, acid attacks, etc., that this conscious continuing of this policy is not a deliberate effort to erase Britain (and more broadly, Western Civilization).  More:
Former Romanian President and MEP: “EU Tends to Tell Us We Must Live with Muslim Invasion”


I agree 100% with the idea of giving the libs all the illegals they can stomach and then some.  Alas, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen – but why not?  Conservative town upon conservative town had massive dumpings to deliberately change their demographics.  And while the hypocrisy point is well-taken, that doesn’t matter either.  Liberals ONLY care about opinions that matter to them – which is the opinions of other liberals… who are all on the same page anyway.

This, by the way, is why nothing sticks when you call it out.  They scream “Whataboutism” or such.


Amen.  And… my wife is an immigrant, a legal immigrant.  At one point in the process of bringing her here legally, I actually joked that she should study Spanish, fly to Mexico, and she’d have all sorts of organizations lined up to help her.

There is one moral question that needs to be asked on the “are immigrant detention centers concentration camps” question, and everyone is ignoring it

To have that discussion, the first step is to stop calling detention centers are concentration camps and by extension presuming that every single person who supports any form of border enforcement is evil and a Nazi.
The Left is not interested in a discussion.  They’re interested in electing a new, more compliant population.


(HT Gorges)


There is no question in my mind that this would be a good thing.  The question is how to accomplish it?

===== COUP & RELATED =====

I’ve heard interviews with Corsi – terrifying stuff about the tactics they used.  Don’t have every date exactly in memory, they’ll get you for lying… why do you think so many pols in DC say “On or about <date> so they can’t get nailed if they don’t have the precise information”?  Here’s something on how they dealt, specifically, with Corsi:
Corsi’s appearance before “angry” anti-Trump D.C. jurors was stressful, he said, but nothing compared with what he called Mueller’s “mental torture.” Over the next two months, the 72-year-old Corsi said he was interrogated six times by a battery of the special counsel’s lawyers and investigators inside a windowless conference room in an unmarked FBI building in southeast Washington. Some of the sessions stretched up to eight hours. He said he was often left alone in the sparse room for long periods with no cellphone, laptop or even a book to read, while investigators observed him from another room. He was not allowed to leave to go the bathroom without being accompanied by an armed agent.


Judicial Watch is doing incredible work – they need money to keep this up.  Please consider donating here.


I won’t lie.  I want this SOB tried, convicted, executed, and his skull mounted on a pole at the entrance to the DNC as a lesson to the next ten generations of democrats of the price of treason.


This is my shocked face.  My real shocked face will be if anything actually happens to her.  Pleased, but shocked.

===== TRUMP =====

Women lie about rape.  And a Liberal:
Accuser E. Jean Carroll: Anti-Trump/Pro Hillary, Posed Question About How Trump Could Be Taken Down
Liberals lie about everything.  Related:
Trump Haters Furious: How Dare He Defend Himself Against Rape Accusations?!


(HT Gorges)


This man is a genius:

Troll level: Deity.

===== HEALTHCARE =====
Trump Just Revolutionized Health Care — And Nobody Noticed
Late last week, the Trump administration finalized rules that will let companies put money into tax-exempt HRAs that their employees could then used to buy an individual insurance plan on their own. Seems like no big deal, right? Except it will start to unravel a 77-year-old policy mistake that is largely responsible for many of the problems the health care system suffers today.


Competition works.

===== 2020 / ELECTIONS IN GENERAL =====

From his keyboard to G-d’s inbox.  But don’t get cocky – there’s an awful lot of cheat in the Left.  Another:
Piers Morgan: Forget The Polls, Trump Will Win Easily

“There is no safety for Conservatives other than to assume every evil of Liberals.”
-- Yours truly, I think (not seen it elsewhere; if I’m wrong please let me know)

Media Knives Come Out: ABC Hits Joe Biden and Son's Suspect Dealings in Ukraine and China

Paternity Suit Filed Against Joe Biden’s Son Hunter
Someone doesn’t want Biden to get the nod. Related:
Time for “Operation Chaos 2” to keep him in the running for as long as possible.

===== ENEMEDIA =====

Orwell’s 1984 and its Ministry of Truth rewrites of history were meant to be a warning – and the Left is using it, and Huxley’s Brave New World, as manuals.


What Do the Oligarchs Have in Mind for Us?
I read this, and understanding how they truly believe they are superior intellects and more noble, better people, this quote comes to mind:

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
― C. S. Lewis


They don’t follow their own motto: “Don’t be evil”.


This… actually makes sense.


Doubling-down.  They always double down.  Grudging HT to voxday’s SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down.  (Grudging because he doesn’t like Jews… but in fairness, there are definitely some Jews (JINOs) I don’t like either.  And while I may not agree with him on this topic, he’s clearly got a sharp mind – and I must, to be honorable, give him credit for that.)


This is very revealing…


Feminists ruin society.  Related:

[How Women Weaken Nations (and why men let them) / 12:22]


Hailing civilizational destruction.  And I want to herald back to Evan Sayet and a seminal essay that shifted my perspective forever (which, FYI, I cited in Sowell and Sayet and Vox Day, Oh My! (And Claire Wolfe & Star Trek.)):

What I discovered is that the Modern Liberal looks back on 50,000 years, 100,000 years of human civilization, and knows only one thing for sure: that none of the ideas that mankind has come up with--none of the religions, none of the philos­ophies, none of the ideologies, none of the forms of government--have succeeded in creating a world devoid of war, poverty, crime, and injustice. So they're convinced that since all of these ideas of man have proved to be wrong, the real cause of war, poverty, crime, and injustice must be found--can only be found--in the attempt to be right.
If nobody ever thought they were right, what would we disagree about? If we didn't disagree, surely we wouldn't fight. If we didn't fight, of course we wouldn't go to war. Without war, there would be no poverty; without poverty, there would be no crime; without crime, there would be no injustice. It's a utopian vision, and all that's required to usher in this utopia is the rejection of all fact, reason, evi­dence, logic, truth, morality, and decency--all the tools that you and I use in our attempts to be better people, to make the world more right by trying to be right, by siding with right, by recognizing what is right and moving toward it.
And there was a quote from Thomas Sowell which I can’t find, but it was to the effect that those of the Anointed cannot – MUST NOT – believe the same thing as the average person… because how can one believe one is superior if one believes what “everyone” does?


The erasure of one of the greatest men in American history.  All that’s missing is a declaration of war against the “Four Olds” because this is it, in all but name.  Another example:
University of Oregon Students “Oppressed” By American Pioneer Statue, Demand It Be Removed…

===== PRO-LIFE =====

Abortion after birth only a matter of time.




Ultimately, liberalism itself is anti-human.

===== RKBA =====


That’s kind of the whole point of not wanting registration.

===== ECONOMY / TRADE =====

Some to America, some to not-China.  Here’s a good place to look for help in reshoring:
Reshoring Initiative


Finding out about self-reliance.


The impending crisis is clear.  It’s coming.

(Image source)

Remember, this is only the public debt; unfunded liabilities – and not just for the US – dwarf these numbers.


"You better consider the economic consequences of your social and political advocacy," Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff warned conservative states.
Nice business you have there.  Be a shame if something… happened to it.

===== ISRAEL / MIDDLE EAST =====
(HT TheoSpark)

Don’t get cocky.  Not for no reason is there the proverb “When you shake hands in a Persian bazaar, count your fingers afterward”.  More on Iran:
Iran's Long Game, and Trump's Too
And side note: observe how the Liberal takes the side of America’s enemy.  They do it every time.


Commenters tell me that Democrats are now attacking Trump for not launching an attack on Iran.
Criticize Trump if he doesn’t attack… doubtless criticize Trump if he did.  Why, it’s almost as if they just want to attack him for any reason at all, or no reason whatsoever.


(HT TheoSpark)

Read the whole think – absolutely – but here’s the core, IMHO (bolding added):
Democrats are playing an entirely different game than Republicans. Democrats think they have a mandate from history to seize power for people of color, LGBTQ minorities, and radical feminists. They don’t like America or Americans, who they consider bigoted and backward. They don’t like the principles of our founding, which recognize the God-given rights of individuals, not groups.
They truly believe themselves to be better, wiser, more noble people.  Two by Sowell on that theme:

Several liberal bloggers whom I read – know the enemy – are precisely like this.  Insufferably smug and stuffed-shirt arrogant about how much more educated and just darn better people they are over us slopedforeheadknuckledraggers.  This is why they feel utterly entitled to indoctrinate our children:
Quote (links in the original):
There is now a major attack, a war, against morality, focused on and raging against our children, systematized by the Red/Green (Communist/Islamic) Axis and globalists.  Notwithstanding our western ideals and the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child, our children’s rights are being replaced at every level.  Common Core was never implemented to raise students’ academic success, but to crush American exceptionalism, to reduce scholastic achievement so as to imbue the children with the social justice agenda.  Educator Donna Garner said on August 7, 2013, “If a person wanted to destroy our American culture, keep this generation from communicating effectively with older generations, and make sure today’s children grow up detesting America instead of valuing our nation’s American exceptionalism, the best plan would be to implement the Common Core Standards (CCS) into every school in America.”  And so public education was weaponized to change our nation.
Other objectives include disrespecting the family unit, discouraging births and encouraging abortions (doomed to evolve into euthanasia for the elderly), promoting victimhood (encouraging anger and cruelty), endorsing the LGBTQ community and inciting inappropriate and toxic sex education (including emotionally and physically damaging sex-reassignment surgeries), portraying Israel and America as the enemy (to support terrorism), and lobbying for gun control (for an unarmed, defenseless population).  By allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by migrants with ethics antithetical to our own, we welcome a perilous environment for our children, severely strained resources, reduced academic levels, and an exploitable labor force.  It should be glaringly obvious to all that the ultimate purposes of this is the destruction of traditional America and its rebirth as a collectivist State.
A recently introduced assault on our children, couched in new reading and speaking techniques, is “Flocabulary,” a digitized, Common Core-aligned tool to continue the Bill and Melinda Gates leftist plan, using clever animation, hip-hop/rap lyrics, misspelled words and incorrect grammar, designed for K-12 grades.   The company’s self-acclaimed “nontraditional approach” overrides the knowledge and skills that brought success and happiness to our forebears, and subtly appropriates our freedom of speech.  The children are being trained to ridicule the “old white men” who created our Constitutional Republic; to violently denounce and disrespect differing political opinions; to waive achievement for wealth redistribution; to ignore science for the globalist distraction of climate change; and to hate straight white males, Christians and Jews.  No longer judged on the merit system, students are graded on how well they adapt to the disunity and envy, based on race, heritage and political party.  For comprehensive clarification, read Donna Garner’s educationview.org. 

But RTWT.  And speaking of TDS:



They say it was something else.  I don't believe them.

===== ISLAM IN GENERAL =====

[Ami Horowitz: Inside The Muslim Brotherhood / 18:15]

Know the enemy.  They’re relentless, they’re ruthless, and they are true-blue missionaries.  Repeated from an independent post I did.


(HT Gorges)

Ironically, a believing Muslim would be permitted to do so, as deceit to advance Islam & Jihad are permitted.  Remember, the 9-11 hijackers went out carousing and drinking… related:
South Carolina: Man converts to Islam, plants bombs disguised as teddy bears for children to find
Remember that in Islam, there are only Muslims and kaffirs, and that kaffirs by definition are enemy combatants against Allah and therefore legitimate targets.  So when some Muslim, or Muslim apologist, says that Muslims only target combatants, understand what they mean by that: any non-Muslim, or any Muslim not strict enough, is a “combatant”.


Let me preface this by stating I am not an expert in Islamic teachings… having said that, let me opine: this “doctor” is absolutely within the scope of Jihad – sterilizing non-Muslims advances Islam.  Thus, in his mind, he is serving Allah.  Once you understand that they can twist and rationalize anything to be justified under Jihad, the more suspicious you get.



Note: I had an article bookmarked about this, specifically.  Gone into the big tech black hole.


And yet gays take the side of Muslims and want more of them.  Stockholm syndrome.


Whitewashing the reality.  Here is the reality:
The Greatest Murder Machine in History


I remember reports of Gore and DiCaprio and others buying and investing in shore-front properties.  Like Insty says: “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when those who say it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis”.


Two excellent pieces.


I had a conversation with someone local whom I consider reasonably intelligent.  They commented on our cold & wet spring.  I said it wasn’t surprising considering that the sun’s gone quiet.  They inquired.  I explained that a quiet sun puts out less energy, so less warmth but then I went into the sun’s magnetosphere strength, how that pushes away cosmic rays (or doesn’t when the sun is weak) cosmic rays which then impact our atmosphere and create more clouds which, logically, creates more rain.  I might as well have been talking Swahili for all they grasped it.  Yet this person, who can’t grasp the chain from sun’s activity --> sun’s magnetic field strength --> cosmic rays not deflected --> more cloud formation --> more rain... is sure they understand things.


The usual expressions, “Arab-Israeli conflict” or “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” are too narrow and do not capture what I see as its true nature: the religion-based rejection of Jewish sovereignty anywhere in the Middle East by almost the entire Islamic world, including the Arabs but also the Islamist regimes in Turkey and Iran.
This.  THIS.  THIS!!!!  As I said in the second part of an essay on the situation and antipathy in the region (links, bolding, italics, and underlining in the original):
Islam is the gripping hand in this situation.  As I said in the lead-in in Part I, Jew-hatred is hard-coded into the Koran; e.g., Algerian Journalist In Antisemitic Article: 'Our Dispute With The Jews Is A Religious One' (bolding added):
Today, many among us believe that our conflict with the Jews is only because they occupied Palestine, but the truth is that our conflict with them is a religious one, because they hated our Prophet and plotted against our religion and faith, and continue to do so.
In other words, it has nothing to do with Israel... and everything to do with the fact that Jews spurned Mohammed.  1400 years ago.  Read the whole thing.  It’s one big screed of Jew-hating conspiracy theory.  Another article with citations: Islamic Jew Hatred.
Don't forget that Islam is also the greatest murder machine in history, and one of its doctrines is the principle of reconquest.  The Koran (2:191) states “turn them out from where they have turned you out”, among whose many interpretations is that any land once controlled by Islam must – must! – be retaken.  The land of the nation of Israel was once controlled by Islam.  Thus, 2+2=4, so per Koranic doctrine until Israel is wiped out and Jews annihilated or enslaved, and the land restored to Islamic rule, there will be no peace.
These are uncomfortable truths that too many JINOs refuse to grasp about their so-called “peace partners”.


Anyone with three brain cells understands this “guarded criticism” will blossom into full-on anti-Israel and anti-Semitic actions once they get into power.  This criterion, sadly, eliminates a lot of leftist Jews.

===== SOCIALISM =====

Of course not.  They want dependency.  People with jobs have a feeling of self-worth, not cringing victimhood.



Che hated gays.  Che hated blacks.  Che reveled in torture and murder.  Che wanted to nuke millions of Americans.  And the Left looooooves him.

===== RACE =====

(HT Gorges)


I love the irony of Danny Glover, a black man made a millionaire many times over in America, testifying about the need for reparations in “racist America”.


That should leave a mark.  It won’t, because Leftists are Teflon Intellects, but it should.


You cannot tell me this wide-ranging assault is accidental.  It’s stoking a race war.


Latinos For Trump Lost Its Event Venue After Antifa Called Them Racist

Say what?


People in cities are doomed if this hits, and I don’t live far enough out for my liking.


  1. Video - Tucker Carlson: US came within minutes of war with Iran


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