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I’m going to, specifically, give links to my six (so far) “Red Pill Journey” essays.  I hope that, in reading these reminiscences of my own journey, that you find thoughts and tools that guide you as well – not to agree with me, but to think for yourself.

===== TOP OF THE FOLD =====

(HT Gorges)

Got that right.  Any nation, any nation or civilization’s worst foe is its own traitors.




[Glazov: Our Self-Deception in the Face of Jihad. / 6:45]

A compelling video, and he makes a great point: we “die to be deceived” and he adds that the Left also deceives.  Both Islam and the Left try to point out similarities in their seduction.  Jamie’s book:


I’ll bet that 11-year-old boy has had enough “cultural enrichment” for a lifetime.  More “enrichment”:

No price too high for virtue-signaling dopamine hits… that, and all that exotic cuisine.  And more:
Migrant Reportedly Rapes Foster Family’s Daughter, Says He Thought It Was Legal In Sweden


I understand why Islamic countries are pushing this.  What I cannot accept is western countries going along with it.


Here's hoping!


What is it with these people?


Already deported but came back.  An open question to liberals: does the “cultural enrichment” have to happen to you personally?  OK.  I hope it does.  Good and hard.


They don’t want to cut off their flow of future voters.  Related:
ICE director tells Pirro real reason raids were halted. Confirms ‘green light’ to remove illegal immigrants


Coulter is caustic but… I like that.  Related:


How long could you live without electricity?

===== COUP & RELATED =====

Gallows.  Now.

===== TRUMP =====

They can’t stand the idea that their enlightened philosopher-king rule was rejected… and it’s quite literally driving them insane!

===== 2020 / ELECTIONS IN GENERAL =====

As I predicted in a prior QUICK HITS (don’t recall which one) the Dem candidates are going to race to outbid each other in payments this, benefits that, reparations the other:
Elizabeth Warren testing ‘reparations’ for gays: ‘And you get reparations! And you get reparations!’


Looks like “Mayor Pete” may also be on the list TPTB want out of the race.  If my conjecture is true, watch for more attacks in the enemedia.  Speaking of the movers-in-shadows and their puppeteering:
Suddenly the MSM has noticed Ilhan Omar’s profoundly dishonest past
She’s become too much of a liability for the Left – so she’s being taken out.  What, you thought whorenalists decided to start doing their job on their own?  More:
Evidence On Ilhan Omar’s Sister’s Website Indicates Ilhan Omar Lied Oath About Brother She Married


Any bets on the “R” / “D” split?

===== ENEMEDIA =====

About “climate change” specifically, but note this one sentence:

It means, in layman’s terms, that the news that you read has been pre-determined by the Editors and has little to do with actual events (real news) that happen in the real world.
What do I keep saying?  Rules 1 and 2:

1. It doesn’t matter what’s true, it’s what you can get people to believe.

2. If you control the information flow, you control what people believe.

Other examples of using fake news to shape what people believe:
NowThis Puts Out Deceptive Video About Detention Centers, Conditions In Question Were Under Obama


This has been clearly coming, given other technologies that have been revealed in the last few years.  Between this and those other technologies, we can no longer trust our own eyes or a videoed account of someone speaking.  Consider, for example, a “60 Minutes” interview where the target of one of those investigations goes in naively and doesn’t bring their own means of verifying what transpired.  It would not be hard, given these technologies, to slip in a sentence or two that would change the color of the interview when broadcast, e.g., a casual and “clearly inadvertent gaff” that would then become THE sound bite run incessantly.  The innocent victim of would, of course, not remember saying that fabricated but would have no means of contradicting it except for sputtered denials. 

Thus could the enemedia not just push by subtle forces but outright fabricate.  Not to mention the blackmail potential.  Recall the overt pressuring of Jerome Corsi (bolding added):
Over the next two months, the 72-year-old Corsi said he was interrogated six times by a battery of the special counsel’s lawyers and investigators inside a windowless conference room in an unmarked FBI building in southeast Washington. Some of the sessions stretched up to eight hours.
Right now we have calls to make sure all interviews are videoed; this technology offers the possibility even this could be compromised.  And given the corruption we’ve already seen in the GET TRUMP mentality, does anyone think ethics and morality (let alone the law) would be a hinderance?


When you are a MISSIONARY bent on creating utopia… “silly things” like freedom get in the way.


[Sex Matters / 4:54]

There was a quote from Thomas Sowell:
“…the very commonness of common sense makes it unlikely to have any appeal to the anointed. How can they be wiser and nobler than everyone else while agreeing with everyone else?”
 I suspect the same principle is at work here.  How can these young SJWs show they’re more “woke” and all than prior generations if they agree with those prior generations about sex, gender, men and women, etc.?  Another Prager video that’s very-much related:

[The Left Ruins Everything / 5:50]

Why so eager to tear down the Four Olds?  Because a people aware of the greatness of their culture – its art, literature, and accomplishments – will be less eager to see it undone to create the Socialist Utopia.  Someone who sees the sweep of actual progress and momentous achievements of Western Civilization in general, and America in particular, would not be so dead-set on undoing them.


[Pride flag is flying over Cincinnati for the first time / 2:11]

“Raising these kids right”.  Uh huh.  And consider the dopamine addiction angle: these kids get a dopamine hit from being praised for supporting perversion.
The ‘Pride Flag’ is Now a Symbol of Oppression
Quote (bolding added):

Please notice that these radical activists don’t try to pull the same b.s. with Orthodox Jews or Muslims who are also against gay marriage. Why? Because they solely want to oppress Christians. This isn’t because they are gay, it’s because they are extreme leftists.

Related – the mainstreaming of pedophilia continues:
Harvard: Pedophilia is a sexual orientation


A liberal rag, but… understand what the enemy is saying.  More to the point: note the absolutist aversion to thinking that the “other side” – i.e., conservatives – might actually have reasons for believing what they believe.

Their attacks on Rush Limbaugh, specifically, bring to mind this from a very early essay of mine, The Leftist Sense of Self (bolding, italics, and links in original):
Take their utter hatred for Rush Limbaugh (and Conservative talk radio in general). For years I had heard only the worst about him. Racist. Misogynist. Selfish. Hater!!!!!!!!! I very deliberately avoided listening to him because of what my peers said about him. One day I was radio-channel surfing in my car and I stumbled across a man talking. I didn’t know who he was, but he had a nice voice and what he said intrigued me. I listened to him, agreeing with most everything and accepting the well-laid-out persuasiveness of his argumentation on the remainder, when he identified himself before a commercial break.
I was utterly floored. I had been assured that Rush was one small step away from the Devil Himself, but I’m agreeing with him. Again, that’s weird…; Rush had two books out – The Way Things Ought to Be and See, I Told You So – so I bought them at a used book store and devoured them. Wow. Even, at the time, still believing myself a liberal I found very little to disagree with him. It was then that I realized: maybe I’m not a liberal.
And that last sentence is utterly critical.  Once exposed to new ideas, the mind expands.  Even if the ideas don’t stick, they can’t be un-heard / un-read.  This is why so many Leftists, as evinced by the article I first cited, has as its main theme the idea of expunging people listening to Fox News et al.  It’s The Shunning all over again.  It’s precisely for the same reason that cult leaderships isolate their members from outsiders: to avoid independent thought that might deviate from The Collective.

===== RKBA =====

Analysis: true.

===== ECONOMY / TRADE =====

“One of the sad signs of our times is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and canonized those who complain.”
― Thomas Sowell,
The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy


===== ISRAEL / MIDDLE EAST =====

[T]the “Palestinian” jihad is not based on poverty or a desire to regain “stolen land”; rather, it stems from deeply held Islamic imperatives that have prevented every negotiated settlement from bringing peace, and which will continue to do so.
Precisely.  What did I say in Israel and the "Palestinians": Hard info, and a harder question (Part 2 of 2) (bolding, italics, underlining, and links in original):

Islam is the gripping hand in this situation.  As I said in the lead-in in Part I, Jew-hatred is hard-coded into the Koran; e.g., Algerian Journalist In Antisemitic Article: 'Our Dispute With The Jews Is A Religious One' (bolding added):
Today, many among us believe that our conflict with the Jews is only because they occupied Palestine, but the truth is that our conflict with them is a religious one, because they hated our Prophet and plotted against our religion and faith, and continue to do so.
In other words, it has nothing to do with Israel... and everything to do with the fact that Jews spurned Mohammed.  1400 years ago.  Read the whole thing.  It’s one big screed of Jew-hating conspiracy theory.  Another article with citations: Islamic Jew Hatred.
That there isn’t peace is a decision of one side of the issue:

Precisely.  The Palestinians are not ready for a state.  And I doubt they will ever be.


RTWT.  War is what the Mullahs want – to shore up their increasingly unpopular regime.  War is what the Democrats want – to get Trump into a quaaaaagmire and use it against him.  Related:
Trump Pulls Out. Media Left Unsatisifed.

(HT Gorges)




The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals' expansion of the welfare state.

Thomas Sowell

Understand that Leftists are, at their heart, still slavers.  But instead of whips and chains, now they have blacks turned into lab animals – pulling the “D” lever in exchange for EBT cards (pellets) and Section 8 housing (a cage).

===== ISLAM IN GENERAL =====

[Sharia for Women: A Female Sharia Survivor Shares Her Story / 39:18]

So many people, even on the Right, have NO IDEA what Sharia entails.  When I confront people on it, they won’t believe it.  And, channeling my essay Civilizational Collapse and the Brain (bolding and links in original):
Do women not understand that, under Sharia, they count as half a man?  That their best-case scenario under Sharia is nothing more than a sex receptacle and baby factory?  That their Muslim husband can beat them if they disobey, can rape them whenever he wants, that he can divorce them by saying “I divorce you!” three times, including via text message?  That if they are raped it takes two male witnesses to clear them from adultery charges?  That if their daughters are not married and have sex with their boyfriend, or date a non-Muslim boyfriend, that their own father could kill them?  That odds are their daughter from a Muslim husband will be held down and her clitoris cut off?


But con men know that you never drop the con and admit the hoax, you just distract the mark with other plays on emotion.
And it IS a con.


And you want to import more of these animals?  And do you not grasp that your support of their migration is what is fueling the “Alt-Right” that you so decry?  You weep over “Anti-Semitism” and yet your actions fuel it!!!

===== RACE =====

The people made worse off by slavery were those who were enslaved. Their descendants would have been worse off today if born in Africa instead of America. Put differently, the terrible fate of their ancestors benefitted them.

-- Thomas Sowell


(HT Gorges)


Black lives don’t matter… unless they’re politically useful to the Left.


Fine.  Move to the Congo, or better Nigeria, and you can have all the non-white people you want.


Accusations of “coconut” in 3… 2… 1…  Heaven forbid people come to their own conclusions contrary to the Borgleft.

[“Kill The Boer!” | Widow Retells Terrifying South Africa Farm Attack / 7:19]

The future in America, in Europe, if we don't stop - and reverse - third world immigration.  F*ck them.  Evacuate the whites, they're in a hopeless situation... and let SA collapse.



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