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[Introducing The Exodus Movement / 1:03]

“The comments of President Trump are completely different then the anti-Semitic comments of Omar and Tlaib,” NCYI president Farley Weiss told JNS. “Trump believes Jews should care about and prioritize in their voting support for the only Jewish state, the State of Israel. He feels that he is a strong supporter of Israel, and as a result, Jewish voters should switch to support him. We look at the intent of his comment and his actions, which speaks louder than people attempting to interpret his words in the most negative light.”
Zionist Organization of America president Mort Klein told i24 News on Wednesday, “I’m worried that we’re not having the strong support in the Democratic Party for Israel that used to be there five years and 10 years ago, and this is of great concern. I know there are many Democrats who are very supportive of Israel, but they become frightened to be overtly supportive because of this far move to the left by these people.”

Furor over Trump’s ‘disloyalty’ remarks is a diversion (underlining in original, bolding added):
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) rushed to the defense of Tlaib and Omar, even raising the possibility of cutting U.S. foreign aid to Israel over the ban. Not to be left behind, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) joined the pummeling of Israel. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, also raised the possibility of cutting of foreign aid to Israel over the ban.
And, of course, Omar herself questioned whether aid to Israel should be continued.
No Democrat came forward to oppose these suggestions. Not House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, not Joe Biden, not any other Democratic presidential candidate.
This lack of response demonstrates that the vaunted bipartisan support for Israel is a mirage. Democrats hastened to attack Israel rather than those who support its destruction. By joining the anti-Israel fray instead of distancing herself from Tlaib and Omar, Speaker Pelosi drew the Democratic Party into their nefarious web of undermining support for Israel in the United States. Not even Biden, who likes to claim he is a stalwart friend of Israel, could bring himself to defend Israel’s decision and criticize the two freshman representatives.

While Democrats point the finger at Netanyahu for making Israel a partisan issue, they should be taking stock of their own rhetoric and conduct. The constant condemnations of Israel from within their own caucus, with nary a mention of Palestinian terrorism, marks a new moment in Democratic politics.
Fact is, there is no possible Israeli government that would appease those on the Democratic hard-left and the base who are convinced that Israel is an evil nation.
Ideas about Israel and Jews were once well outside the mainstream of both parties but are now spreading like a dark shadow over the Democrats. Fewer than 20 years ago, then-President Democrat Bill Clinton said that if Israel were attacked he would “personally grab a rifle; get in a ditch, and fight and die.”
Today’s Democratic leaders don’t even have the courage to fire off a press release defending Israel.

Getting to the bottom of a tragic “disloyalty” (italics in original, bolding added):
A moment’s pause to consider the logic of this reaction reveals it to be totally ridiculous. “Dual loyalty” means Jews have greater loyalty to Israel than to America. Trump was accused of claiming this of Jews who voted Democrat.
But the Democratic Party is hardly Israel’s friend. As the party has become more radical, its hostility to Israel has grown.
Last year, large numbers of both the House and Senate Democratic caucuses supported an end to the blockade of Hamas-run Gaza and suggested a more “even-handed” attitude to the conflict. The Pew Research center has shown that while 79 percent of Republicans say they back Israel against the Palestinians, only 27 percent of Democrats share that view.
And now the party is embracing outright anti-Zionists and Jew-bashers such as congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, whose proposed visit to Israel this month was aborted after the Israeli government decided that their itinerary was designed solely to incite hatred and do Israel harm. So the very last party that any supposedly “Israel-first” Jew would vote for would be the Democrats.

Why Trump’s comment really troubles Jewish Democrats (italics and links in original, bolding added):
By attacking the President, Trump's detractors are trying to divert attention from the Democrats' disturbing support for the antisemitic representatives Tlaib and Omar.  Rather than condemning the offensive and defamatory tirades of these two antisemites, Democratic congressman Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) accused Ambassador Friedman of dual loyalty for supporting Israel's position of banning these two agents provocateurs.  Senator Bernie Sanders rushed to the defense of Tlaib and Omar and put in question U.S. foreign aid to Israel if Israel stands by its ban.  Not to be left behind, Senator Elizabeth Warren joined the pummeling of Israel.  Democratic congressman Mark Pocan (D-Wis.),co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, threatened that foreign aid to Israel would have to be re-examined by the Congress.
And of course, Rep. Omar questioned whether foreign aid should be continued for Israel.  No Democrat came forward to oppose the suggestion.  Not Pelosi, not Biden, not one Democratic candidate for president.
The vaunted bipartisan support for Israel was suddenly shown to be a mirage.  Democrats hastened to attack Israel rather than the antisemites who support Israel's destruction.  Speaker Pelosi joined the fray of attacking Israel rather than the antisemitic stances of the Democratic congresswomen, thus tying the Democratic Party into their nefarious web of undermining support for Israel in the U.S.  Not even Joe Biden, who likes to claim he is a stalwart friend of Israel, could bring himself to defend Israel's decision and criticize the two anti-Semites.

Ignore It at Your Peril (bolding added):
The party our parents voted for, the party we thought would be ours for eternity, appears to be well on its way to becoming something entirely hostile to Jews. The president we are told again and again is the single greatest menace to our community is many things, but certainly not that.
“President Trump is right,” the Republican Jewish Coalition tweeted, “it shows a great deal of disloyalty to oneself to defend a party that protects/emboldens people that hate you for your religion.”
President Trump’s statement that Jews are disloyal if they support Democrats was clearly a response to that display and to the party’s adamant refusal to call these woman to order for their open hatred of Jews and the actions they are taking that directly facilitate (sic) the anti-Semitic BDS campaign in the United States.
In other words, while the Democratic party is enabling and empowering these overt Jew haters, Trump has been taking them to task for their bigotry. And rather than thank him for his support, 75 percent of American Jews are joining their fellow Democrats in giving a pass to their party while pillorying Trump for daring to be their friend.
Given the context in which Trump made his remarks — that is, the Democratic Party’s open embrace of anti-Semites and anti-Semitic messaging — it is literally impossible for even a semi-literate person to misunderstand what he was saying.

No, Trump's words were not antisemitic (Vic Rosenthal) (bolding and italics in original, underlining added):
I think these responses are not just deliberate misunderstandings intended to attack Trump. I think that these people are really unable to understand his rather obvious intention, which is that Jews who support the Democratic Party are disloyal to the Jewish people. Not to America, not to Trump, but to the Jewish people.

So let me correctly translate his statement, with which you can agree or disagree: the Democratic Party has tolerated, even embraced, the antisemitic and misozionist* Tlaib and Omar, and Jews who still support it are either ill-informed or disloyal to their own people.”
Any doubt of Omar and Tlaib's bad faith dissipated with Tlaib's reaction after Israel backtracked. Apparently hoping to put Israel in an even worse light, Tlaib sent a letter to Israel's interior minister asking to be allowed to visit her grandmother, in her 90s, because "this might be my last opportunity to see her." When Minister Aryeh Deri unexpectedly granted her request, asking only that she not engage in BDS activities while in Israel, Tlaib tweeted, "I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in-fighting against racism, oppression and injustice." In other words she believes Israel represents all these things-racism, oppression, and injustice. How can American Jewish organizations possibly spin this into a "good-faith visit to Israel"?
American Jewish groups who are now criticizing Israel make another argument-that barring the congresswomen's entry alienates half of Congress, endangering decades of bipartisan support for Israel.
The argument, on the face of it, sounds credible, particularly as the Democrats did rally around Omar and Tlaib, including those with unquestionable pro-Israel bona fides, like Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), who said Israel's decision would strengthen "those who seek to create a wedge between our two countries."
The problem with this thinking is that it puts the cart before the horse. Israel isn't driving a wedge between itself and Democrats. Democrats are driving a wedge between themselves and Israel. It's because of the Democrats' radicalized base, of which the leadership is terrified.
Who can forget the embarrassing vote to reinstate language recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital at the 2012 Democratic National Convention? Convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa had to call a voice vote three times before declaring it for the "Ayes." Anyone who heard the catcalls knows it was at best a tie, nowhere near the two-thirds votes required to make the change.
Unfortunately, with what is already known about Tlaib's anti-Semitic tendencies and the evidence continuing to mount, some liberal Jews continue to rabidly support her. Just this Friday, a group known as Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Action organized a rally in support of their "ally" Tlaib in light of the Israel trip "setup." According to the website Common Dreams, "Beth Miller, government affairs manager for Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Action, which organized the event, applauded Tlaib's courage and said it is "heartbreaking that Rashida had to spend this evening with us instead of her beloved family.""
This dangerous acceptance and even celebration of Tlaib by Liberal Jews should be a matter of concern for not only the Jewish people, but by all Americans. Israel has long been a great ally of the United States and she relies on America for support in a region where the many of the countries openly call for her annihilation. As a Congresswoman, Tlaib and her colleague Omar actually have a say in our support of Israel.
In recent years, for example, many liberals have embraced a raw hatred of Israel, the demonization of decent white people, and a virulent anti-Semitism. Such views had long festered in the outlying provinces of the far-Left and have bubbled up on college and university campuses from time to time over the past two decades. 
But now the hatred has moved into the mainstream of the Democratic Party, under the banner of "social justice" and "progressive" civil rights politics.
The president showed how it's done Tuesday, when tweeted that he doesn't "buy" Rashida Tlaib's tears over being denied entry into Israel because of her anti-Semitic views: "I have watched her violence, craziness and, most importantly, WORDS, for far too long. Now tears?" The president refused to mince words with the freshman legislator: "She hates Israel and all Jewish people. She is an anti-Semite." 
Anti-Semitism, masquerading as the more palatable "anti-Israel" position, has dominated the academia liberal propaganda factories that blanket America for years
More than ten years ago, I was working on an M.A. in international relations at a military graduate school.  Every single professor I had, all of them liberal and mostly from Berkley, were virulently anti-Israel. 
The quickest route to classroom success was to attack Israel.  What was most disgusting was just how readily the other students accepted the vomit the professors were spewing. That wouldn't be so bad if they weren't all military officers in the fast lane to the highest ranks of military leadership. 
It was during these years that I was introduced to the John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt hit piece on Israel that was all the rage in academic circles.  It was treated with the reverence that most Christians reserve for the Bible.  Liberals loved it because it normalized and provided a veneer of respectability for their blatant anti-Semitism
What Mearsheimer and Walt did was give anti-Semitic academics the cover to indulge in one of their favorite pastimes under the guise that they were anti-Israel and not anti-Semitic, as if the two concepts could easily be separated.  They can't.
Israel has been the sacred home of the Jewish people for thousands of years.
President Trump has courageously stood by Israel, and the moving of the embassy back to Jerusalem was a high point of his presidency.  He has been the anti-Democrat on this issue, rejecting the false moral equivalencies that have defined our foreign policy for so long.
It has also made the Democrat anti-Semitic explosions look all the worse.  Israel has not had a better friend in the White House in a long time.
Jewish Rabbis and Disloyalty (bolding added, links and italics in original):
Last year, Spitzer wrote that, when it comes to Israel, American Jews should ask themselves: “Do we believe that the physical continuity of the Jewish people supersedes other Jewish values?” In other words: Should the Israelis choose to die en masse instead of committing what Rabbi Spitzer feels is the unforgivable sin of perpetuating the fight with the Palestinians? Implicitly answering in the affirmative, Spitzer challenged the “existential narrative” of Israel, arguing that Jewish sovereignty -- and the Jewish lives protected by its existence -- should not supersede the Jewish values of “lovingkindness” (chesed) and “mercy” (rachamim) toward “supporters of Hamas” -- her words, not mine.
Rabbi Spitzer’s question, and the argument implicit in it, comes from ignorance. According to the Jewish canon, which deals with the laws of armed conflict at length, war against the likes of Hamas is literally a mitzvah. Beyond Judaism, the principle of individual and collective self-defense of life and property is a universal human value enshrined in the law of nations and in free sovereign legal systems like those of the United States. It is an inhuman demand, most often made by totalitarians, that a class of people die or submit to being robbed without putting up a fight -- for the good of another class or people.
This is what comes when people have, completely, lost their survival instinct; Civilizational Collapse and the Brain.  This is virtue signaling gone utterly mad; willing to die to prove you are morally superior.

The Omar-Tlaib affair: Tough questions for AIPAC (bolding added)
Notwithstanding AIPAC's discomfort in the Omar-Tlaib case, there is more than a hint of hypocrisy in its joining the general assault on Israel.
After all, it would be difficult, even impossible, to imagine that the AIPAC leadership would extend an invitation to either Omar or to Tlaib to address its annual convention, and to provide them an opportunity to publicly berate Israel and blacken its name with baseless accusations.
Accordingly, the trenchant question that this raises is the following: If AIPAC would not permit access to Omar and Tlaib to allow them a platform to denigrate Israel, then why would it find fault with Israel for not permitting them access to a very similar platform?

Dems are heading for a complete split with Israel (links in the original, bolding added):

Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are forcing fellow Democrats to choose between them, on one hand, and standing up for America’s most important Middle East ally, Israel, on the other. Guess which side the Dems are taking?

Hint: Not Israel’s.

After the Jewish state nixed the two lawmakers’ anti-Israel publicity stunt last week, House Democrats began weighing retaliatory measures, including possible legislative action against Israel’s US ambassador, Ron Dermer, and the US envoy to Israel, David Friedman.

Meanwhile, Dems close their eyes to the pair’s blatant anti-Semitism, which is only growing after Israel’s decision. On Friday, for example, the two posted an anti-Israel cartoon by an artist known for drawings that mock Holocaust victims and feature anti-Semitic imagery. Outrage from Dems? Ha.
In short, the Left has been turning against Israel and, to curry favor with the Hard Left and their up-and-coming voter base, Democrat Islamophilia: It’s All About the Votes, Baby, the signs are clear where the Democrats are going - and they're flooring it:

But to people who have been watching, the alliance between the Left and Islam has been clear for a while:

Because it was Marxists and Muslims, joined at the hip, that birthed BDS; The Unmasking of BDS (bolding added, link and italics in the original):
The BDS movement was founded by left-wing socialists and Marxists in 2001 explicitly to undermine Israel’s sovereignty, skillfully exploiting the language of peace, justice, and human rights to appeal to Western audiences. Adopted by Palestinian extremists in 2005, BDS misleads civic and cultural organizations, governments, and individuals into believing that its goal is merely to establish a Palestinian state living peacefully beside a Jewish state. Using sophisticated subterfuge to hide its linkage to Palestinian terror groups, it obscures its extremist endgame — the destruction of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and the creation of yet another Arab-majority state.
New York Times writer Roger Cohen, a liberal critic of Israel, realizes that “Mellifluous talk of democracy and rights and justice masks the BDS objective that is nothing other than the end of the Jewish state.”
But then, all this should be no surprise to anyone with a knowledge of history.  The Left and the actual Nazis were kindred spirits in the early 20th century… often borrowing from, and absolutely admiring, each other:

One of the most senior Democrats in the House, the man who would spearhead any impeachment effort against President Trump, called out two members of “the Squad” for sharing an anti-Semitic cartoon by a cartoonist with a history on that topic.
Something; not enough IMHO but better than the crickets from the rest of the “D” side.

And now, a few words from the Jewish Viking (i.e., yours truly):

(Image © 2019)

Through “intersectionality” the Left has chosen to side with the genocidal Arabs over the Jews (just as, on every issue, they choose evil over good; Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals "Think").  Should the Left gain power they will consistently abandon Israel to the anti-Semitic UN – as Obama did by abstaining from UN 2334Imagine not just this resolution that Obama let slip past after the 2016 election when he couldn’t be held to account for it, but a completely-unfettered UN that already exhibits an Ahab-level obsession with attacking Israel – e.g., UN rights council passes 5 anti-Israel resolutions and UNGA adopts 20 resolutions against Israel, 6 on rest of world combined – without America’s veto to protect it as the “intersectional” Democrats abstain again and again... or outright vote against Israel.
As outlined above, virtually every Democrat candidate is discussing cuts in aid to force Israel to make territorial concessions that would prove disastrous to Israel’s ability to defend itself.  This ignores the plain history that the Arabs have been offered land-for-peace many times:

[Debunking the Palestine Lie / 11:36]

Economic boycotts of any Jewish industry in any “occupied” territory will also ensue, as is being pushed in Canada, Canada: Federal court rules that “settlement wines cannot be labeled ‘Made in Israel’”, Ireland, Ireland: Israeli products marked with yellow sticker, and the EU, EU Against Israeli Wine.  BDS would become the de facto standard. 

Ultimately, as I noted in Israel and the "Palestinians": Hard info, and a harder question (Part 2 of 2), the cause of the conflict is not land, but is Jew-hatred as hard-coded into Islam itself (links, bolding, and italics in original):
As I said in the lead-in in Part I, Jew-hatred is hard-coded into the Koran; e.g., Algerian Journalist In Antisemitic Article: 'Our Dispute With The Jews Is A Religious One' (bolding added):
Today, many among us believe that our conflict with the Jews is only because they occupied Palestine, but the truth is that our conflict with them is a religious one, because they hated our Prophet and plotted against our religion and faith, and continue to do so.
In other words, it has nothing to do with Israel... and everything to do with the fact that Jews spurned Mohammed.  1400 years ago.  Read the whole thing.  It’s one big screed of Jew-hating conspiracy theory.  Another article with citations: Islamic Jew Hatred.

Repeating a link from above: BDS is Primarily an Assault on American Jews (bolding added, slightly edited for effect):
American Jews refuse to see what is happening to them while it is happening. The likes of Tlaib and Omar are rendering them political non-entities. By attacking Trump, the main politician supporting them, while giving a free pass to the Democrats who are facilitating discrimination against them, American Jews are disenfranchising themselves
*         Democrats see they can abandon the Jews without consequence.
*         Republicans see that there is no point in sticking up for the Jews who will hate them no matter what they say and do.
By continuing to vote “D” American Jews are sending clear signals to Democrats and Republicans alike.  American Jews’ fealty to the Democrats is playing with electoral fire and risking making us irrelevant.  We face a simple, binary choice:

So which will it be?  Will we, en masse, continue to be plopping Jews and vote “D” or will we support and vote in 2020 for the most pro-Israel President that we’ve had in a long time, possibly forever?  By his actions he shows he remembers, and honors, Jerusalem... my fellow American Jews, do you?



Other essays I’ve written about American Jews and Democrats:



  1. This is an absolutely fabulous essay, one which I am going to share as much as possible. As I have ranted for years as to the self loathing Jews who ignore the obvious, one has to wonder if they remain as boneheaded as to the Democrat Party as they have been for far to long what their reactions will be if the Dems get their way and the proceed to go after the very self loathing Jews that enabled more Anti-Semitism

  2. I can see it now, G-d forbid. The Dems win, and win big, in 2020, with American Jews voting "D" again, overwhelmingly. All that is predicted above, and by others, comes to pass. Israel is wiped out to cheers by the Left and the Muslims with another Shoah occurring. That Jew-hatred would sweep across the US as well.

    And American Jews will say "But... nobody told us this might happen" and "Why didn't you warn us"?

    1. Sad part is the Jew hatred is already sweeping across the U.S. Yet the lemmings just wallow along. Amazing how man refuses to learn from their own history. But then again, putting the hatred put their loudly, just as putting out lies over and over becomes the norm and in fact the truth, just as Goebbels said all those years ago

    2. At the risk of promoting another essay of mine... I beg, I plead, with American Jews to not advocate for more Islamic immigration. Given the absolutely obvious and provable effects happening to ALL Europeans, not just Jews, you'd think this would be a no-brainer HOLY SH*T moment...



      They double down saying that they need to admit more Muslims. Jewicidal.

    3. I've read it and agree it is a must read

  3. "Sad part is the Jew hatred is already sweeping across the U.S."

    Why is anyone surprised? Any white American (gentile) spending even a few minutes on Twitter would likely conclude that the Jews have declared total, democidal war on them. Only yesterday, I stumbled across another few Jewish Twitter accounts crowing (yes, openly) about the expected "replacement" of white America. We all know what that means.

    Perhaps its due to the fact that American Jews have had it so good for so long that they have come to think of themselves as untouchable. They are wrong.

    But they are drunk on hubris and hubris always precedes nemesis. Always.

    1. That's one of the reasons I am so afraid... while there are bitter rifts growing in the American Jewish community between persons like myself and you (despite you being across the pond) and the SJWs, people from the outside look at us collectively and judge us by the lunatics.

      And please do check out the piece I posted yesterday.

    2. It's not just American Jews.

      I was reading a rather ugly piece - with uglier comments - with multiple examples of liberal Jews who are pushing the Great Replacement / the whole multi-culturalism "diversity" crap.

      It's like a really bad play:

      White non-Jews: Jews are trying to use demographic replacement to eliminate us.

      Jews: Of course we aren't. Hey, let's help the migrants move to western countries! Diversity is a strength and all.

      Pro-migration Jews are fueling the very hatred they decry.

    3. Would like to see some of those twitter posts you mentioned.


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