Some Thoughts on Climate Hysteria

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I have weighed in, multiple times, about this nonsense – mostly in my QUICK HIT compilations which are currently on hiatus for the nonce – but again, try to hold this perspective in your mind as you read this post:

Imagine for a moment that you believed, truly believed, that mankind’s CO2 emissions were going to doom the planet in a decade or so.  Not warm things up a bit… I mean doom all higher life, if not the entire biosphere.

[Jerry Nadler: Climate Change Will Reduce Life to Bacteria / 0:56]
Do I believe Nadler believes this?  F*ck no, not for an attosecond (from what I’ve read he’s going to be primaried by someone even farther Left and is obviously trying to outflank that potential rival).  Nor does Obama with his new beach house.  Nor do DiCaprio or any of the others.  Al Gore is laughing his ass off as he flogs his bishop over his bank balance, as are most of the Warmist scientists on the lucrative lecture circuit.  They’re virtue signaling at best, and Machiavellian-power-grabbing at worst.  After all, the mask is off – as I’ve noted in many of my linkfests, the Warmists now openly call for a complete remaking of the economy and a shift to “enlightened” Philosopher-King rule and worldwide Socialism. 

(HT Theospark)

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”

They say it again and again and again; they want to destroy representative government, and impose world Socialism; a rule of the Anointed.  From Climate Change Democracy Deniers (bolding added):

A year ago a senior fellow emeritus at Britain’s Policy Studies Institute, Mayer Hillman, author of How We Can Save the Planet, told a reporter, “When the chips are down I think democracy is a less important goal than is the protection of the planet from the death of life, the end of life on it. This [rationing] has got to be imposed on people whether they like it or not.” (Hillman openly advocates resource rationing.)
A revealing slip of the mask, no? And what a disappointment that the climatistas will still have to put up with elections and the people and such. Authoritarianism is so much more fun.
Remember, these people routinely praise authoritarian China as a model.  (No wonder they love the coming tech-company-imposed social credit system.)

Now, I’m not going to go into all the details of why I no longer believe in the alarmism – I used to, but I changed.  For one brick-on-a-jeweler’s-scale example, though, understand that when you outright fabricate data (writing as a STEM professional) you’ve lost me; Another Wildly Fraudulent Data Set From NOAA (numerous great graphs but here’s the piece de resistance side-by-side comparison):


Or this overlay of original vs. "adjusted" data from Texas:

But instead, I want you to consider the video at this link; College students think world will end in 12 years.  Because of this irrational fear of something they can’t even quantify let alone fully grasp, people are resolving to not have kids out of fear of climate change.  Kids are depressed, some are abusing drugs, and a few are even committing suicide out of fear of climate change; Climate Rhetoric Begets Child Abuse ... and Suicide:

An extremely disheartening tweet is currently floating around Twitter in which a man informs us that a 14-year-old kid at his wife’s school took his own life due to overwhelming fear related to climate change.
Warmists are killing their own children and then themselves out of fear of climate change (dated but horrific nonetheless):

I literally cannot fathom the despair & hopelessness it must take to even consider the idea to kill your own infant child, let alone do it and then commit suicide.  And that was years ago – the rhetoric has been dialed up even farther; Climate Hysteria Is Harming Our Kids (links in original):
According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly one-third of all 13- to 18-year olds will experience an anxiety disorder. The numbers continue to go up; between 2007 and 2012, anxiety in children and teens rose 20 percent.
The suicide rate for young Americans is now the highest ever recorded. Between 2000 and 2017, the number of suicides has doubled for females aged 15 to 24. Males between 15 and 19 killed themselves at a rate of 17.9 per 100,000, up from 13 per 100,000 in 2000.
Our increasingly anxious kids deserve better. Daily prophecies of global annihilation are deeply unhealthy, not to mention unsupported by the vast majority of research. Even if you accept that human activity is heating the globe, relatively few scientists are predicting the end of the world in 12 years or 17 months.
Another; Super. Democrats have convinced half of younger voters the world is ending in the next 15 years:
There is a dramatic difference by age on this question. Half (51%) of voters under 35 believe it is at least somewhat likely humanity will be wiped out in the next decade or so. Only 12% of senior citizens agree (and only 4% of seniors believe it is Very Likely).
So it is absolutely clear that a significant portion of people do believe this concept: that, at the least, mankind is causing its own destruction and more than a few believe mankind’s CO2 emissions will end all life on earth.  Because they’ve cast out Hashem from their lives, Hardwired for Faith, they’re searching for something to fill the void.  (Cue dramatic music and angelic singing) SAAAAVING THE PLAAAANET works to do precisely that… and what to make of this?

This deification goes hand in hand with Germany: Merkel Regime To Punish Critics of Greta.
I see it in my own discussions with them.  They'll agree with everything I say... nod their heads... say "Wow I did not know that" to my referrals to peer-reviewed studies with parallel out-loud comments that they need to look it up... but when I ask them to consider that "climate change" might - might - be exaggerated if not wrong, they snarl "DENIER!" like I've insulted their deity; Why Climate Change Is EXACTLY Like a Religious Cult.


[EPIC GREEN FAIL!!!! ‌‌ - Lee Doren / 3:58]
And if crashing the next generation voluntarily, with untold trillions in an effort unprecedented in history doesn’t work?  What then?  Here’s a mysterious tidbit; When Children Protest, Adults Should Tell them the Truth (bolding added, green highlighting added for extra emphasis, italics in the original):
What that would mean in practice? Thunberg is not detained by details. Culturico explains that she represents the “dark green” environmentalists, who blame a combination of overpopulation and technology for our changing environment. The “light green” view, on the other hand, is that overpopulation is not a problem per se, and that technology will be the answer to coping with climate change, not “pulling the emergency brake” by halting CO2 emissions. Thunberg admits that her preferred solution is not “politically possible,” but this has only convinced her of the need to “change the system.” Her ideas are emblematic of a radical environmentalism aligned with a far-Left anti-capitalism, and parts of her speeches could be mistaken for the recital of a revolutionary manifesto. “We have come here,” Thunberg proclaims, “to let you know that change is coming, whether you like it or not. The real power belongs to the people.”
In a bid to create the peoples’ paradises, Marxists in various forms have murdered over 100 million people.  They discussed murdering 25 million Americans after their planned Communist take-over; Larry Grathwohl: Requiem for an American Hero (bolding added):
They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter revolution and they felt that this counter revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing reeducation centers in the Southwest where would take all the people who needed to be reeducated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be.
I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can’t reeducate that are diehard capitalists and the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. And when I say eliminate I mean kill – 25 million people.
I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious."
And again, this was “merely” to create a Socialist paradise.  So, faced with the death of human life, if not all life… what are they prepared to do?

Just consider one last thing, one hand vs. the other:
OOH: We must switch to all renewables – solar, wind, waves (the latter two powered by the sun’s energy input).  We would, therefore, be totally dependent on the sun’s energy landing on earth to power all of civilization.
OTOH: They are talking about using aerosols and even space mirrors to block the sun’s energy input. 
Thus they are discussing deliberately reducing the energy arriving on earth while mandating we be totally reliant upon it – all the while our civilization requires reliable energy with our needs for energy needs growing, not decreasing.  They have fled from any positive discussionof using nuclear power as well.

The effects of those two moves being done are utterly predictable… someone (these “someones?”) wants the entirety of civilization to fall and mass starvation to occur, for wind and solar being the sole energy providers is not feasible – consider this article; Dousing candidates and Green New Dealers with buckets of icy cold reality:
Generating the 3.9 billion megawatt-hours that Americans consumed in 2018 would mean we would have to completely blanket over twelve million acres – half of Virginia – with solar panels, and get the Sun to shine at high-noon summertime Arizona intensity 24/7/365, wherever we install those panels.
[Alternatively, replacing that capacity with wind would be equally insane.  E]very turbine really needs at least 50 acres of open space, and Fowler Ridge uses 120 acres per turbine. That works out to 750 million acres (ten times Arizona) – to 1,800 million acres (ten times Texas or nearly the entire Lower 48 United States)! Eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, geese and other high-flying birds and bats would virtually disappear from our skies. Insects and vermin would proliferate.
The article also points out the incredible denuding of natural resources to obtain the materials to do this.  (Side note: I am absolutely supportive of solar, wind, etc., where economically viable – remote locations are a good example.  I also recall from some years ago attending a presentation about a brewery using fuel cells powered by its waste stream’s fermentation to completely power their plant, and saving them money to boot.  Wonderful!)

I think it’s clear what they are prepared to do: make humanity extinct, or nearly so… and, IMHO, they are planning to do it.  Planning to do it, convinced they are doing good.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn was spot-on with this tidbit of wisdom:
In order for men to do great evil, they must first believe they are doing good.
 Think they can’t?  Remember, these are the people who think this:

(Image source)

is something that can be casually killed at convenience with no guilt whatsoever; hell, they’ve sexualized having abortions – killing their own infants – into a fetish that arouses them; Killing Babies for Sexual Pleasure.  Literal child sacrifice.  And if they are willing to murder innocents whose only "crime" is that of having been conceived, what then will they do to eeeeeevil people who are standing in the way of their saving the planet?
They are convinced that destroying civilization and decimating the human population through mass starvation or even more active measures – in a level of death that would make Islam’s murder spree look like a folk dance – is not just a good thing but a moral imperative (remember: if we have "only 12 years" then even if there were no babies born, period, that could not possibly be enough).

For example, would they initiate nuclear war with China, Russia, etc., to both reduce global population as well as create the "nuclear winter" that's been warned about to block light further?  When you are convinced that the entire biosphere depends on it... depends on drastic action now now now... what will you NOT consider?  Be frightened, very frightened, of the future if they get power. 

So vote, in 2020 and henceforth, like your life depends on it.  Your life, and your posterity’s lives.  Because they very likely do.



  1. Here’s the text of a great response to the whole “Greta” phenomenon by author Michael Z. Williamson, in his blog entry entitled, “Greta: Nazi Propagandist Or Stockholm Syndrome Victim?."

    Sorry, not trying to shill for another guy's blog on yours, but he really, really shreds her, her parents and the entire Left (and I'm always up for something like that).

    1. Please. That's a great post. As long as good posts are linked to, I don't mind.

      Gmar chatima tova!


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