TGOA (Tommy Gets Out Alive!) - and TGIF! (And what the heck, Rule 5 just for traffic.)

Tommy Robinson released from prison nine weeks after he was jailed for contempt of court

Thank Hashem.  Welcome back, warrior.  Rest, recoup, and then rejoin the fight.

And TGIF to everyone.  To my fellow Tribe members, Shabbat Shalom.


Normally I don't do "Rule 5" stuff because I want to gain traffic because of my wits and deep thoughts, not boobage.  But given the news above, I'm celebrating.  Announcing WOMEN WITH DRINKS.



  1. The girl at the top looks like her boobs are about to get up and fly away.
    There has been no reason given for Tommy's early release .
    I'm not sure whether Boris could call it or not.


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