Gratuitous Rule 5 Friday Post: Women on Boats

Hello!  TGIF!

First, thanks to The Other McCain for including last week's post Women with Drinks.  And Woodsterman's post too.  And Pirate's Cove for including this one.!
I’m swamped workwise so posting will be slow (though I am trying to make at least slow progress on a couple of essays that I have “in the oven”).  Please, however, make sure to check out this essay by Dennis Prager:

The reason this is so frightening is that it means one side has lost its grip on reality. If half of this country cannot distinguish truth from falsehood, that is not a good sign for the nation's future.

When one side – theirs – cannot recognize actual, provable reality and combines that with a messianic belief they can cure the world’s problems through absolute power then it cannot NOT end in CW2.

So, now, welcome to my shameless click-bait Rule 5 post – done weekly on Fridays and left over the weekend unless something really urgent pops about which I need to post.

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