A Hopeful Welcome to VIP Readers

Any link highlighted in yellow is a link to something that, if you buy it, supports my effort.  Any link highlighted in cyan is a link to another post of mine.

This will stay up until, probably, Monday, at which point I will have another QUICK HITS up (last one here).  I also have a couple of new essays I’m working on, but they “ripen” on their own schedule.  I will, for tactical reasons, not be doing a Rule 5 post today as I normally do on Fridays but will resume next week.  Hopefully regular readers will understand.

Over the past week I’ve sent about ten mugs with this cartoon:

to various people whom I believe are VIPs on the right side of the spectrum (I wanted to send one to Rush Limbaugh but apparently he doesn’t accept physical items mailed to him).  I hope, after they receive them, they follow up by checking out my blog.  Assuming it’s worked, you’re here and reading, let me introduce myself briefly.  And WELCOME!

I am a “capital C Conservative American Jew” – when asked if I am a Republican my standard answer is “No, I’m not that liberal”.  On this blog I write essays:

Volume 1

Volume 2

I write about many things.

I also compile links into a big post “QUICK HITS”, where I add my own thoughts, and which is posted once or twice a week.  I have a bunch of cartoons done by someone else since I can’t “artistic” my way out of a wet paper bag… and since they cost me $150 each I am budget-constrained, not idea-constrained.  All my cartoons are here – and as long as they are not used commercially (i.e., you making money from them), and that I get a hat tip and linkback, please feel free to use them.  Aside from the one above, I think these two are particularly relevant to today’s situation:

In an openly-admitted attempt to gain more traffic, I normally post a compilation of PG-13 or milder pictures of women.  It works; Fridays are often my highest-traffic days because of that.  There may be skin; there will not be anything truly “exposed”.  I do what I must to get my ideas out there by drawing attention to my blog.

Anyway, I write and post because I fear TINVOWOOT – “there is no voting our way out of this” – and my heart is heavy at that.  The Left in this country is so consumed by hatred, not just for President Trump, but anyone to the Right of Stalin, and I fear that hatred will trigger a civil war.  I don’t want it to happen, I pray we can avoid it… but I don’t see how.

So again, welcome.  I hope you make my blog a regular place to visit.  Hashem bless you, and America, Israel, and Western Civilization in general… and my best for a great weekend.

NITZAKHON (which means VICTORY in Hebrew - something we need, or we're done.)


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