Inspired by Bastion of Liberty: Kangaroo follies

OK.  Quick post but inspired so I wanted to get it out.

Linda Fox who posts at Francis Porretto's blog Bastion of Liberty just posted this: Put This on the Impeachment Hearing Table.  I am inspired.  Please do go back to see the QUICK HITS I posted early this morning after you’re done with this post:

QUICK HITS December 11, 2019

Time to write to San Fran Nan with this image:

(Image source)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi - Website contact info

Embed the link to the image in the message you post to her.  Also do the same for your representative.  And Senators.

I have just bought plush-toy kangaroos to send to their home offices.  May take a while due to security but it will put them on notice we know what they’re doing / have done.

Look up your Congresscritter here:    HOUSE.GOV

Look up your Senators here:   SENATE.GOV

And, if you have a Senator who will back the President – should this get to a trial in the Senate – get a plush toy and send it to them to have them put it on their desks / stations during the trial.  The Left’s “saint” Alinsky said ridicule is the most effective weapon.  TIME TO USE IT!

Also, email The Turtle McConnell and Lindsay Graham and push them to use this to CRUSH the Democrats.  Call Schiff as a witness.  Nadler, and cite his opposition to impeachment for Clinton, and his statement from 2017 about weakening Trump.  Call the leaker Eric Ciaramella, Brennan, Clapper, and others.  Get them under oath and NAIL THEM.  Even Obama now that it’s coming out he was aware of the FBI effort in 2016; put him under oath.  Use process crime violations to get something on them and squeeeeeze until they sing and name names.

This is not the time for delicate conversations over tea.  This is a time to FINISH THEM OFF as any kind of effective party.


  1. Just a quick correction - It was me that wrote that post (Linda Fox). Although Fran does inspire me for most of them.


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