Jewicidal Yidiots: Completing What Haman And Hitler Started (Part 1 of 3)

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Author’s note: Although I want to save Western Civilization in its entirely from Islam, I am targeting this specifically towards my fellow Tribe members.  Thus, I focus on the effects migration is having on us specifically even though the catastrophic effects are much broader.  Anyone who’s read other, related, essays of mine – or looks at my QUICK HITS linkfests – will easily see my concern about migration extend not just to the effects on Jews but all the peoples of Europe and America  However, it is my hope and prayer that by focusing this essay on “enlightened self-interest” that my fellow (liberal) Jews will turn from this path – with the added benefits descending on all of Europe and America as well.


In 2018 I wrote what is proving to be my second-most popular essay – second to this, A Very Personal Opposition to Gun Control – and well over 10,000!: An Open Letter to my Fellow American Jews, in which I harshly criticized American Jewish support for Islamic migration to the US (and it’s ongoing, dammit).  Following it was one that is getting a lot of views lately, G-d Damn You Barbara Spectre!.  Since then I’ve written other pieces, most notably Jews Supporting Migrants: Undermining America, the West, and endangering us Jews to boot, but also Understanding Pittsburgh through a Dopamine-Addict Lens, and all with the same theme: attempting to slap some sense into my fellow American Jews regarding the absolute Jewicidal Yidiocy of advocating for Islamic “refugees” to be brought to the West (in general) and America (specifically).  Never mind, more generally, their advocacy of illegal immigration – which, as noted here, Investigation: Anti-ICE “Never Again Action” a Creation of Anti-Israel Group “IfNotNow”, is purely a function of Leftist groups (links in original):

You might remember INN from our earlier coverage. It’s a particularly virulent anti-Israel organization founded in 2014, ostensibly in response to Operation Protective Edge (the third Hamas-Israel war). The group claims to be composed of  “young Jews” who were “moved to act by moral anguish” in response to the fighting in Gaza; much like Jewish Voice for Peace, INN participants trumpet their own so-called Jewishness as a way to inoculate themselves against charges of anti-Semitism.

Just look at who they’re allied with: Left groups all.  Even with American Jews insanely cleaving to the Democrats, on a pure statistical basis if it were Judaism, not Leftism there’d be a few Right-leaning groups in there.  I know of none.  Meanwhile, check out the Orthodox Jews who just raised $5 million for Trump’s re-election campaign; HUNDREDS of Orthodox Jews Chant “Four More Years!” at NYC Trump Fundraiser on Tuesday — Donate $5 Million to Reelection Campaign (VIDEO).

But back to the main theme.  In particular, of course, as the essay about Spectre highlighted, understand the pivotal – lynchpin – role that video interview has in the white nationalist movement.  Now let me be as clear as it is possible to be:

1. I have ZERO issues with white people wanting to remain white people.  White people – and I am as lily-white visually as you can get! – founded Western Civilization, the greatest civilization to have ever existed.  (I have zero issues with mixed-race marriages, being in one, but have no problem whatsoever with whites marrying whites either.)

(HT Gorges)

2. I have ZERO issues with nationalism; indeed, nations, not a pan-global utopian (read: freedom-crushing Socialist state) are the true seats of freedom and cultural preservation.

So I was very pleased, in a confirming but gloating way, to see this video by Pat Condell:

[Pat Condell: O come all ye Jew Haters / 4:18]

In it he described how, as he defends Jews and Israel, he gets barraged by emails linking to Spectre’s video – linking to and/or quoting it – as “proof” there is a (cue ominous music) vast Jewish conspiracy to subvert the world.  No. What it is proof of, however, is that I was – once again – right in my outburst when I saw Spectre speaking on video (italics and bolding in the original; underlining added):

My reaction was instantaneous:  I. Blew. Up.  I haven’t been that white-hot livid in a long time.  G-d bless my blood pressure.  Thankfully I was alone at the time; I was screaming at the computer “Don’t you understand this will make them hate us?”

I echo this guy:

[Boy do I hate being right all the time - Jurassic Park / 0:03]

Pro-migration Jews are helping Islam to invade the West, receiving accolades from the Left – even as that aid to invaders is provoking (not unjustified IMHO) ire from the neo-Nazis and especially the alti-Right, and leading them to conclude we are intentionally attempting to destroy the West.  So let’s take a look at what those migrants we help are doing to the West, to us specifically, and with whom they are allied against us.


Many sites, such as:
routinely cover the calamitous effects of the Islamic / African invasion of Europe, and highlight the deliberate facilitation of this (not to mention the facilitation of Islamic migration to the US done by groups like HIAS among many non-Jewish agents too).  Those effects are, to thinking people who have been red-pilled about Islam*, obvious.  This testimony about Islamic migration is a must-read; The terrible warning of a Holocaust survivor:

As tens of thousands of demonstrators march through the streets of Europe, the chants are modified but the message remains substantially intact: ‘Hamas, Hamas, Hamas — Jews to the Gas’. Or, more simply: ‘Death to the Jews’. Many European Jews, even well-established, affluent Jews, have been checking the suitcase they keep packed under the bed. They have been here before and many are (albeit reluctantly) reading the writing on the wall.

The ideology contained in the Hamas Charter (which was adopted in 1987, not 1887), leaves no room for interpretation. ‘Our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave,’ it declares. Every Muslim is enjoined to confront the enemy in the land of the Muslims: ‘a woman must fight the enemy even without her husband’s authorisation, and a slave without his master’s permission… In order to face the usurpation of Palestine by the Jews, we have no escape from raising the banner of Jihad. We must…join the ranks of the Jihad fighters’.

Article Seven of the Charter provides the religious justification: ‘The Prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: “The [end of days] will not come until Muslims fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!’”’

Read the whole thing before you continue.  It’s in London too; UK: London Bridge jihad murderer belonged to Muslim group that admired Hitler.  Sounds like a wonderful type to invite over for tea and an "interfaith event".  Speaking of such things… at my shul we had one several years ago.  The Imam there, in a slip, said that the biggest problem facing America was “secular law” – so what’s the opposite of secular law?  Religious law.  Do you think he was discussing Talmudic Law, or Sharia Law?

What’s happening in Europe?  Watch this video (not short but a must-see if you care about Western Civilization… and it’s a harbinger of the future for America):

[Killing Europe A Documentary / 1:12:44]

(HT BareNakedIslam who also has this alternative video source if youtube pulls the above)

Not only did they not call for an end to violence against Jews, they endorsed it as a means to eliminate the state of Israel.”One, two, three, four… Occupation no more,” they chanted. “Five, six, seven, eight. Smash the settler Zionist state.” “We don’t want two states. We want one.” “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

This is not anti-Semitism from the Right.  It’s Islamic anti-Semitism wedded to the “intersectional” Left.  For example, do you think this conference was sponsored by the “Alt-Right”?  With this being yet another example of “intersectionality””

AMP positions itself as at the forefront of the ‘intersectional’ fight against Israel, helped along by radically anti-Israel activists from other groups. Not surprisingly, AMP’s conduct in trying to stifle unflattering but accurate coverage confirms my prior reporting about AMP’s true intentions.

[What Is Intersectionality? / 4:15]

The Left and Islam are allies:

Jews are not safe in the West thanks to this alliance.  The “Alt-Right” and neo-Nazis?  Present, not harmless, but to obsess about them exclusively ignores the greater danger of this alliance.  Here are examples of the Left-Islam alliance in action:

“Go back to the ovens, go back to Europe!”

That was what Jewish students, pro-Israel activists, and Jewish community members heard in Vari Hall.

While angry mobs chanted "From Toronto to Gaza, Globalize the Intifada!” and “Intifada, Intifada, go back to the ovens" in the hall outside, inside the room anti-Israel thugs tried to shout down the speakers. Students were pushed and shoved by BDS bigots waving PLO flags and chanting terrorist slogans determined to shut down the event and prevent the Israeli veterans from being heard.

At York University, Shar Leyb found a campus where Jewish students are afraid to publicly identify with their heritage and their faith. They hide the identifying symbols, like the Stars of David, that might give away who they are. “Jews are afraid to walk around on campus,” he told Front Page Magazine.

Who coordinates the Israel Apartheid Weeks on campuses across the world?  Muslims in alliance with the Left; Israel Apartheid Week: The Dirty Product of a Grotesque Alliance (bolding added):

The blackening of Israel’s name on university campuses is the dirty work of a grotesque alliance between political “progressives” and reactionary Islamic fundamentalists.

Do you think “white nationalists” built this monument, or an alliance of Muslims and Leftists; Oberlin College Students Erect Memorial to Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorists?

So now, to wrap up this section, understand that many (most? virtually all?) so-called hate crimes are fake.  Now, consider these quotes, with my rejoinders, from a pro-Palestinian Jewish college columnist:

My own family emigrated from Tunisia to Israel in the 1950s and was put into a slum in the desert…

Her family didn’t emigrate, they were driven out – like almost a million other Jews living in Muslim lands… and driven out after centuries of oppression by Muslims.  And that slum was a makeshift camp for those refugees as Israel absorbed more Jews than were already there… she makes her family’s move sound so voluntary:

I do have real fears as a Jewish person in America and on campus. Living in a state built on Christian hegemony and white supremacy and an era where Jews have experienced heightened anti-Semitism from white nationalists and the government, I feel vulnerable as a Jewish woman.

Where is the outrage from outside organizations like CAMERA when swastikas appear…

Those who I see as my allies in resistance are the Palestinian people and many other marginalized communities working to overthrow these structures of violence. I’m deeply upset by those who have claimed that pro-Palestinian activism is the face of anti-Semitism on campus because we are not only degrading a principled group of people, but also undermining the very real fear of anti-Semitism.

She calls the Palestinians “principled”?  Really?  The only principle they have is KILL JEWS.  They marinate their kids in Jew-hate from Day One:

[Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony: Kids Stage Mock Military Attack and Hostage-Taking / 4:58]

Swastikas appear on campus and she, already sympathetic to the Palestinians (who openly call for Israel’s destruction and murdered Jews), cleaves to them and supports their cause even more in the face of the perceived common enemy.  Yet it never occurs to her that, understanding this would be her reaction, those swastikas could be drawn by those Palestinians to elicit that very support.  Blinded by her racism, she cannot conceive Arabs could be that shrewd but, clearly, sees them as innocent “noble savages” – and therefore incapable of such deception.  Yet deception is a key part of Jihad:

Continued in Part 2 – Link to be activated when posted.


  1. First of all, neo-nazis are NEVER justified in their anger towards us, they hate us regardless of what people such as Spectre say and do. If we voted 100% Republican, they would still blame us for all of their ills. The fact is that the politically conservative Orthodox community is under attack just as much if not more so than liberal Jews. Secondly, you have many liberal and leftist churches which are sanctuaries and advocates for illegal aliens and advocates for refugees and open borders. You have gentile democrat governors and mayors declaring sanctuary cities and states, such as Cuomo and Murphy . The problem is with leftism in general. People like Spectre are simply a pretext for anti-Semites on the alt right. So please stop internalizing anti-Semitism and playing into their hands of scapegoating the Jews.

    1. I did not say that they were justified in their anger at us. I clearly stated they use Spectre and others to rationalize that anger.

      I have pointed out in other essays that there are multiple agents working to undermine American immigration law; the problem is that HIAS and others openly declare it to be "Jewish values" to do so.

      I am far, far more concerned with the Left-Islam alliance.

    2. Well you did say they were not unjustified in their ire. I completely agree that the leftist-islam alliance is far more concerning.


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