Gratuitous Rule 5 Post: Sun & Surf


*** Progress on this thing, but sloooooow.  Hopefully a new essay done by the end of next week. ***

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So, now, welcome to my shameless click-bait Rule 5 post – done weekly on Fridays and left over the weekend unless something really urgent pops about which I need to post.  In general, posting will be light the next week or so.

Before we get to the visuals please check out my last five essays/posts:

And three more-or-less randomly picked “blast from the past” essays:

Also check out my latest QUICK HITS linkfest (just put up this morning!), and my CARTOONS. 

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A FOREIGN AFFAIR – How I met my wife: Women from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America

And now, without further ado, as I’ve hit and passed my I’M SICK OF WINTER limit, presenting…




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