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Like the image above, the idea is this: Spartans resisted; our (my!) Colonial ancestors resisted.  We owe it to their proud memory to do the same.


Adding this as a permanent feature.  Go to the site and explore.  Understand JURY NULLIFICATION.  Share this information with friends and family.  This is the third box.  There’s only one more.  You, as a juror, have the absolute right to judge not just the facts of the case, but whether the law is being justly applied – and if you believe not, you have the absolute right to vote NOT GUILTY.  Use this.

I vote for public impalement, but that’s just me.

===== TOP OF THE FOLD =====

And yet… the Left insists Trump is owned by Russia.  Which is funny, because for decades the hard Left in America literally took orders from Moscow.

Grueling hours of questioning about obscure things from years ago, then trap you with a process crime when you misremember details.  The FBI, indeed any federal law enforcement agency, cannot be trusted.


I wear a kippa; were there a situation where it was needed for me to not wear one, OK fine, I will take it off.  But a kippa does not obscure my face.  A burqa does.  This is a legitimate public safety issue.


Had enough multicultural diversity and enrichment yet?


Demographic (and cultural) end game. And in… guess where:


And yet, if you even bring up this idea to most people, they think you’re insane.  They literally can’t grasp it:



Quote (bolding added):

That said, I move on to the larger issue, one that concerns not just Germany, but all of Europe in this time of mass Muslim migration and the resultant social and criminal problems it has created. Europeans are getting fed up because their governments are taking little to no action to deal with this problem, let alone protect their citizens. The result is a growth on the right of Nazi-type extremists who are ready to meet the violence with their own brand of violence. This is to be condemned, but it should be discussed and understood - especially in a Europe that limits freedom of speech. The problem is especially severe in Germany, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, more than any other politician, bears much of the blame for spearheading the wave of Muslim migration into Europe.

But if things continue, I see one of two things happening. Either the Europeans will meekly surrender to the Islamization of their countries, give up their freedoms, and spend the rest of their lives living in fear behind closed doors, or they will resort to violence since their governments and police cannot or will not protect them. What happened in Hanau was an omen of more to come, I am afraid.

And not just killing of Muslims, but picking off of government officials who enabled this invasion.

Let me be clear: do I want a continent-wide bloodbath?  Of course not.  But the invasion has been forced, and continues to be forced, on a population increasingly restive about the Great Replacement.  As Peter Grant once observed, nobody goes from zero to jackboot like the Europeans… and if the tide of migrants is not stopped, then reversed, it will happen.  Related:

But… false flag?


Rather obviously, I give no truck to actual Jew haters.  But Jews are aiding and abetting migration in supermajority mode.  Not like a backlash was predicted.  Oh, wait:


The 4 S’s apply:

Sink the boats

Strafe the survivors

Shut up

Sharks have to eat too


Fewer people to hire with more demand?  Why, it’s almost like labor is subject to supply-and-demand pressures.  Whoda thunk it?

And it will, once again, lead to a “race to the bottom”:

And incentivize the opening of borders:


Can we PLEASE see some of these people pushing this fall prey to the criminals they protect?


[Chinese Authorities welding shut entire apartment buildings with residents inside / 0:48]

Yup, yup, just another average, ordinary virus.  More:

And more:


Some Chinese researchers are in the habit of selling their laboratory animals to street vendors after they have finished experimenting on them.

You heard me right.

Instead of properly disposing of infected animals by cremation, as the law requires, they sell them on the side to make a little extra cash. Or, in some cases, a lot of extra cash. One Beijing researcher, now in jail, made a million dollars selling his monkeys and rats on the live animal market, where they eventually wound up in someone’s stomach.

Some friends and I talk about our preps.  None of us are where we’d like to be, but we all agree on one thing: we, as prepared as we are which is not as prepared as we want, are better off than 95% of the population.  And this does not bode well for China – if true:


Such weapons do need a countermeasures, but I’m more worried about low-tech stuff.

===== COUP & CLINTON =====

Let the firings begin.  Related:

Better turn into reality.


Sounds like a great pic.  Here’s hoping!  Here’s something of a counterpoint, citing this essay:

===== TRUMP =====

Don’t get cocky.  The Left is going insane – and seeing Trump and us as “the enemy” and “subhuman scum” they will rationalize anything to see Trump defeated… and then us in camps.


If ALL Trump did in his second term was shift the courts, it’d be worth it.


Well, duh.


Worst anti-gay President evah!  Related:

===== HEALTHCARE =====

(HT Gorges)


Tread carefully, but a great opportunity.


This is bad.  But… read some of the other stuff they do, too (links in the original):

In 2008, British medical ethics expert Baroness Warnock asserted that people suffering from dementia are a burden on the NHS and should be allowed to opt for euthanasia, even if they are not in pain.

Four years later, Professor Patrick Pullicino, a consultant neurologist for East Kent Hospitals and professor of clinical neurosciences at the University of Kent, asserted that the “Liverpool Care Pathway,” which provided palliative care for terminally ill patients, was killing off 130,00 people per year, because they were difficult to manage — or to free up beds for other patients.

In 2017, the NHS decided to single out obese people and smokers. Those with a body mass index over 40 were denied nonemergency surgery unless they lost weight. Smokers had to quit for at least eight weeks and then had to be tested to detect the levels of carbon monoxide in their blood to make sure. Also in 2017, the NHS took away the parental rights of Chris Gard and Connie Yates so their gravely ill son, Charlie, could “die with dignity” rather than receive experimental treatment in America.

===== 2020 / ELECTIONS IN GENERAL =====

Heritage matters.  And Pete’s praise of Sanders as a Socialist – in 2000 most were barely aware of Sanders at all?


The power of FREE STUFF at someone else’s expense… and these people EAT IT UP. 

More on Bernie:


If it walks like a communist and talks like a communist, then it IS a communist.

And here’s who Bernie cozies up to:

And for a man who aspires to be the “first Jewish President” he sure cozies up to people who hate Jews:

Just don’t get cocky.  They said Trump couldn’t win either:



I think the qualifying word is “permanently”.  Hate is a very strong emotion, and judging by the stuff I’ve seen lately on the “professional” site LinkedIn, they’re full-on rage.  Hate of Trump and, by extension, anyone to the Right of Stalin can unite them for long enough to do real damage.  For example:


I give this at least a 50% chance.  With Her Heinous the Crone of Chappaqua stepping forward “reluctantly, but out of a sense of duty to America and love for the Constitution…”  Related:

If Bernie is a non-stoppable juggernaut, but they kneecap him, I’ll fall off my diet to eat popcorn watching the sh*t storm that ensues.


So nice to be generous with other peoples’ money.  It’s the vote pump:

[THE VOTE PUMP / 6:09]

More on Bloomberg:


[Is Voter Fraud Real? / 5:40]

[The Myth of Voter Suppression / 5:28]


Biden. Is. Toast.

===== ENEMEDIA =====

Quote (bolding added):

Ilhan Omar is an extremist. She thinks nothing, apparently, of citing openly Communist friends in support of her anti-Semitic fantasies. She hates the United States and Israel, but has no particular problem with Islamic terrorists who “simply” join ISIS. If a Republican Congressman linked to a white supremacist web site to defend himself against a well-supported allegation of corruption–something almost impossible to imagine–every news outlet in America would come crashing down on him, and he would be out of Congress within 24 hours. Ilhan Omar did something worse. She linked to and cited a Communist, openly anti-Semitic, and terrorist supporting web site to deflect well-founded (frankly, obviously true) allegations of multi-level corruption: marriage fraud, immigration fraud, tax fraud, among others. And yet the Democratic Party press has been, so far, silent.


It. Will. Never. Stop.  More:

Isn’t it time for her to take a dirt nap already?  And:


The enemedia has been a domestic enemy for years; we’re finally waking up to it.


Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism.

Craig Reucassel



This is the main reason the Third World is poor. There is no point building anything if the thugs running the government will just take it away. So nothing gets built.

If Democrats prevail, the USA will become a Third World country; it is beginning to happen already, where they hold sway.

We need to make this case, and forcefully.  Everything is now becoming a “human right” – healthcare, housing.  What’s next?  Food?  Of course – see EBT cards and the howls that go up when conditions are put on that.  (Snark: can I say it’s a “human right” to get BJs?  Don’t laugh: IIRC in England welfare is paying for disabled people to visit the red light districts!)


On the flip side, this is pure insanity:


I used to be a fan of the ACLU, even if I disagreed with some of the stances they took, because of this principled approach.  No longer.  Somewhat related:

Quote (bolding added):

So we live in an era where Americans can be locked up for talking. And if that precedent is set in stone, why can’t the states claim that people are “causing harm” by saying hateful things? Don’t get me wrong. The students in question are idiots at a minimum and fully deserving of the scorn they’ve received. They claim they were just “playing a game” that involved saying offensive things, but if your idea of a game involves hurling the N-word around, you’ll be lucky if scorn is all you receive. And yet it’s still just speech, hateful though it may be.

This is the era of wokeness where college students constantly say they feel “unsafe” if people say things that make them uncomfortable. If the courts can be convinced that such speech constitutes an actual “harm” to them, the floodgates will be wide open. Free speech is gutted and that’s the game, set and match.


Never mind the Corona virus aspect.  This kind of sheer incompetence is why I don’t trust government anything.  This could be a useful case example, if the GOP weren’t the stupid party, for shrinking these departments.




Seven hairy hells that’s a lot of money.  Cut, slash, burn.


It stems from one simple thing: The belief that they are the Anointed, the Intellectuals with a superior vision – and are MISSIONARIES to impose that vision on you.  Related:


Very interesting!


Oh, there's no way something like this couldn't be misused, or go wrong.  </sarc>  Nor this:


You WILL obey.  Related:

Remove Hashem (G-d) from your life, and you need to fill that void with something.  Like I said:


Like I’ve commented before:

If you have an XY chromosome set, you are a man.

If you have an XY chromosome set, and dress like a woman, you are a man… with a mental problem.

If you have an XY chromosome set, dress like a woman, and take hormones to change yourself, you are a man… with a mental problem and a chemical imbalance.

If you have an XY chromosome set, dress like a woman, take hormones to change yourself, and have had “reassignment surgery”, you are a man… with a mental problem, a chemical imbalance, and who has had radical plastic surgery.  But you are still a man.

And the reverse is true if you have an XX chromosome set.

Having said the above, if people – on their own nickel – want to do this, they are and should be free to do so.  But adults.  That this is done to children is an abomination.

And in general sexualizing kids:

IMHO parents would be fully justified in marching to the school and giving each and every person involved in the secret hormone / other transgender treatments of their child a 9 mm brain hemorrhage.  Or other caliber of choice.  Related:

All part of the slowly-slowly push on our culture:


[I'm A Lesbian Woman & I'm Leaving The INSANE "Progressive" Left / 2:50]

This woman, having done this, is about to experience The Shunning.  Good luck to her.


But they’ll be fully “woke” and hypersexualized.  Related:


And they’re already moving past statues to attacking live people.

===== THE COMING CW2 =====

It’s an article of PURE FAITH now to the Left that Trump is a Russian asset, that he and any other “R” in government are traitors, and that anyone who supports Trump is “the enemy”.  How can it NOT lead to CW2?


===== PRO-LIFE =====

Determined to keep the money laundering operation – funneling taxpayer dollars through Planned Parenthood into the Democrats’ coffers – running.  And one has to wonder, in parallel, if the enemedia will be held to the same standard.  (Of course not.)


Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.

- Bernard Nathanson

Which is why the Left so hates the idea of mandatory ultrasounds shown to women.


And then “abortion” up to one year old.  And then what?


What’s amazing is how many of PP’s supporters don’t know this.  And I cited an example of how they REFUSE to believe it here; Teflon Intellects (italics and link in the original):

Talking abortion with another person, I mentioned that Margaret Sanger – the founder of Planned Parenthood – was a virulent racist.  She spoke to the KKK, the go-to bete noire of the Left when smearing the Right; when confronted with that fact, it was first denied; then when I pulled up proof on my computer (the discussion being at work), they harrumphed and disappeared behind their cubicle wall.  Let me repeat that: faced with actual evidence that the founder of the organization they admired openly spoke to racist institutions – an act they’d outright condemn had it been a Republican – they preferred to flee the conversation rather than say “Holy sh*t I never knew that!” or question their belief that Planned Parenthood is a virtuous organization.


Is this the same court Trump just flipped?  Excellent.

===== RKBA =====

===== ECONOMY / TRADE =====

Good.  Hopefully it can be passed.


Have zero doubt they’re working to engineer it.

===== ISRAEL / MIDDLE EAST =====

And this is why I am highly skeptical of the seeming “warming” of relations between Israel and the Arabs.


Some “concentration camp”.


“We have freedom of speech in Germany” she says… then admits people who dissent from the BorgLeft Collective viewpoint get harassed and arrested.  Well done Crowder!


Every time.  Every time I think the Left can’t go any deeper into insanity… they never fail to shatter my belief.  Video at the link.


Brownshirts in training.  Related:


There is something truly sick about hoping for a pandemic and economic catastrophe so you can win an election.

===== ISLAM IN GENERAL =====

An agreement between True Believer Muslims and kaffirs isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.


For more see these books:


Such a wonderful culture.  Let’s import them by the millions.  FYI, Rifqa became famous because, as a teenager, she converted to Christianity and fled her Muslim home because to leave Islam carries a death sentence.  To wit:

(HT Gorges)

Conversationally… I remember this case well.  I discussed it with a man at work – a kind, gentle soul who despite link after link after link I sent him could not wrap his mind around the idea that a father could kill his daughter.  Despite almost literal piles of articles on honor and apostasy killings in Islam, he would not accept it.  This is the danger we face when talking with people about the dangers of Islam.  The idea that family honor/reputation could take precedence over your own child’s life is so foreign to most Westerners that they refuse to believe it.  Here’s a great piece about the shame culture of Islam (and many other countries):

And while my wife has not taken many steps towards conversion to Judaism despite her statement, after our visit to Israel, that she wanted to… such a danger has been in the back of my mind for her as well.


Here’s hoping reform can be achieved.


Excellent insights and history.


The company you keep.  The people you hire to represent you.  And if you vote for this guy you’re JEWICIDAL.


Hey Mitt, if you remember, we live under “Innocent until proven guilty”.


A lesson the GOP elites, and the RINOs, never learn.  Related:

===== SOCIALISM =====

But… but… but this is not real socialism say the blue-check useful idiots who would have died long since under such a system.  Related:


And… who is going to pay for this?


(HT Gorges)

===== RACE =====

And, doubtless, smeared mercilessly as a “coconut” – brown outside, white inside.  Related:


A good point about locks, and a better one about security and crime in general.

I remember reading a book on burglar-proofing your home, and it made an excellent point.  There are three kinds of burglars:

1. The smash-and-grab kind.  Amateurs, looking for the easy mark and a quick score.  Easily deterred by strong doors and locks, and alarm systems (note: all burglars HATE silent alarms).

2. Professionals.  This is how they make their income.  Also deterrable, but far smarter about getting around alarms and locks and such.

3. The for-hire professional.  These people are experts and are generally hired by someone wealthy to “obtain” something another person has.  Virtually impossible to stop them.


And then people wonder why white people are getting very defensive.  These people need to be saved… preferentially over non-white/non-western people.


OK, I’ll cop to it.  Once in a while I like tofu, maybe 1-2 times a year.

===== SUPPORT ME =====

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