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Adding this as a permanent feature.  Go to the site and explore.  Understand JURY NULLIFICATION.  Share this information with friends and family.  This is the third box.  There’s only one more.  You, as a juror, have the absolute right to judge not just the facts of the case, but whether the law is being justly applied – and if you believe not, you have the absolute right to vote NOT GUILTY.  Use this.


===== TOP OF THE FOLD =====

I would propose that any location that has a ratio of 90% or more registered voters to population needs to automatically have that voter registration gone over with a fine-toothed comb.


[Why Are RED States Turning BLUE? LTC Allen West Explains | Huckabee / 10:03]


Run. Them. Down.  Yes, people will get hurt, possibly killed.  The gloves have to come off – the only reason “non-violent” protests like this work is because they’re counting on our consciences as good and ethical people.  Think about it.  They’re putting lives at risk, people who will starve or freeze, if they keep it up.  THEY DON’T CARE, so we need to stop caring too.  Their propensity for violence is increasing.

Brownshirts in training.


Islam and the Left: united against America and Western Civilization.


What kind of Mobius-strip mental backflips do you have to do to come up with this conclusion?  Related:

Had enough cultural enrichment yet?


This is as clear as the proverbial nose on your face.  Yet American Jews, or at least the vast majority of SJW / JINO / Plopping Jews want more Muslim migration.  Jewicidal:


Only someone who is intent on destroying Europe and America – white countries – could deny this even as they work towards it.  Speaking of working towards it:


Signs of resistance.




(HT Gorges)


When the establishment moves to protect its own no matter what, that establishment is irredeemably corrupt.


Double-plus ungood.

===== COUP & CLINTON =====

If they thought they were in trouble now, wait until they do this again – and people say OH COME ON!


Now this is worrisome.  While I am in favor of jury nullification where it is warranted, the use of nullification to protect The Party – in either direction – is an abuse of that power.  Sort-of related:


In light of McCabe walking, I think it’s time to consider that burning the whole place down may be the only way.  On that:


For the love of Hashem, arrest, convict, imprison.  Related:

Good memes.  Related:


It doesn’t matter.  None of it matters.  They could have sworn and notarized confessions from Barackus himself, er, Himself… countersigned by Her Heinous concurring with it, and it wouldn’t matter.


[New details emerge from Clinton-Lynch clandestine tarmac meeting / 3:07]

(HT VladTepes)

===== TRUMP =====

I sure hope he’s learned.  Nobody to the Left of Genghis Khan can be trusted.  Nobody.


Stories engage.  More:


+++ They hate him because he’s not a globalist.



===== HEALTHCARE =====

But people laughed at Sarah Palin about “Death Panels”.


Got food?  He’ll take that as well.


Nothing is free.

===== 2020 / ELECTIONS IN GENERAL =====

Alinsky Rule 4.  Make the enemy live up to its own rules.  More on this:

And on him generally:


Video at the link.  Related:


Mayor Pete’s “military experience” sounds like a ticket punched but nothing more.


Biden’s toast.  But it’s worth to have him there, even if only for the money wasted on infighting on the Left.


The single biggest headwind Trump, and by extension any Conservative, faces is vote fraud.


I hate pollution, I really do.  But these plans will beggar every nation.


Don’t get cocky.  On the flip side:

===== ENEMEDIA =====

Schadenfreude, delicious, tasty schadenfreude.


Absolutely true.


These people are MISSIONARIES for Socialism.  True Believers.  There’s only one thing that can stop them.


OOH, there’s only so much one man can do.  OTOH, it does need to be done.


[Candace Owens speaks to crowd of over 2,000 at San Diego County Republican event / 34:28]


Say, didn’t engineered viruses play a central role in the Will Smith movie I Am Legend?  Look, we’re playing with fire here.  And this is – IMHO – unproven, but it would not surprise me at all:


OOH, this looks cool.  OTOH, it relies on tech rather than instinct / learning / experience.  It becomes a crutch.


(HT Gorges)


Car can’t access the net, so it won’t start.


Gay marriage.  Transgenderism.  Now this – and doubtless using the same verbiage as gay marriage in the arguments.  Then it will be “intergenerational love” as we’re already seeing pedophilia described as youth attraction, and pedophiles being normalized.  Then, “interspecies affection” will doubtless be brought forward.  And right on cue:



How is this possible?  With all the rules – justifiable rules – against doping, etc., how is this possible?  Related:

Let me be clear: If an adult wants to take hormones, dress up, and even get radical plastic surgery that’s their business so long as I don’t have to pay for it.  But I’m damned if I have to accede to and enable their mental illness.  But is this coming to the US:



[Why the West Won / 5:42]

(HT CommonCts)

===== THE COMING CW2 =====

Drones in warfare.  Study… there is, I fear, a test coming.


This is one large reason why Rome fell: when the “average Roman” understood that the leaders were hopelessly corrupt and that the laws that applied to them didn’t apply to those at the top, they gave up.  Another example:


Quote (links in original, bolding added):

Don’t look now, but the left has tied the president in knots since he walked in – quite obviously planned from before the election.  Andrew McCabe was let off the hook last week.  Yeah, Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial, but they’re starting right back in and going after Attorney General Barr as well.  The entrenched deep State is winning.  Barr and Durham are two guys against thousands in the deep state.  What chance do you think there is it can be cleaned up? 

Slim and none.


It can happen fast.  Very fast.

===== PRO-LIFE =====

(HT Gorges)

===== RKBA =====

A little dated, but as the article notes, listen to the applause.  The Left wants your guns, all of your guns.  Period.  I say f*ck that:


Got to stop this!

===== ECONOMY / TRADE =====

If you thought $15 an hour was a job killer… and never mind the economic argument:

Consider one based on ethics/morals:


I am very much afraid it’s too little, too late.  Related – it’s pretty much every developed country:

[China Collapse is Imminent » The End Of China’s Economic Miracle / 14:12]

===== ISRAEL / MIDDLE EAST =====

In large part, IMHO, too many in the West have been so steeped in post-religion, post-nationalism culture they literally cannot grasp that others have a sense of their faith, and themselves as a distinct people.  Please see:


No outcry?  No outrage?  Not involving Jews, so not news.


And then they’ll propose special markings:



Civil wars begin in small ways. They’re born out of intolerance. A refusal to coexist. A failure to enforce the law. To punish violence against people different than the ones who hold political power.


===== ISLAM IN GENERAL =====

Real Islam.  Read:


Not worth the paper it’s printed on.  To a believing Muslim NO AGREEMENT with a kaffir holds force once it’s expedient to violate it.


Green.  My ass it’s green.  The only green is the green taken from taxpayers to subsidize this nonsense.


But the vast majority won’t check, nor will they look for alternative sources.


If you have to resort to fraud and/or lying, you don’t have a case.  Relaed:


And this is why so many don’t speak out – not just on this issue, but many.


Here.  Direct evidence they lie as easily as you breathe.  Why do you still believe the want peace?


Just look at the company he keeps.  People who openly hate us.




Willing to be kept pets.

===== SOCIALISM =====


Quote (bolding added):

However, things aren’t going back to the way they were before. That status quo is what helped get Trump elected, so why not go for positive change where the working class is prioritized and healthcare, housing, transit, fair and free elections, the Internet, and many other things are fundamental rights? There is this strange resistance in the U.S. to change, fueled by the special interests of the corporate elite who have overemphasized their importance and perpetuated the myth that change is unrealistic and not stable.

Free stuff, with “the rich” paying.


Even if you have 2-3 weeks of food, etc., you’re better off than 90%+ of the population.  Speaking of, talk about naïve:

The local AM talk show was discussing “How long could you survive?”


As my late mother would say, THAT’S EXACTLY RIGHT!


As momentous as a discovery of an alien technological civilization would be… I would join with the idea that this should remain privately funded.

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