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Adding this as a permanent feature.  Go to the site and explore.  Understand JURY NULLIFICATION.  Share this information with friends and family.  This is the third box.  There’s only one more.  You, as a juror, have the absolute right to judge not just the facts of the case, but whether the law is being justly applied – and if you believe not, you have the absolute right to vote NOT GUILTY.  Use this.


===== TOP OF THE FOLD =====

Don Lemon Denies What We Saw on Viral Video

This is fundamental to understanding the Left: they LIE.  Even when caught red-handed, they LIE.  They absolutely, positively cannot be trusted on anything.


How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence

Don’t tell the Left.


The Democrats May Have Lost...but They're Still Smarter than You

You need to understand, they are the Anointed.  Intellectual titans.  And just plain better people, gosh darn it.


Smallest Number of Refugees Entering the US in Last Ten Years



With Salvini gone, the traffic of third-world migrants to Europe is again full on

And this, JUST THIS, is why he’s not in.  You cannot look at me with a straight face and say the migration is accidental, or that TPTB are not in full support of it.  The Left is allied with Islam.


Nearly One Thousand Violent Crimes Reported in Single Berlin No-Go Zone in 2019

Feeling culturally enriched yet?


GERMANY: Would it surprise you to learn that a gay man voted for the conservative Alternative for Germany (AfD) party which opposes same-sex marriage?

A gay person voting for more Muslim migration is voting for their own eventual execution.


Donald Trump expands curbs on legal immigration from six more countries



How/Why The U.S., Under The Obama Regime, Led Iran To A Nuclear Bomb: The Evidence Within – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Going by actions, if Obama were a “secret Muslim” bent on giving aid and comfort to Iran, what would he have done differently?

===== COUP & CLINTON =====


The Democrats’ Burisma Bait and Switch

A process that would make a banana republic envious.  Related:

Feds Back Off Jailing Michael Flynn After Stunning New Evidence That Gov't 'Lied' and 'Framed' Him


Impeachment Trial of Trump: Remember When Pelosi and Nadler Insisted on Bipartisanship?


Trump defenders call his impeachment the "most partisan in history." It is. The House vote to start an impeachment inquiry into President Richard Nixon was 410-4. In the case of President Bill Clinton, 31 House Democrats joined House Republicans in voting for a formal impeachment inquiry, and eventually, five Democrats voted for at least one article of impeachment. Not one House Republican joined the House Democrats in voting for an impeachment inquiry of Trump, and none voted for either of the two articles of impeachment. Not one.

===== TRUMP =====

TRUMP appears to have taken out another major Muslim terrorist in drone strike

Stones.  He has them.

===== 2020 / ELECTIONS IN GENERAL =====

Is Bernie's Hour of Power at Hand?


Leaders of the center-left think tank Third Way warn that a Sanders nomination risks a Democratic rout of the magnitude of the 49-state losses of George McGovern in 1972 and of Walter Mondale in 1984.

From his keyboard to Hashem’s inbox.  More:

A Sanders Sweep?

I still predict, should Bernie be in the lead, that he’ll be kneecapped and the actual nod given to Her Heinous.  E.g.L

Group Of DNC Members Discussing Rules Change To Stop Sanders At Convention

Here’s one reason why:

When Iran Took Americans Hostage, Bernie Backed Iran’s Defenders


AP-NORC Poll: GOP More Fired Up For 2020, Democrats Anxious

Don’t get cocky.


Democrats Becoming More Desperate...and More Dangerous

I fear, if Trump wins, there will be open rioting and assassination attempts.

===== ENEMEDIA =====

A NEW LOW for #FakeNews — Media Spins 100% Negative on Trump Defense Team — 95% Positive Spin on Schiff and his Dopes

There is now no daylight between the enemedia and the Left.  Related:

[WATCH] Massive Brexit Celebration Destroys Years-Long Media Gaslighting

Quote (bolding added):

If this disconnect between the actual public reaction of tens of thousands of people celebrating in the street and the fake public reaction the media tries to sell doesn't convince you that fake news is one of the greatest threats to freedom that we face, nothing will. They're straight-up lying to you. Major media has become nothing but shameless collaborators with big government, globalist, leftists. Do you see it yet?


Democrats vow to impeach Trump again if he's acquitted

They cannot be bargained with.  They cannot be reasoned with.  And they will never give up, EVER, until Trump is gone, and the US is now the USSR.


Why Are Liberal Cities Such a Mess?

A question to ask liberals… point out how all the major cities have been under Democrat rule for decade upon decade with the same results.  Then ask “So… how many times do we have to run the experiment before we can make a conclusion”?


Dear Republicans: I Am Sorry, But This is How Precedents Work

A good point, but the horse has long ago left the barn.


Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account suspended

Tell the truth about Islam, get suspended.


These researchers tricked a car's Autopilot using only a projector

The more I hear about self-driving cars the more nervous I get.  The predictable can be predicted; by definition, events in driving can be left-field unpredictable.


Drag Queen Story Hour Indoctrination for Public School First-Graders

Disgusting.  If, as I expect, I can no longer afford to keep the kids in private school I expect this… and am already working to insulate my kids.


[(empty egg carton) / 21:40]

I knew a woman who got married for the first time at 43.  Was confident she would have children after being obsessed about her career.  We lost contact, but I have to wonder how it actually worked out.  Meanwhile, the Muslims are outbreeding us by leaps and bounds.

[Muslim Demographics / 7:30]


Modern Feminism’s Hated Enemy: Womanhood


Good news! Judge sides with dad on controversial James Younger transgender case

GREAT news.  Related:

Washington Democrats Push Mandatory LGBTQ-Focused Sex Ed for Kindergartners

These people are MISSIONARIES.  They are RELENTLESS.  Related to child indoctrination:

NYT effort to “rewrite American history” adopted in many public schools

And my own proposal for reparations:

Reparations? A short, modest proposal...

===== THE COMING CW2 =====

(HT Gorges)


Dazed and Confused


Trump is hated because he interrupted the “fundamental change” and gave some Americans a brief respite to look around and finally see what was happening.  But the process was already well underway and supported by a majority of Americans who were taught to think that America is evil and must be destroyed.

America is done.  It’s been done for a few decades.  The only difference is that the depth of the rot is only now being seen.  Too late, tho:  the rot goes too deep to be fixed.

Like a case of gangrene that was long ignored, the stench has finally reached such a level it cannot be waved or fanned away.  I concur: America is finished.  The only question is NOW WHAT?

===== PRO-LIFE =====

Nondoctors to Perform Abortions in Virginia

And when women start dying because of this?


(HT Gorges)

===== RKBA =====

(HT Gorges)


New Gun Control Law Would Require Gun Owners in NY to get Mental Health Evaluations

A right, not a privilege.  Related:

Democrat Bill Requires All Gun Owners to be Federally Licensed


Is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Dependent On Militia Membership? Part 1

No.  See this book:

Also, as supplements to the above:

===== ECONOMY / TRADE =====

Borepatch hits one out of the park

IIRC it was Mark Twain who said “When the legislature controls buying and selling, the first thing bought and sold will be legislators”.


Deficit will top $1 trillion this year as entitlement spending continues to rise

Circling the drain.  Related:

I Feel Like Sarah Connor: The Coming Financial Collapse


Bernie Sanders Wants to Impose National Rent Control

For some years my snowbird parents would rent out their Massachusetts house, living in a small apartment on the first floor in the summers while the upstairs generated income.  But since Florida was – for tax purposes – their primary residence, the place fell under rent control laws.  Fortunately, even surprisingly, the local rent control laws were lifted… but for a time they were considering transferring the house to me because my residence, being in college, was that house.

===== ISRAEL / MIDDLE EAST =====

Iranian Youths Mass Converting to Christianity Despite Islamic Indoctrination, Government's Efforts

Here’s hoping this continues.


Who is Responsible for Palestinian Honor Killing?

Critical to understanding this part of the world is understanding the culture:

And related, a story from Brigitte Gabriel’s book:

In which she related how gays discovered to be gay will be blackmailed to strap on a suicide vest to redeem their honor.  Same with women who, per her book (and I believe it) are raped – and then told to commit suicide attacks to cleanse the stain on their family reputation.


Israel Haters Get Their Nastiness and Rage on at York University

Video. These people are primed for violence.  If I ever attend something like this I’ll bring a bag of bacon and start throwing slices.


 BUSTED: Joe Biden Argued Against Witnesses in 1999 Impeachment Trial Memo

I’ll say it again and again and again.  They’re SHAPESHIFTERS.  They have only one goal – power – and thus they can say X in one sentence, NOT X in the next, and suffer no cognitive distress.


Suspects accused of running $7M fentanyl ring released without bail

It’s not possible they didn’t know this would happen with this new law.  What’s the end game?


Kathy Castor: Anti-Free Speech Thug

It’s not just climate.  They want to silence you on everything.  Related, from Canadastan:

Rex Murphy: Ezra Levant wrote a book critical of the Liberals. Now he’s being investigated


Freedom from Freedom from Religion: The Intent of Our Founding Fathers

I was an atheist for over two decades.  And for the first, say, ten years of that I was pretty obnoxious and in-your-face about it.  I mellowed and started to get pretty pissed at how nasty my fellow atheists were getting.

I was also moving Rightward during these years, and found that the atheists that claimed to be open-minded, etc., were viciously anti-anything-Conservative, while the Conservatives I met were (with a few exceptions) fully accepting of my atheism.  It was that stark contrast between what they said and what they did, versus my acceptance by the Right, that further reinforced my move.

===== ISLAM IN GENERAL =====

Learn about the enemy:


Aussie Academic: “we need to drive the [Climate] Dismissive group out of positions of power”

Nothing says “free and open debate” like driving the heretics from any venue.  More:

Democrat Congressional Committee Demands Google Bury “Climate Misinformation”


Proposed CA Legislation Would Mandate Climate Change Indoctrination in Public Schools



Why won't the Washington Post acknowledge how pro-gay Israel is?

Gays are imprisoned if not executed by the Palestinians.  Yet liberal Jews excoriate Israel, and seem to almost worship Hamas.  It’s like Stockholm Syndrome.


Birthright’s measurable impact: More American Jews

I know numerous American Jews, some in their 50’s and beyond, who have never been to our spiritual homeland.  This is one reason I’m resolved to take my kids there often.  Last time we were there we planted some carob trees.  It’s a good organization worthy of a donation if you can spare it.


CPAC Says Mitt Romney Not Welcome At Annual Confab After His Impeachment Trial Vote


Pierre Delecto in the Hot Seat: Utah Lawmaker Files Legislation to Recall Sitting US Senator

Wish we could dislodge Collins (ME) as well.

===== SOCIALISM =====

Meet the two Venezuelan exiles warning college students against socialism

But… but… but our professors said Socialism leads to paradise!

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