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Zeroeth: I strongly urge people to subscribe to Bill Whittle and help support him.  He does great work.  We need voices like his.

Let me start with an older Whittle video, aligned with two Mark Steyn quotes:

If you took every single penny that Warren Buffett has, it'd pay for 4-1/2 days of the US government. This tax-the-rich won't work. The problem here is the government is way bigger than even the capacity of the rich to sustain it. The Buffett Rule would raise $3.2 billion a year, and take 514 years just to pay off Obama's 2011 budget deficit.

Mark Steyn

How do you 'invest in the future'? By borrowing $188 million every hour. That's what the Government of the United States is doing. It's spending one-fifth of a billion dollars it doesn't have every hour of every day of every week - all for your future!

Mark Steyn

[Eat the rich! / 9:04]

Moving on, Episode 7 and 8 of his Cold War podcast:

[The Cold War: What We Saw | Playa Giron - Episode 7 / 43:38]

[The Cold War: What We Saw | To the Precipice - Episode 8 / 49:32]



[The Day After Pandemic: Changes Coming to the Post-COVID-19 World / 20:57]



[The CoronaSphere Lounge Episode 5: Don't Just Flatten the Curve: Raise the Bar. / 34:15]

The more we can stretch out the pandemic through “social distancing” the more lives will be saved.  The longer it goes on, the greater the economic and cultural damage.  Thus, we start to get into trade-off territory.  Saving individual lives vs. saving the civilization.  This is an excellent idea!

[President Pandemic: Trump Perfect Man for Times of Massive Federal Spending / 24:45]



I do not compromise with cancer.  I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left and its ally Islam must both be fought ruthlessly with no quarter asked or expected, or America, Western Civilization, and Israel will be destroyed.



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