Ignoring Hashem's Wisdom - Part 2 of 3

Continued from Part 1


His wisdom: In the Seventh Commandment: Thou shalt not commit adultery

[Do Not Commit Adultery / 5:03]

There’s another reason for choosing chastity before marriage rather than the “monkey brancher” attitude of multiple partners before marriage: reduced chances of infidelity during marriage; PG (link in the original, bolding added):

Having jumped straight to the sex, the anticipation and labor-based reward that result from a courtship get short-circuited; in such an old-fashioned built-over-time courtship, there is an investment of time and effort prior to the “reward” of sex.  What happens now is predictable: a longer-term relationship gets dull quickly, leading to dissatisfaction, likely cheating, and then leads to an inevitable breakup as the habit-forming pattern of sex-thrill-first has been established.  People with these neural pathways have great difficulty maintaining long term relationships.  This is not to say it can’t be overcome, but it’s not easy (breaking my own porn habit was not easy at all!).

  • Women with 10 or more partners were the most likely to divorce, but this only became true in recent years;
  • Women with 3-9 partners were less likely to divorce than women with 2 partners; and,
  • Women with 0-1 partners were the least likely to divorce.
The article itself contains many caveats and so on, but I maintain the quote from my PG essay holds: the more sex partners a person has before marriage, especially when they engage in sex early in those relationships (i.e., sex first, get to really know each other later), the more addicted to the excitement of the new they become.  That new in a long-term relationship, let alone a marriage, swiftly becomes boredom with the same-old, same-old… a concept I first saw in a post on The Other McCain that I can’t find now.

So what are the prices of infidelity in a marriage?  First, a weakened if not ruined marriage if found out.  A risk of STDs, of course – to modify the famous catch phrase, “The chlamydia you catch in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”!  And more, as the Prager video points out, even if the affair is never found out, and even if one avoids STDs, there are consequences – and if it is found out when there are children involved, those consequences will affect them too.  A divorce that happens because of infidelity can have multi-generation consequences as children learn what “normal” means from their parents. 

Worse would be a pregnancy resulting from that infidelity.  And let’s not forget the unlikely, but not impossible, “fatal attraction” scenario.

Consider this open-marriage advocate; Why this sex therapist says you should be in an open marriage.  It’s all about the orgasms and feeding the animal’s I want-I want-I want.

I’ve been married twice.  I sometimes refer to the first wife as “Satan’s favorite daughter” but, regardless, I stuck with it until I realized it would end with either a murder or a suicide (or both).  I’m now currently married – over ten years! – with two beautiful children.  I’m married to an immigrant and it’s not been easy.  There have been culture clashes, with her being incredibly lonely and very dependent on me (especially at first); truthfully, in the first couple of years I didn’t think it would survive.  But especially with kids, we have stuck it out.  In part because divorce is a very big no-no in her culture, and also my ambition is to be a man of my word.

And have I been temped to cheat?  Duh!  Do I still have a pulse?  I’ve had situations where I think it’d have been possible: 
  • On a business trip a couple of years ago a female coworker said, several times, “What happens in <country> stays in <country>…” and while in a group I had the gut feeling she was aiming that at me.
  • I’ve occasionally had female coworkers be awfully flirty; the last one, an intelligent, educated, cultured woman (and smokin’ hot, hitting pretty much every one of my "ideal template" appearance characteristics) had body language that – IMHO – were ongoing signals of some level of interest.  I certainly never saw her using the body language she directed at me towards anyone else.
I’ve even had it offered to me on a silver platter: a woman whom I was coaching in her career search over several networking/mentoring sessions was becoming alarming-to-me interested more than professionally. We would talk about non-career things as well and she blurted out, as she complained about the wanting-only-one-thing men in her life, “I wish I could have you, just once”!  Whoa!  In our last phone conversation before I deliberately broke off contact, not long after that above statement, she said “I love you <name>” and “I really want to kiss you”.  
And each time, I’ve looked away.

Lord, lead me not unto temptation.  Just point the way, I’ll find it!

Ultimately, marriage is not easy.  Fidelity is certainly not easy.  And in part, it’s part of Hashem’s plan as he seemingly sets the rules in opposition to human nature… but that’s the point: to rise above the animal, as I learned in Twerski on Spirituality.

Consequences for not following Him:  broken marriages, negative effects on children with multi-generational consequences, potential STDs, possibly even illegitimate children, and a general lessening of ability to think long-term and suppress animal impulses.


G-d’s wisdom: Marriage is man & woman, with children as the goal, and with it being the central unit of society - superior to any other earthly authority.

This opening-the-concept link has too much good stuff to try and quote, so RTWT: The Purpose of Marriage and the Confusion of Modern Americans

The nuclear family, with the man as provider and the woman as nurturer/caregiver – complementing each other ying-and-yang style – has been the foundation of Western Civilization since forever.  Which is why the Left has been after its destruction for over 100 years; America's Declining Sexual Morality:

The decline in sexual morality we see in our era did not begin in the year 2000.  Today's "sexual revolution" is expressed by our being told by the highest court in the land that homosexual marriage can and must be married and by women being encouraged to abort children as a "right."  In today's society, drag queens reading to little children in libraries is considered delightful by many.  Further, vast numbers of people consider one's sex designation psychological and not biological, and, increasingly, parents encourage their little children to "choose" which sex/gender they want to be.  As additional evidence of the "sexual revolution," the overall percentage of children born out of wedlock has risen from 5% in 1960 to about 40% the last three or four years (albeit much higher among black and Hispanic persons).

The goal is clear; Marxism and Marriage (italics in original):

Advocacy and legislation that sunder the intimate love between a man and a woman, that deprive children of male and female parental role models, that compromise the integrity of the family and that dissolve the purpose of marriage as a guarantor of cultural longevity are indispensable strategies essential to realizing the left's master plan.  Dismissing the nuclear family as an archaic and repressive arrangement whose time has passed, the state would then operate in loco parentis.

All the better to destabilize society; part of the multi-prong effort to undo what is to create chaosso that the all-powerful utopian state can arise.

The war on marriage is all about the orgasms and destroying restraint.  If restraint is weakened in one area of life, that weakness seeps into other parts of life.  And when personal restraint is weakened, who needs to step in?  Government.

Consequences for not following Him: Marriage later and later if at all, fewer children, and obsession with careers, money, and acquisition of things rather than family.  Add in the supplanting of the foundational social unit – the family – with the State being the authority… the better to enact tyranny and violating the First Commandment (for Marx/The State is a jealous god indeed).


His wisdom: Thou Shalt Not Murder (especially not the next generation).

[6. Do Not Murder / 5:23]

This is touched on in an excellent essay, The Torah and Self-Defense and, as I’ve slowly started to teach my kids, when someone attacks you with intent to kill you they – by that act – have forfeited the protections afforded by this Commandment.  (In general, I teach them Never throw the first punch; always throw the last punch; make sure they know they lost.)

In contrast, by definition a baby is innocent of any crime… unless you count being conceived as criminal.  Again, axiomatically and IMHO universally understood, a baby is the definition of innocence.  Logically, then, to kill a baby is killing of an innocent and, ultimately, can be viewed as a dark sacrifice – not to Him – but a different deity:

Now, in Judaism specifically, the baby is not considered “alive” until born.  This is why a miscarriage, for example, does not qualify as a death (link in the original):

A miscarriage doesn’t qualify as a death in Jewish law, so a woman doesn’t say the Kaddish, the mourning prayer, for a dead embryo.

Which is how Leftist Jews in particular rationalize abortion.  But more broadly across religions, and certainly within America’s predominant Christianity, a baby still inside is a living child.  Speaking for myself, I wept openly when I saw my first child in an ultrasound.  Another right-leaning Jew commented on a prior essay of mine about liberal Jews:

They speak of the 5th Commandment, "Thou shalt not murder" (that's the *literal* translation), but then support abortion and Planned Parenthood.
There are many effects of abortion on women (especially, though it can affect the man too), among them severe emotional damage as they regret what they did; Feelings after abortion: Post-Abortion Syndrome:

In fact, some psychologists have coined a term to describe common symptoms that they have found in many post-abortive women who have come to them for help. They call it Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS). Common symptoms of PAS include guilt, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, a desire to avoid children or pregnant women, and flashbacks to the abortion itself.

This becomes especially acute when a woman who has had an abortion – or more than one – becomes aware of what they did; Woman Who Had Nine Abortions Sees Last Baby: 'She was absolutely hysterical':

"She seemed to regard her visits to our clinic as an opportunity to perform her improv comedy act. 'Could y'all just Xerox my chart and I'll fill in the dates?' She would jest. Once the paperwork was in order, Angie would attempt to banter with the girls in the waiting room. 'It's no big thing,' she assured them. 'I've done it eight times before, and I have no regrets.' Although I couldn't help but like Angie, her flippancy appalled me," Johnson writes.

After the abortion, "Angie" wanted to see her aborted baby, something that was not the norm.

Johnson said, "they decided that since she had so many and since abortion didn't seem to be something that really was troubling her that it would be, it would be ok," said Johnson.

The staff brought the pieces of the aborted baby out to her. "She just completely broke down and the staff were unable to coax her out of the bathroom. She was absolutely hysterical after what she had seen," Johnson said.

"That's a baby," she says. "That was my baby. What did I do?," reads the account from the abortion clinic worker.

(HT Gorges)

The understanding that a baby inside a mother is a baby, not a “clump of cells”, was a big milestone in my move from pro-“choice” to pro-life; One Jew’s Red Pill Journey – Part 5 of ?:

It’s rare that a mere bumper sticker truly changes a person’s views, but one did – or at least planted the seeds of a change.  Like many things that strike you emotionally, you remember it forever.  I was at the post office and saw a bumper sticker that said:

If it’s not a child, you’re not pregnant.

Ha ha ha ha ha.  Right.  Except, like a proverbial earworm tune, that meme kept rattling around my brain.  I found myself wavering but undeterred from being pro-choice… yet I couldn’t dismiss it outright.  So, a few weeks later, in the course of a discussion with someone who was also pro-choice, they said “So what’s the big deal?  It’s not like a fetus is human yet!”

It was like a Batman punch.  Of course it was human!

And, having come to that realization, I realized my pro-“choice” stance was supportive of murder.  In my years of holding that pro-abortion view I’ve written many letters to politicians, letters to the editor, even columns for school newspapers.  Were any babies killed because of my words?  And if so, will that be held against me at the end?  And never mind the babies, what about the lives of the women who do it?

(HT Gorges)

There are other consequences for abortions – notably, on the physical side and the ability to get pregnant in the future.  While the evidence is mixed:

And while the natural effects of prior pregnancies-to-term cannot be ignored – thus confounding the issue – there is definite evidence suggesting that at least some abortion techniques do have negative fertility consequences; Study: Chemical Abortion Drugs May Make It Harder for Women to Conceive (again) After Use:

Chemical abortion may have long term effects on the body after the abortifacient has served its immediate purpose. What those effects may be is of interest and should be concerning to any woman who chooses to use them. And it looks like fooling your body could come with more physical and mental health consequences than even a natural miscarriage.

And let’s think about this: pregnancy changes a body, as does birth.  These changes are natural… while the termination of a pregnancy artificially is short-circuiting that.  It’s not hard to imagine such procedures could do damage to childbearing ability.

Do abortions damage fertility?  I can’t rigorously say.  But even the emotional consequences are there, and documented, from understanding the murder of a child.  That there could be other, more physical, consequences is well within belief.

Murder, especially of an innocent sacrificed to the god of spread legs, bears consequences.

There is also a societal cost.  By saying that it’s acceptable to kill an innocent out of “convenience” what will people become willing to doing to others who stand in their way of creating the Socialist Utopia?

They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter revolution and they felt that this counter revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing reeducation centers in the Southwest where would take all the people who needed to be reeducated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be.

I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can’t reeducate that are diehard capitalists and the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. And when I say eliminate I mean kill – 25 million people.

I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious."

or saving the planet (bolding added):

A year ago a senior fellow emeritus at Britain’s Policy Studies Institute, Mayer Hillman, author of How We Can Save the Planet, told a reporter, “When the chips are down I think democracy is a less important goal than is the protection of the planet from the death of life, the end of life on it. This [rationing] has got to be imposed on people whether they like it or not.” (Hillman openly advocates resource rationing.)

A revealing slip of the mask, no? And what a disappointment that the climatistas will still have to put up with elections and the people and such. Authoritarianism is so much more fun.

Consequences for not following Him:  Untold millions murdered.  Depression, potential infertility, and possible suicide.  And a societal attitude that it’s OK to murder if it’s convenient or justified by “the cause” because those being killed are “not really human”.

To be continued in Part 3 – link will be activated when I post it.


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