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King David Coffee - Fantastic coffee.  And if you’re someone who needs a good and differentiated “corporate give-away” item he’ll make small sleeves of coffee with your custom logo.  I personally am partial to the Kabbalah coffee, and his maple kettle corn is can’t-stop good.

Script by Simone - Incredibly calligraphy.  She did a custom piece for my wedding anniversary, and a beautiful “Letter from Santa” to my kids in response to an inquisitive letter to Santa my older one had written (with some annoyingly penetrating questions).  I dictated the letter and she did it on a beautiful piece of parchment.  Please let her know you heard about her through me (NITZAKHON).

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Zeroeth: I strongly urge people to subscribe to Bill Whittle and help support him.  He does great work.  We need voices like his.

Let’s start out with parts 9 and 10 of his cold war podcast.

[The Cold War: What We Saw | Cloaks and Daggers - Episode 9 / 1:29:23]

[The Cold War: What We Saw | Welcome To The Suck - Episode 10 / 1:09:55]


I’m included Thomas Sowell any number of times, with videos.  Let’s divert to his colleague and friend, Walter E. Williams (whose picture, autographed to me, hangs on my wall in my office):

[Walter E. Williams shares warning about loss of liberty / 14:08]

[Walter Williams on the Rise of Socialism | The Daily Signal / 4:27]

[Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools - Full Video / 54:50]


[Postpone Election to Dodge Pandemic? Over the Constitution’s Dead Body / 26:46]

I agree.  And if it happens this time, what’s to prevent another “emergency” from preventing another election?  And then a “permanent” emergency that wipes them out entirely.  This would be a horrific precedent.

[COVID-19 Era: Private Sector Wins, News Media Loses, and Trump Rolls On / 19:45]

There are the known tests of anti-malarial drugs plus antibiotics plus zinc.  I’ve read about a Japanese medication that seems to be having an effect.  I’ve read about other possible treatments being trialed.  This is what makes private enterprise and individual action so much better than ONE BIG PROGRAM.

Speaking of individual efforts (and more broadly, competition):

Incidentally, it was a very early Whittle essay that turned me on to an awareness of Boyd and the OODA loop.

[Did Trump Advisor’s Anti-China Bias Squelch Prophetic Pandemic Memos? / 21:01]



Moving to four by Larry Elder (I also have his autographed picture hanging on my wall):

[Did Trump Actually Say That? Is It Really That Unusual? | Larry Elder Show / 13:50]

[Rich Black Talking Heads Who Say America is Keeping Black People Down | Larry Elder Show / 14:08]

[Did Trump Botch the Government Response to the Coronavirus? | Larry Elder / 12:52]

[Democrats Praise Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus? | Larry Elder / 12:26]



Wrapping up with two “classic” Whittle pieces:



And all four of his podcasts about the space program are at this link:



I do not compromise with cancer.  I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left and its ally Islam must both be fought ruthlessly with no quarter asked or expected – or America, Western Civilization, and Israel… indeed the whole world… will be destroyed.



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