Gratuitous Rule Five Friday: Women with braids


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OK handymen... got a question.  The (cheap-*ss) hose fell off the attachment ring, which seems to be welded to the threads on the faucet on one of my two outside faucets.  I've tried my biggest pliers; anything bigger and I'm afraid I'll damage the faucet.

Any recommendations?  Please let 'em in the comments.


With these hard times, I’m going to try and highlight businesses I like to try and steer commerce their way.  I will add a new business every Rule 5 Friday post… but note, I only put companies whose products / services I have personally bought / used.

My Tree in Israel: Adopt an olive tree in Israel (annual fee) and get six bottles of olive oil from that orchard when they do the olive pressing in the fall… and more, it’s got your name on it!  Admittedly it’s not cheap; but then you’re not mainly buying olive oil – though IMHO it’s damned tasty stuff and others who have tried it have agreed – you’re helping the Zionist dream of Jews in their own land.

Lake Champlain Chocolates: Really good stuff.  I couldn’t find them on the site but they have – or used to have – a maple crisp coated in chocolate.

Mitch Rosen Gunleather: Holsters, belts, and other fine products.

Kodiak Cakes: High-protein pancake mixes.  I use several different flavors – whether for pancakes or “pancake muffins” – for the kids’ breakfasts.

Judaica Web Store: Not a “small business” but a business that I buy a lot from.  Great wines, foods, jewelry, and a slew more from the Holy Land.

Ben’s Sugar Shack: Genuine, 100% real New Hampshire maple syrup, and related products.

Tabasco: You know them.  I know them.  They’re… awesome.  I personally like the garlic one, and the sriracha version is popular at my Synagogue (I supply the kitchen with several versions on my nickel).

King David Coffee: Fantastic coffee.  He’ll make small sleeves of coffee with your custom logo for promotional giveaways.  I personally am partial to the Kabbalah coffee, and his maple kettle corn is can’t-stop good.

Script by Simone: Incredibly calligraphy.  She did a custom piece for my wedding anniversary, and a beautiful “Letter from Santa” to my kids in response to an inquisitive letter to Santa my older one had written (with some annoyingly penetrating questions).  I dictated the letter and she did it on a beautiful piece of parchment. 


So, now, welcome to my shameless click-bait Rule 5 post – done weekly on Fridays and left over the weekend unless something really urgent pops about which I need to post.  If the sight of attractive women, sometimes revealingly-dressed, upsets you, please close the window… though note, there are no nudes or actual “exposed bits”, whether topside or down below.

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  1. Few drops of kerosene on threads. Then lightly tap with hammer on hose connection. Use heavy weight on opposite side of where you are tapping with hammer to offset hammering. You only want to slightly expand hose connection by impact of hammer strike.

  2. automatic transmission fluid a few drops also works to free stuff up. Then when you put the new hose on, use vaseline on the threads as a lube.


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