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I could dive into those eyes and never come out.


In 2020, if Trump wins but the Dems keep the House, it will be one impeachment filing after another.  Anyone with three or more brain cells has to know this.  So, how, please, can it be that people might not vote “R” if they have even a scintilla of appreciation for what Trump is doing?  I.e., Can Republicans Win the House in November? 

The gist of the article is “probably not, but maybe in 2022”.  F*CKING SERIOUSLY?  How can anyone on the Right not be a “broken glass” voter for Trump?

The Left is already moonbatsh*t crazy over Trump having beat Her Heinous the Crone of Chappaqua and his rolling back of Obama’s legacy.  Understand, the Left is burning quasar-hot to not just raze what Trump has done, but to get revenge on anyone who supported him.  If Trump loses, the Left will move fast to ban guns (Second Amendment be damned, pass the economy-razing “green new deal”, jack up taxes as well to their “proper level” to get people paying their fair share.  They will not just open the borders, they will – I have zero doubt – fly in immigrants and migrants by the plane full, and settle them in red areas to dilute them into meaningless districts electorally.

If the Left wins in November it’s all over but the shooting.

But if Trump wins again, dial that past “11” to ludicrous speed as well.  Once will have been coincidence – a dastardly event.  Losing twice to Trump?  If the Left is behaving like a spurned woman now, what will they do if they are spurned a second time?

There’s a deeper issue here.  We are in the end stage of a century-plus long war the Left has waged on our culture and institutions.  Permanent-majority power is within their grasp thanks to their Great Replacement strategy enacted in 1965.

I guarantee you, if they remove Trump thanks to their retention of the House, they will go after Pence next.  Guaranteed.  Even if they don’t remove Trump, enough RINO squishes will make the Nixon pilgrimage to the White House to appeal to Trump to resign “for the good of the country” – as thought the Left has the good of the country in mind.

It is time, well past time, for Conservatives to grasp that the Left has become a Fifth Column – domestic enemies intending ill for America and Western Civilization.  Like I have, on occasion, in my closing quip:

There is no safety for Conservatives than to expect every evil of Liberals.

And they plan to dial the vote fraud up too to achieve 2020 victory:

In fairness, it’s been reported these were ballot applications, not ballots themselves… but IMHO that’s a distinction with little difference.

More on vote fraud:

(HT Gorges)

To register to vote, you need to prove you are a citizen.  And, IMHO, there needs to be a criminal background check too.  To vote you need a picture ID.  And you need to dip your finger in ink when you vote so you can’t go vote twice.

There should be no mail-in voting.  Absentee voting needs to be notarized.  And serious jail time, like five years or more, for vote fraud.

(HT Theospark)


A couple of years ago I found myself at a conference.  Not quite my specific area of focus in my work, it nonetheless had a number of excellent breakout sessions and seminar topics.  Being the sort that appreciates learning regardless, it was worth it.  The keynote speakers, too, were all excellent.  In particular, one speaker spoke about business disruption – I bought his book which has proven to be a real eye-opener:

It reprises and builds on a classic, IMHO foundational, work on business innovation:

But one video during his keynote presentation scared the living bejeezus out of me: a robotic companion for your child.  It was part companion, part teacher, part parent… and the scene at the end with the robot was reading a story to the kid in the preview commercial, with the kid hugging that piece of plastic and electronics before rolling over to go to sleep – well, that was shudder material for me.  I asked myself “Where are the parents”?

Aside: One of the short videos he had was of his toddler daughter; raised on tablets (already?) she was saying that the paper magazines she was looking at were "broken" because she couldn't swipe the pictures or enlarge them.  Cute innocent?  Yes.  Utterly terrifying?  Damn f*cking straight, yes terrifying.

[PJTV: Five Alarm Fire / 7:58]

Anyway, so what do we have looming?  Robot parents; A Robot Parent Can Now Raise Your Kids:
Moxie’s team boasts of being composed of “experts including engineers, roboticists, neuroscientists, child development specialists, and creative storytellers.” Mad scientists all of them.
Parents who would replace themselves, or their children’s playdates, with a robot are engaging in the height of selfishness. If you are too busy, too preoccupied, too unwilling to listen to your child’s problems, you need to reevaluate your priorities.
Perhaps instead of letting a robot raise our children and tracking their progress on an app on our phones, we should let Moxie’s very existence serve as call to action for all American parents.
Never mind the potential hacks of the robots by predators, this is an opportunity for the you-are-the-product tech companies to have a history of your kid from Day One.

What’s next, artificial wombs and robotic creches that conceive, grow, and raise children according to the “experts”?  Oh Brave New World

I have been called many things in my life.  I have had many job titles.  But there’s one thing I’m called, now, that eclipses them all: Daddy.  Just a day or so one said “You’re the best daddy in the world”.  And the other put letters on the table calling me Grumpy Bear.  Loved it.

Even in normal times, it can be frustrating.  The lockdowns are frazzling families, and while we’re fortunate to have neighbor kids with whom ours play – no “social distancing” here! – and while I occasionally joke that I’ll sell my kids, cheap, there’s no substitute for time with them.  I feel bad, on occasion, when I have to decline play time because work / chores need doing.  (It doesn’t help that my wife is clinically depressed and on meds, and I have to carry many of her responsibilities too – sometimes causing me to grumble that I’m really a single dad with my third child being a surly teenager... 40-something going on 14.)

So I was grateful when the older one was helping me with gardening the other day.  We also made a (not very successful) kite – but it was time with them.  And in the morning we say prayers together – Modeh Ani and the Shema – and the Shema again at night at bedtime.  I remind them to say their motzie, prayers for the various kinds of food (not just bread as the article link has).  When I ask who they love, they say each other, my wife and I… but first is Hashem.  Good.

Related, another piece from the same site; Parents Need to Learn to Live With Their Children.


[Ep 2 | Californians React To Pelosi Shoving Her Face With Ice Cream / 6:51]

Anger at “Let them eat $13 ice cream” Pelosi expressed openly.  Hopefully that translates to “R” votes in November.



(HT Gorges)

It does beg the question: why are they so terrified of any contrary / different information?

(HT Gorges)

Latest News (YouTube Censors Me)

I repeat: what are they so scared of?



Can you just feel the wonderful benefits of being diverse and multi-cultural?



(HT Irish)

Not kosher on so many levels.  And damn that looks good.  Sigh.



F******ck.  And then they just go through his pockets and walk away.  If faced with a mob, drop them (IMHO, not legal advice).  From the same site:

Also from that site – looks like a worthy cause if you can spare a bit:


What kind of a twisted sick f*ck brings their kid to a protest?  And one more thing:

I, and other Zionist Jews, have complained for years – falling on mostly deaf ears – that the Fakestinians excel at staging incidents that are then used against Israel… always with complicit enemedia help.  Looks like our domestic enemy Left is finally catching up.


(HT Gorges)

Control the information flow, control the electorate.

(HT Gorges)


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Gag.  Retch.  And, doubtless, she is being praised to the heavens for this.  Now imagine if she was grooming them to be quadriplegics, and planned to have their spinal cords snipped to fulfil that.


Ending on a light note:

[Tel Aviv Beach flash mob / 8:52]

Clearly rehearsed / planned, but look at the enthusiasm (the original version I saw, a few years ago, was more “official” and showed people of every age getting in on it)!  And a side-bar bonus:

[Ronald Reagan's one-liners / 5:40]

Even Mondale laughed when Reagan talked about his youth and inexperience.  (One wonders if, deep down, right then he knew he was out of his league in reaching / connecting with people.)



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