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Speaking of the past: Volume I and Volume II.  (If I get inspired I may just fold them all into one…)

And my latest LINKFEST compilation, plus don’t forget my CARTOONS.  My latest one:

I have two rockin’ ideas that I just can’t afford right now.

Amazon – Everything under the sun

Built Bar – Protein / nutrition bars

Pictures on Gold – Laser-engraved jewelry images

Wicked Temptations – Lingerie and other "unmentionables"

A Foreign Affair – How I met my wife: Women from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America



With these hard times, I’m going to try and highlight businesses I like to try and steer commerce their way (new one added every Friday Rule 5 post):

Kodiak Cakes: High-protein pancake mixes.  I use several different flavors – whether for pancakes or “pancake muffins” – for the kids’ breakfasts.

Judaica Web Store: Not a “small business” but a business that I buy a lot from.  Great wines, foods, jewelry, and a slew more from the Holy Land.

Tabasco: You know them.  I know them.  They’re… awesome.  It’s interesting, though, how tastes change.  I used to love hot-hot-hot sauces, and just tried their Habanero sauce.  Wow, way too hot for me now.  And their Scorpion sauce beat down a Jamaican I know after I gave him a bottle.

King David Coffee - Fantastic coffee.  And if you’re someone who needs a good and differentiated “corporate give-away” item he’ll make small sleeves of coffee with your custom logo.  I personally am partial to the Kabbalah coffee, and his maple kettle corn is can’t-stop good.

Script by Simone - Incredibly calligraphy.  She did a custom piece for my wedding anniversary, and a beautiful “Letter from Santa” to my kids in response to an inquisitive letter to Santa my older one had written (with some annoyingly penetrating questions).  I dictated the letter and she did it on a beautiful piece of parchment.  Please let her know you heard about her through me (NITZAKHON).

Note: I will not put anyone here unless I’ve had their product / used their service.  Speaking of Rule 5, my last two such posts – yes, yes, I know the “preview images” are clickbait.  I gotta drive traffic up somehow:


NOTE: Simply because I post a video does not necessarily mean I agree with every word spoken.  I post what I think will provoke thought.


Zeroeth: I strongly urge people to subscribe to Bill Whittle and help support him.  He does great work.  We need voices like his.


So let’s start off with five of Bill’s latest videos.

[Trump on ‘the Hydroxy’: Should President Tell Us He Takes Unapproved Drug? / 14:55]

[If Trump Ran WWII Like COVID-19 You’d Read Washington Post in German / 10:01]

[Would You Ever? Expatriates Dump U.S. Citizenship in Record Numbers / 13:10]

[Air Travel Not Riskier: Cabin Air Treated Like Medical-Grade Isolation Room / 20:33]

[The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 252 / 1:25:45]



Larry Elder is always incisive.

[5 Myths Perpetuated by Leftwing Media Bias | Larry Elder / 15:41]

[This is How The Mainstream Media Twists the Truth (Part 2)| Larry Elder / 18:09]

[The Truth About Systemic Racism in America | The Larry Elder Show / 14:16]



[The Fallen Soldier / 5:59]

[Lies About Israel Lead to Lies About Everything / 4:48]



Turning to a selection of videos from “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast”:

[Girl Talk #3 : Blonde in the Belly of the Beast - Relationships, Gender Roles and the God Pill / 58:00]

[The Problem With Hormonal Birth Control / 13:24]

[Motherland / 1:01:38]

Of all the titles I’ve had, of all the things I’ve done, of all the names I’ve been called, the one that I value most is “Daddy”!

[Skipped in School #1 | The Holodomor (pt 1) / 10:50]

[Skipped in School #2 | The Holodomor (pt 2) /16:30]
Some know about this… few, if any, know about Stalin also starving 1/3 of the ethnic Kazakhs to death:


[Watch a Breathtaking Monarch Butterfly Swarm / 3:07]

Just… amazing!



Wrapping up, a few “classic” Whittle pieces.

[Afterburner with Bill Whittle: The Glorious Fourth / 5:32]


[AFTERBURNER with BILL WHITTLE: Sarah Palin was Right / 5:02]


I do not compromise with cancer.  I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left-Islam Axis must be fought ruthlessly with no quarter asked or expected – or America, Western Civilization, and Israel… indeed the whole world… will be destroyed.



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