Behind the curve again: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

A day late - again.  😦

So the day began with the kids giving me hand-made presents.  Later, the older one drew an American and an Israeli flag on two small stones for me.  We went to the beach and the younger one kept bringing me stones and shells - one of which was a snail shell with a live snail, so I told them to put it back.

Dinner broke my diet, alas, but it was nice being with the people I care and love most.

And a short story about MY father.  We were Scrabble fanatics, with my parents letting me mine the enormous-tome-of-a-dictionary we had for words to develop my vocabulary.  One day I told my father, as we discussed the next scheduled game, that I'd just learned GULLIBLE was not in the dictionary.

He was halfway down the hallway to the room where we kept that book to look when he let out a WHOOOP!  I still remember the smile on his face when he came back.


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