Crowdsourced video search: Obama's footsoldiers video

Back in 2008 there was the "creepy Obama kids" video that made the rounds.  Need to grab that video today along with one that juxtaposed that video with a North Korean children's near-prayer to whatever Kim it was at the time.

There's another one from about that time, 2008 pre-election, where a bunch of black young men, all in the same near-paramilitary outfits, were chanting and IIRC doing the Obama "O", all saying "Obama will do...." as they step forward from their line.

Anyone remember that?  And can anyone help me find that?



  1. Try this one:

  2. This might be the original one of the creepy Obama kids.
    This is a copy of the creepy paramilitary one, with an introductory comment.

    1. The second one is precisely what I was looking for. Thank you!


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